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  1. The link below is what our offense should look like. I challenge anyone to watch the highlights from that playoff game and count a single time Ryan had the ball longer than 3 seconds. Now got watch last weeks game. This is on the calls being made, not the QB. With that said, Ryan has not been himself this year. You can see he is thinking rather than throwing http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap3000000774255/Seahawks-vs-Falcons-highlights
  2. What he said. A good route has the ball out in 2 seconds. When the QB’s rhythm is in sync with the WR routes, the ball is out of the QB’s hand 3 seconds. 6 seconds is a joke.
  3. Bucs scores 84 points the last two weeks
  4. So guess the poster. Who is it?
  5. Elaborate on your acronym please. You disagree?
  6. What changed is Koetter wasn’t calling the plays in Tampa last year. When he did, they did what we are doing. Yards but no points. He called one game last year. The result: 500 yards and 3 points. Koetter calling plays is a 21 ppg guy. Tampa put up 84 points the last two weeks and has nearly 500 yards rushing on the year. We are at 281 yards rushing despite averaging more ypc than TB
  7. He set up his long developing routes with misdirection and a strong running game. We don’t try to run so it makes everything more difficult. And we are averaging 4.0 ypc so we should run more
  8. I’ve always been in favor of high roster turnover. Keeps the message fresh. Keep your cure 4-5 guys and churn the rest. It’s why ya keeping every B+ player and paying max money to do so was a concern
  9. Or this...Julio got a pony tail...lol
  10. Pin this post. Deserves HOF consideration. And to those wondering if Quinn is the first coach fired...I’m wondering if he physically survives the year. He looks ill. Dude needs to take a few personal days. Step back and reassess.
  11. To use your phrase, take your L and move on
  12. Maybe the Colts of Manning’s rookie season. After that they won 10-14 games per year. That’s not us
  13. Yes, he has the support of a quality defense more often than not. Especially in his first 3 titles. But people said he sucked last year and I have to laugh. The defense was good in the SB, but Brady’s playoff numbers last year were incredible. Yet people say the defense carried Brady last year...lol Divisional Round: 34/44, 343 yards Conference Championship: 31/46, 346 yards Super Bowl: 21/36, 262 yards Is this really the kind of performance people should use to discredit brady? Not talking about you specifically
  14. Meanwhile, Tampa just scored 54 points with their “crappy” OL after putting up 30 last week. That terrible OL was the excuse provided as to why Koetter did not run. Well that same line has nearly 500 yards rushing on the year. We have 280 yards People like @Ovie_Lover told me Koetter couldn’t run due to OL blah, blah, blah. Funny thing is we average higher ypc than Tampa this year but still refuse to run
  15. The home playoff games are often ugly because it’s 32 degrees or below and windy and wet in NE in the month of January. Ist SB Run: 320 yards vs Raiders, injured vs Pitt so only had 18 pass attempts. SB MVP. Great playoff performance: YES 2nd SB Run: His worst of the group. Still had 2 late game drives to win late in 4th quarter. 345 yards, 3 TD’s and SB MVP. Very good playoff performance 3rd SB Run: two lopsided games skewed his numbers. QBR of 110 for the playoffs. 68% completion, 5 TD’s and 0 INT’s for the playoffs. Great Playoff Performance: Yes Trying to diminish brady is an exercise in futility. I don’t understand Brady hate
  16. LOL....I have no clue where 07 was going with his post. Then consider the picks given for those players on offense. Baker, Julio, McGary all cost significant draft capital since we moved up to get them
  17. The defense has been bad, averaging 24 ppg allowed. But 24 ppg shouldn’t stress an offense to score on every drive. We should be averaging 26-27 ppg on offfense. We’d be 2-2 or 3-1 if the offense was doing its part
  18. 2018 Falcons Thru Week 4: • Offense: 29.5 ppg • Defense: 30 ppg 2019 Falcons Thru 4 Weeks: • Offense: 17 ppg • Defense: 24 ppg My money is on the depleted 2018 version of the Falcons. And that’s freaking pathetic
  19. This isn’t the Falcons/Shanny playbook. Looks nothing like it.
  20. At 17 ppg we are 28 out of 32 in points scored.
  21. I just asked the Saints forum. Nothing but great reviews on him.
  22. Carmichael should have been given a shot long before now. I’m always shocked his name constantly gets passed over.
  23. Saw this awesome animation in another thread and am amazed how bad Ish is against PA:
  24. The play shows how sucked in Ish & Debo were with Mariotta’s PA. Watch #36 and how he leaves the middle wide open
  25. Or play to our strengths, fire Koetter and let Knapp, someone with WCO pedigree, call the plays. I don’t love him as a coach, but at least he can call the West Coast offense