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  1. I see what you did there...And I did that about you
  2. Wilson isn’t the rhythm and timing QB that Ryan is. He would have been very good in 2016 for us, but not Ryan good IMO
  3. He would be a major upgrade over Kazee atm
  4. Brady did more with less at the WR position. His early years are often held against him, but he won 3 SB’s with this as his WR’s: • 2001 - Top receivers: Troy Brown (101 REC, 1,199 YDS, 5 TD), David Patten (51 REC, 749 YDS, 4 TD), Charles Johnson (14 REC, 111 YDS, 1 TD) • 2003 - Top receivers: Deion Branch (57 REC, 803 YDS, 3 TD), Troy Brown (40 REC, 472 YDS, 4 TD), David Givens (34 REC, 510 YDS, 6 TD) • 2005 - Top receivers: Deion Branch (78 REC, 998 YDS, 5 TD), David Givens (59 REC, 738 YDS, 2 TD) and Troy Brown (39 REC, 466 YDS, 2 TD).
  5. His offense is even more dated now than it was then. No surprise the Bucs are averaging 30 ppg and have nearly 500 yards rushing compared to our 270
  6. While I’d much rather Sark be calling the plays, he lost his job because the team failed to break 20 points in 5 straight games. With this much talent, it’s a fireable offense.
  7. The real question: do we make it back to .500 this year? I think we will know the answer to that in 6 days. My gut says we do make it back to .500, but Sunday is a must win
  8. I just counted up the years. I initially thought Ryan did more in 11 years than our past QB’s had done in 2 decades. But Ryan came up 3 years short. He sucks!!!
  9. I think both can do different things. Would Ryan have looked great in Seattle with their 2017 roster? No, he wouldn’t. With that said, I don’t think Wilson gets as much as Ryan did with our 2016 roster. Ryan was the much better quarterback last year. Russell is having the better year in 2019. On a year-to-year basis, it’s much more of a toss up than most are willing to admit.
  10. LOL....that was a good one. You and @Vandy teamed up on me. I think the real heated debate was centered around whether or not Wilson took too many unnecessary sacks.
  11. You took me to task when I didn’t agree Russell Wilson wasn’t the best QB in football...lol
  12. From 2008-2018 Matt Ryan has thrown for more yards than Falcons QB’s did from 1990-2007
  13. 11 Years - 178 Games 58% W/L record 48,000 yards 303 TD’s 138 INT’s 66% Completion Rate #2 All Tine Playoff QBR Only QB to thrive in all 3 offensive philosophies Defense supporting him averages bottom 25% for his career * Robbed of SB Championship & SB MVP by his coaches Mike Vick: 11 years - 143 Games 48% Win/Loss Record 23,000 Yards 123 TD’s 88 INT’s 56% Completion
  14. Can’t say I blame you one bit.
  15. I’ve been very harsh on these two this year; however, they did have very solid games last week. Surprised to see Dre with so many solo tackles since he has been crap all year. Need more performances like this by the other 20 on the field to turn things around. Looking at you Julio, Ryan, Mack, Tru, Grady & Debo. No other team has so many players paid top three at their position. Time for you boys to earn your keep Two Falcons players make PFF’s team of the week By Matt Urben | 7:30 am The Falcons have put themselves in a tough situation by losing three of their first four games in 2019. Despite a devastating loss to the Titans on Sunday, two players were named to the Pro Football Focus team of the week. Linebacker De’Vondre Campbell and left tackle Jake Matthews were both highlighted for their Week 4 performances. Campbell led the team with 17 total tackles and two forced fumbles, earning himself an elite PFF grade of 91.5. Read what they had to say about him below. Jake Matthews being on here might be a surprise to some, but he was Atlanta’s best offensive lineman on Sunday. The Falcons have 12 more games to right the ship. They’ll need more than just a few good individual performances to get to the postseason, though.
  16. And the home TV experience is now too good to pass up on. TV’s are so good now that watching live you feel you’re missing part of the game
  17. The first of many sacrificial lambs this year. Start from the bottom and move up
  18. They just traded Duke Riley
  19. DeCoud & Douglass were ok 3rd round picks in 2008
  20. Being down two TD’s doesn’t change your gameplan until the 4th quarter. Just not a good excuse to abandon the run. The Patriots were down 28-3 in the 3rd quarter of SB 51. Guess how many rush attempts they had after we scored to go up 28-3? 12. We ran 15 times all game last week
  21. 2.5 seconds or less is what you’re aiming for. Most highlight plays the ball is out in 2 seconds. Then we have Brady “According to data tracking done by Pro Football Focus, Brady has gotten the ball out in an average of 2.09 seconds“
  22. Solid point. He trusted the routes and was willing to stay in and take a hit
  23. It was at least similar last year. Not as explosive or on point in terms of rhythm, but it was similar. We scored a TD less per game in 2018 than 2016. But 25 ppg is good enough to win titles. If we had last years offense in 2017, we win the SB The 2019 version is akin to a mentally challenged person trying to decipher Einstein’s theory of relativity
  24. I had to chuckle even though it’s foolish. NSFW