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  1. You’ll be surprised how much sway being the Sack King just 24 months ago holds. Especially considering he is not a 4-3 guy...we don’t really know his potential in the proper scheme
  2. He’s not going anywhere. Just hope the FO takes care of him and Quinn promotes him soon
  3. He is the passing game coordinator. No way he is fired. Perhaps take him off the receivers and let him be Asst HC & Passing game Coordinator
  4. I want to see this man continue up the coaching ladder. Ulbrich has done a heck of a job with our linebackers not named Riley. Plus he is a tough SOB. But my favorite part about him: he is the reason Roquan Smith ended up at UGA Jeff Ulbrich, who was officially hired by the Atlanta Falcons on Monday, told Roquan Smith that he “declined the job offer” from the NFL team on the eve of last week’s signing day. Smith, the 4-star linebacker from Macon County, famously committed to UCLA over UGA in front of ESPN cameras last Wednesday, but held off from signing with the Bruins after reports surfaced later in the day that Ulbrich (then UCLA’s defensive coordinator) had accepted a job with the Falcons. Smith heard a different story from Ulbrich the night before. “Coach Ulbricht did say that Coach Dan Quinn(of the Atlanta Falcons) had called him the night before, but he had declined the job offer,” Smith told UGASports.com’s Jake Reuse on Wednesday. “I felt like Coach (Jim) Mora should have hit me up and said there’s potential that Coach Ulbrich may be leaving. Then, they tried to get me to go ahead and send the papers in, but I wasn’t doing it. They tried to get me to send them in at 8 in the morning.”
  5. Our TE’s sucked *** blocking the wide zone rushing attempts. Sure miss Toilolo.
  6. He has gone to 3 Super Bowls and won 2
  7. Poor Smitty...so unappreciated around here. His last stint as DC didn’t work out, but amongst available HC’s, his track record is second only to McCarthy. Sure wish someone would give him another chance. Dude had a .600 winning percentage over 7 years. That’s impressive
  8. True...but we can’t exactly sell job security considering what transpired today.
  9. You’re about to celebrate another National Championship. I suspect you’ll be not mad again around 11:00 pm next Monday
  10. I agree Kubiak is a better choice, but it looks like he is staying in Denver. And while those stats are not jaw dropping, for many years Bobby Wade was his #1 wideout. Do you know him? I don’t. Every season he has had a good receiving corps (2009, 2012-2014) his quarterback has thrived
  11. I don’t mind a difference of opinion. Just trying to lay out some facts before we bury Bevell unjustly. He may not be the best OC in football, but he is a good one and more than qualified
  12. He was OC for back-to-back Super Bowls. His downfall was Pete Carroll trading away his All-pro center and leaving him with this as his OL...and they spent a whopping $7,000,000 on this who’s who of OL bums 32 1 Germain Ifedi RT $1,502,746 0.97% 2 Bradley Sowell LT $1,000,000 0.65% 3 Justin Britt C $942,800 0.61% 4 Mark Glowinski G $611,423 0.4% 5 Rees Odhiambo T $611,355 0.4% 6 Garry Gilliam RT $604,000 0.39% 7 Joey Hunt C $475,089 0.31% 8 George Fant T $456,666 0.3% 9 Terrence Magee RT $61,764 0.04%
  13. Would I prefer Kubiak or Gase? Absolutely. But I don’t believe they are an option. Bevell will balance our run pass ratio and get us where we need to be. He is very disciplined...and we need that. I don’t really think our offensive metrics will improve much. But our consistency and ability to adjust will improve
  14. To be fair, Pete Carroll traded their all-pro center for Jimmy Graham. It left Bevell with these players as his starting OL: 1 Germain Ifedi RT $1,502,746 0.97% 2 Bradley Sowell LT $1,000,000 0.65% 3 Justin Britt C $942,800 0.61% 4 Mark Glowinski G $611,423 0.4% 5 Rees Odhiambo T $611,355 0.4% 6 Garry Gilliam RT $604,000 0.39% Not surprisingly, the Seahawks finished dead last in OL play. 32. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (32) Top overall grade: C Justin Britt, 80.5 (No. 16) Top pass-blocking grade: C Justin Britt, 79.1 (No. 21) Top run-blocking grade: C Justin Britt, 71.9 (No. 18) Nobody has invested less in their offensive line than the Seattle Seahawks, and it showed in their performance over the 2016 season, with the unit being directly responsible for some of the team’s losses. Even their best performer, Justin Britt, was moved to center in a last-ditch attempt to salvage his career, rather than have to invest more in the position (though he has played far better at center than any other position, surrendering no sacks or hits this season). The other four starters top out at overall grades of 52.3, and the best-ranked among them (LG Mark Glowinski) is the 63rd-ranked player at his position league-wide. The success Seattle has experienced this season is entirely in spite of its offensive line, and requires QB Russell Wilson and the running backs to play stellar football to continue to overcome the unit’s deficiencies.
  15. A team running 3-4 defense will throw $10-12,000,000/yearly at Beasley if he is allowed to test the market. I suspect we use that money to keep a Quinn veteran, Irvin.
  16. I tried to repress Percy Harvin. Thanks for reminding me of him
  17. Just go listen to #9. You’ll get it
  18. If Pete Carroll had not traded his All-Pro center for Jimmy Graham, the Bevell narrative would be quite different. I would not mind Bevell.
  19. WTF is a Beadles...glad he and Ty improved the last month of the season. Solid depth for next year
  20. Would actually like the hire
  21. Good perspective. My guess is Bevell then. Not a bad option IMO. Though I’d like us to interview Rich Scangarello if we are trying to keep Shanny’s style
  22. They didn’t offer him OC...just a role with the offense. I find it odd Elway wouldn’t simply make him OC
  23. PMF...any idea why Elway would not want Kubiak as OC? Seems like an odd statement Elway talked about Gary Kubiak staying. Atlanta was among the teams interested in hiring Kubiak. Can #Broncos find coaching role for Kubiak, even if it's not OC, but an offensive role that allows him to contribute during the week? Seems like that is now a possibility. #Denver7 40 3:17 PM - Dec 31, 2018