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  1. Both offensive lines were very average over those years.
  2. He can’t sign it until the next official NFL season
  3. I would agree on RB’s. The OL is a wash IMO: 20. Seattle Seahawks (5)2012 Run Block Rankings: 15, 32012 Pass Block Rankings: 13, 20LT: Russell OkungLG: James CarpenterC: Max UngerRG: J.R. Sweezy*RT: Breno GiacominiSuper Sub: G John MoffittOverview: O-Line talent isn't a strength of the Seahawks, but they absolutely max out their players’ abilities via position coach Tom Cable's tutelage and clear holes in the run game with a zone-blocking scheme. Hard-luck injuries wrecked Seattle's 2012 up-front continuity, as Carpenter missed nine games due to a knee injury and concussion, Moffitt was limited to six starts by elbow and knee woes, and Sweezy was brought along slowly as a former college defensive tackle. This line isn't star studded, but it's good enough and doesn't have a single projected starter above age 27. Whereas the Redskins can expect injury regression, Seattle ought to get it the other way around. Cable will pull production from this unit, and it can get better simply by staying healthy.21. Atlanta Falcons (3)2012 Run Block Rankings: 26, 242012 Pass Block Rankings: 14, 8LT: Sam BakerLG: Justin BlalockC: Peter Konz*RG: Garrett ReynoldsRT: Lamar Holmes*Super Sub: G/C/T Mike JohnsonOverview: Re-proving that passing-based teams can overcome shaky line play, the 2012 Falcons did well to rank top eight in yards and top seven in points despite a sub-average front five. While Michael Turner's eroding skills deserve lots of blame, Atlanta ranked 29th in yards per rush (3.70) as the passing attack carried the offense. Baker is just a guy at left tackle. Reynolds was a mediocre right guard before a November back injury sent him to I.R. The 55th pick in last April's draft, Konz struggled mightily as a rookie guard. Right tackle Tyson Clabo was arguably Atlanta's most effective lineman, and he got cut in April. The right-side reins will fall on 2012 third-rounder Holmes, who played all of seven snaps as a rookie. With Clabo gone and longtime center Todd McClure retiring, Atlanta is getting younger up front. Only time can tell whether they'll be better.
  4. xs and os

    I think Trufant is the only capable press corner on the team. I know it’s PFF, but they graded him the best corner in press coverage in 2016 & 2017. He was particularly good in 2017 “Cornerback Desmond Trufant has seen 20 targets when he’s lined up in press coverage this season, and he’s logged one interception and five pass breakups, for a playmaker index (total number of interceptions and pass breakups divided by targets in coverage) of 30.0 percent. That figure is good for first among cornerbacks with at least 15 targets in press coverage.“
  5. I’m in the same boat. I hope he recovers fully and has a great 5-6 years with us
  6. Saw this and it deserves its own thread...
  7. True...but you’d still agree we had far more weapons on offense during those years, right?
  8. I guess 8 years of data isn’t enough. Why is Tampa able to run now. You said their OL was the reason Koetter didn’t run the football in 2016, 2017 & 2018. Same OL has nearly 500 yards compared to our 280. And now you blame our OL for Koetter not running. It’s not that his teams can’t run the football, he just doesn’t make the attempt. That must change for us to win football games
  9. Koetter’s Rushing DVOA: • 2019: 25th • 2018: 24th • 2017: 25th • 2016: 30th • 2015: 11th • 2014: 24th • 2013: 22nd • 2012: 30th Sometimes a spade is a spade
  10. Respectfully, I disagree my friend. He is so under-appreciated. Falcons have way more offensive power during these years yet we’re outperformed each year by Bevell & the Seahawks. Comparing Koetter vs Bevell: 2012-2015 2012: - Falcons Rank: 12th DVOA & spent $62 million on offense - Seahawks Rank: 4th & spent $63 million on offense. 2013: - Falcons Rank: 14th & spent $60 million - Seahawks Rank: 7th & spent $69 million 2014: - Falcons Rank: 10th & spent $72 million - Seahawks Rank: 5th & spent $48 million 2015: - Falcons Rank: 23rd & spent $66 million - Seahawks Rank: 1st & spent $51 million
  11. That ain’t true. He did fine with Favre and now Stafford. It just happens most of his OC years were spent with Wilson, a mobile QB
  12. It’s offensive to call our defense, defense. Let’s call it BOGO (buy one get one free).... Cause for every point you earn, we will do something stupid and give you one free
  13. Does our defensive line think it’s a penalty to hit the quarterback? 60% pass rush win rate yet minuscule sack numbers. Falcon’ing
  14. And I can’t say I blame him. The All 22 of the Titans converting on 3rd & 15 is criminal. Do we even practice tackling?
  15. Part of that is due to the offense gettin 90 second half yards. We were in Cover 1 but it’s more physically demanding than zone. By the fourth quarter we had to revert to zone because the boys were gassed
  16. That makes two of us, cause I haven’t recovered either. The worst part was my brother & I sitting next to Patriots fans at the game. Pompous while losing (we already have 4 titles) and almost as bad when they won.
  17. That third-down play resembled the third down conversion the previous week versus Indianapolis. The one PMF highlighted If you took a snapshot at the second the ball was caught by the receiver you would think there is no way this plY is going for a first down.
  18. Great point. It feels as though Quinn is so concerned with protecting against explosive plays that he prefers his safeties behind the ball rather than attacking the ball if that makes any sense. I have no facts or data to support that however
  19. Rico has been playing hard. I still love his value, but he has allowed 10 completions on 13 targets. He is still rusty
  20. Honest question. How can guys like yourself, PMF or Vandy see it yet Quinn doesn’t? I think we would all agree he knows more football than any of us, so clearly he knows that about Mariota. It begs the question, what is he doing?
  21. That’s a great point, Vel. One I hadn’t really considered. They did well in 2016 but outside of that struggle turning over the ball Is that an issue with Cover 3? So much of the underneath is giving up that opposing quarterbacks don’t have to throw into tight windows as often.
  22. Indy had a terrible run defense. Outside of the game against us they surrender 150 ypg. We averaged 5 ypc yet only attempted 19 times. Being down 2 scores in the second quarter should not fundamentally alter your gameplan so as to abandon the run game.. As I noted earlier, the patriots were down 28 to 3 halfway through the third quarter and still ran the ball 12 times in the final 17 minutes of the game
  23. We had the lead most of the Eagles game. 43 pass attempts
  24. And how many targets are the result of being down two scores and the defense is playing soft coverage giving up the underneath stuff
  25. I agree we have shot ourselves in the foot. Blood sloppiness and penalties fall on both player and coach. So I don’t give Koetter a pass for that. And can we please run the football