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  1. He could play OG this year and step in for Mack next year. Saves us 10 million on the CAP. Plan ahead..don’t be reactionary
  2. How about not having 3 of your 4 pass catching options not simply run vertical routes. Layer the routes. Yankee route would have been nice there. The motion was good to get Hooper open but unfortunately Ryan’s head never looked left
  3. Could have used our 2nd fourth round pick to move up 4 spots to grab Risner. We would still have our 3rd so I’m good with that. McCoy is a capable OG & OC.
  4. By the time Hooper is open, Ryan is already running for his life in the opposite direction
  5. He’s perfect for our odd man fronts. Wish we would go back to 4-3 under. Players like Crawford were better suited for it. Feel like our LB’s played better in it as well
  6. We could have taken McCoy or Risner in round 2. Our OL has been bad, regardless. Brown, Carpenter, Ty & McGary have all been subpar this year
  7. It’s certainly too early. Thus the title of the thread, Mr. Hindsight. But barring injury, Burns looks like the real deal. And I love they use him on special teams. Two blocked punts already. Dude’s jump is scary good
  8. We are going to take edge rusher next year in the 1st. Why not grab Burns at 14. Or @Vandy guy Sweat
  9. If Quinn survives to next year, I hope he stops fearing injuries in preseason. Be the only team to play your starters the first 2.5 quarters every preseason game. Blow out the other teams second unit with your first unit. Set a mindset of dominance. This team lacks confidence. But I get tired of teams simply trying to avoid injuries in the preseason. Get your team prepared. If you lose a player to injury, so be it
  10. Vic isn’t the problem...he has outplayed Takk in 3 of 4 games. But the 13 million could have been used elsewhere.
  11. They did. But it can be rescinded at any time before a specific date (sometime in the next league year)
  12. Vic is actually having a better season than ‘All Pressure, No Sakk Takk’
  13. It is awful play design. What exactly are the routes Sanu & Julio ran? Here is another wasted of a play. No creativity. Just four guys running vertically.
  14. It is awful play design. What exactly are the routes Sanu & Julio ran?
  15. Welp, Koetter and company wanted to get bigger up front to run more inside zone. The result is we lack the athleticism to get to the second level or run outside zone regularly. Carpenter, Brown & McGary all struggling mightily this year
  16. This was Julio’s worst game I can recall. He gave minimal effort and honestly was beat up physically. McGary struggling as well but hopefully learning
  17. Pretty pathetic. Sanu on a quick slant would’ve gone for huge yards
  18. @PeytonMannings Forehead @vel @Vandy What in the wide world of sports is up with the routes Sanu & Julio “run” on this play in OP? This is as bad as it gets
  19. If Sanu’s route was a quick slant it would have been huge gain. The middle is vacated. Wish Julio spent more time in the slot. More punishment, but he is lethal there
  20. True..maybe Neal transitions to LB if his speed is diminished?
  21. It looks like they are run blocking. And those two near side routes are terrible.
  22. What awful play design. It looked like the WR thought it was a run play or a screen. That’s awful Watch Sanu & Julio on the near side. WTF
  23. My mom always said “close only counts in horseshoes & hand grenades.” That’s what it means. If almost getting to the QB won Super Bowl’s, we would be runner up.
  24. I’ll be honest, I really thought Koetter’s experience would allow him to get more out of the Shannahan/Falcons playbook than Sark. And perhaps over time he will. But it looks like a completely bad fit a quarter of the way through the season. They say you can’t win a Super Bowl in September but you can certainly prevent yourself from winning one in September. Exhibit A, the Atlanta Falcons 2019. In the offseason I said the dream OC was Kubiak, the likely hire was Koetter but my preference was Bevell. People hear the name Bevell and think SB 49. That’s really an injustice to him. With less talent, he far outperformed Koetter between 2010 and 2015. Four times his offense was top 5 DVOA. His key was a balanced attack The reason I liked him over Koetter was he has the WCO pedigree. The transition would have been far less difficult. Most said I was stupid and Bevell was trash. Welp, again he is doing far more with considerably less talent in 2019. The Lions have one close loss to the Chiefs. They should have won. Why are they successful? Because bevel stays committed to running the football. They have 490 yards rushing on twice the attempts we have. And they are not world beaters averaging just 3.9 yards per carry (we average 4.0). But they stay committed which keeps the offense balanced and the defense guessing. This was my concern with Koetter. He rarely runs the football when the game takes him off script. Some will say you can’t run the football when you’re down two scores. I don’t believe that. The patriots were down 28 to 3 midway through the third quarter in Super Bowl 51. They went on to rush the ball 12 times from that point. That’s just three less attempt then we made all game against the Titans. If we do not stay committed to running the football, this season will spiral out of control by Halloween. Lions PPG: 24.8 Falcons PPG: 17 When you compare the players each team has on offense the comparison becomes comical. I honestly believe we would be 3-1 with Bevell. We are lucky to be 1-3 with Koetter. I sure hope the staff has a come to Jesus moment and turns this tragedy around
  25. No...the fact he requires a mobile QB to run his system. That’s the part that’s not true