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  1. I know, hindsight makes geniuses of us all. I wasn’t on the Burns train, but many were. Would have made too much sense to let Vic walk, draft Burns and use Vic’s money on Jamie Collins and a quality starting RT or RG. CHARLOTTE -- On Wednesday, Panthers edge rusher Brian Burns was named the Pro Football Focus Defensive Rookie of the Month for September. On Thursday, an honor from the NFL rolled in. Burns was named NFC Defensive Rookie of the Month. Carolina's first-round draft pick out of Florida State, Burns has tallied 11 tackles and his official NFL stat line shows 2.5 sacks and nine QB pressures, the most among first-year players. He also has blocked two punts. PFF gave Burns a grade of 78.4 through four weeks, first among the 33 rookies with at least 100 defensive snaps. He ranks second among qualifying first-year players in pass-rush win percentage (17.8%), pass-rush grade (72.4) and pressure percentage (15.8%) according to the PFF statistical models.
  2. @Vandy was the bear. I was saying you woke him… LOL
  3. The principles of the WCO footwork is the same/similar. Everything revolves around the quarterback planting his foot on either the third or fifth or seventh step in the drop. Koetter’s offense is very very different… And so is Mularkey’s. That’s why I said the easiest fix is having Knapp run the offense
  4. I can’t agree with that. If we were keeping the West Coast offense, we needed to hire a West Coast offense coach with Pedegree and time in the system. Kubiak would’ve been ideal. Scangerella would’ve worked. Make a call to see if we could get McDaniels off the 49er staff. But dirk Koetter is running his offense with WCO terminology the last few weeks. It’s not his terminology so there’s no surprise that things are being lost in translation.
  5. Good post
  6. My gut says at 6 million we will honor Keke’s 5th year option. If it were similar to Vic’s 12 million we would not. But we have to resign Hooper so letting Neal walk saves us 6 million on the CAP. What do you guys think? Is Neal with the Falcons next year?
  7. Somebody woke the sleeping bear...
  8. Play better on Sundays to create a new narrative so the questions will be different. He is definitely not on pace for the 3000 yards he talked about
  9. The two are not mutually exclusive.
  10. probably right. But when you get the fat contract you so desperately wanted, you have certain obligations to the team and your city to do things you otherwise would prefer not to do. Be a professional. Answer the tough questions with the class we know you have. I will get off my soapbox now
  11. He looks/sounds dejected and defeated. Honestly. It’s the first time I’ve seen this from him. Are they passing out Quaalude’s at practice? Something is wrong in the locker room
  12. Honesty, he was dragging the other captains out for the coin toss. They looked uninterested then and it showed in the game. Rico will leave everything on the field every single play. If the other 10 guys on both sides of the ball had similar passion, this team would be tough to deal with
  13. If you have $1,000 to blow, the odds to win NFC SOUTH are choice. Seriously considering doing it. Can I borrow a grand?
  14. Lindstrom will be a Pro Bowl level player. McGary will also figure things out. But this season is universally being viewed as a chips all in for a championship season. Seems odd to have so much turnover amongst coaches, players & scheme if you’re going all-in
  15. Ryan needs to understand the difference between an identity and a label. Saying you want to be A Scoring Machine is like saying I want to be the greatest show on turf. It means nothing. You need an identity to become the label. So if you want to be labeled a scoring machine, go find your identity and get it done
  16. Edge rusher next season. Can’t afford edge in FA so it will be our #1 pick....unless we have the #1 pick
  17. I’m going off the article
  18. He has more QB hits and sacks than Takk & Vic combined. Plus 2 blocked punts
  19. Should have picked a better year to become a mod...lol
  20. We have 80 million invested in our OL & DL in 2020. And they still need to be fixed? Meanwhile the Patriots about to win another title with their OL/DL spending being half of ours and bottom 6 in the NFL. Time to coach up the talent on the team
  21. It is a valid point. The one game we had a lead is the only time we had multiple sex
  22. Takk has his moments, but so far this year his nickname on gameday is ‘All Pressure, No Sakk Takk’
  23. @Knight of God
  24. Those long developing routes only really thrive if they are set up with a solid run game. If you never run the ball your PA becomes useless
  25. I’m certain he would be an improvement over Brown or Carp or Wes