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  1. He'll be cut regardless if he would restructure or not.
  2. Dimitroff is made of teflon. The same fanbase who ran Mike Smith (Our best head coach ever) out of town, blindly defend the guy who has set this franchise back years. Ruining Matt Ryan's prime years.
  3. I'd rather a team this bad not make the playoffs. They'd get embarrassed if they did.
  4. After the Saints defeat I thought it exposed us as a very poor team and I predicted 8-8 then. Now I predict 7-9 which was my pre season prediction.
  5. Matt Ryan is the problem. A middle of the pack QB who the franchise pay like an elite QB. Dump him and sign Kaepernick at the end of the season
  6. No we cannot beat the Panthers because they are a much better team then us and our QB is Matt Ryan.
  7. What does my head in is the past two years it was the O-Lines, Mike Smith and Koetters fault whenever anything went wrong on offense. Koetter goes to the Buccs and Jameis is lighting it up. Ryan has been proven to be an average QB. In 2012 when he had a good O-Line, the greatest TE of all time and the best WR tandem in the league and he still managed to balls it up in the NFC Championship game. Scoring 0 points in the 2nd half and turning it over twice. Ryan needs to have elite talent around him for him to perform. The likes of Cutler gets bashed season after season for his mishaps but Ry
  8. I'd say we'll be an 8-8 or 7-9 team this year. Unrealistic to expect 10 or more wins.
  9. Anyone with half a brain cell knew Southward would be a terrible pick at the start of the 3rd round expect of course Dimitroff the clown.
  10. As usual the positive PR starts in the offseason. But the realists won't eat that crap.
  11. Dimitroff's fashion sense is as good as his ability to build a roster.
  12. Because we have won 6 games in 2 years and Haven't had a good pass rush in years but Dimitroff seems to ignore it.
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