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  1. All ready the league leader in strike-outs, Rome pitcher Bruce Zimmerman struck-out 11 in 6.1 innings of work. I think its time for a move up for Mr Zimmerman.
  2. Sorry if posted earlier but found this while searching for Acuna update. Former Brave Kris Medlin is calling it a career by announcing his retirement while in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. He got one start for the big league club this year that didn't go well. He was back down at AAA when he decided it was time. Really liked him, I wish him well in his post professional baseball life.
  3. Touki Toussaint, of the Mississippi Braves, is the league leader in strike-outs at AA level. Bruce Zimmerman, of the Rome Braves, is the league leader in strike-outs at A level.
  4. Looks like they chose the right profession then because apparently it is one of few professions in America where being awful at your job has no ramifications. These fellas seem ready for the majors....
  5. Yikes!! What can help stop a FIRE........rain. The FIRE frogs are finding that out with yet another rain delay. They have played only 2 days out of past 8 days and played only 3 games (1 double header) out of a possible 10 games. The Rome Braves could be so lucky.....they have lost the last 2 games by a score of 32 to 3.
  6. It so does! He will not be able to walk comfortably for a long while.
  7. OF Ezequiel Carrera was released by the Braves. He was just .146/.228/.220 for Gwinnett. Cooler story out of Gwinnett. Four pitchers for Gwinnett combined to strikeout 17 batters last night....Miguel Socolovich, Luke Jackson, Evan Phillips and Jason Hursh limited Columbus Clippers to just 2 hits, walked just 1 and stuck out 17 to win 6-0. Evan Phillips struck out all 6 batters he faced in his 2 innings of work.
  8. Somewhere Gabe Kapler is telling someone “See, this managerial stuff is hard”
  9. Yeah, you're right. My take is he has a lot of strike outs & walks so he must have good stuff, just not the command yet. Hopefully just being 19, he will develop command over time. It appears Bacon who is slightly older has better command but maybe not quite the stuff. Would be nice if these 2 really put it together to add depth to pitching in minor leagues as we start looking at trading some away.
  10. Two high round draft picks from 2017, 21 y/o Troy Bacon (Rd 4) & 19 y/o Freddy Tarnok (Rd 3) are quietly having a good start to the season. Troy Bacon, High-A ball, 12.0 IP, 1 ER, 12 s/o, 2 bb with era 0.75 and Freddy Tarnok 15.0 IP, 1 ER, 22 s/o 10 bb and era 0.65. Both seem to be doing good out of the bullpen
  11. Thoroughly enjoy these pieces K2!
  12. Stellar night on the farm for 2 pitching prospects: Allard: 6.1 innings/ 4 hits/ 0 runs/ 1 BB/ 5 strike-outs with 93 pitches/58 strikes. Touki: 7 innings/ 3 hits/ 1 ER/ 0 BB/ 7strike-outs with 87 pitches/ 63 strikes. He got the win
  13. Impressive from Jon Kennedy. Do you know much about him?
  14. Great news! Thanks for letting me know. Appreciate it. edit: Funny (strange, not HaHa) but I was looking up his stats, in his 1st game back.Aafter being a little banged up it looks like he was hit by a pitch! What is it with Braves catchers & getting it by pitches......
  15. Riley went 1-3 with the 1 hit a HR. His 4th HR this year. And Rome actually got a game in tonight after 2 consecutive rainouts. They won 2-0.
  16. Hmmm...Mississippi playing a double header tonight and Catcher Alex Jackson hasn't played in a Catcher of DH. Morales caught entire 1st game & started the 2nd game which is still ongoing at this moment... He has really cooled off after a good start, wonder if he is hurt or just needs a break.
  17. And that was all Soroka needed to win the game!
  18. Another good start tonight for Soroka, he has gone 7 innings/0 runs/3 hits.
  19. Hope and excitement.....feels like Christmas!
  20. Thrilled!!! A lot of good prospects stall at AA where the competition is high every game. No way to pad your stats and any weakness are taken advantage of. Very encouraging to say the least!
  21. With Acuna heating up some and Joey bat-flips arrival In Gwinnett here is another piece of good news from Gwinnett: Luiz Gohara: 4IP, 2hits, 1 ER, 0 BB, 4K, 58 pitches thrown. The run came off of a solo HR. The report stated he had both fastball and slider working.
  22. Geez! 77 pitches...Man that is ALOT of pitches for 2 innings. Lets hope Folty doesn't face the SF Giants this year. If he does, just give Brandon Belt 1st base......
  23. Kapler would have blown thru his entire bullpen on that 1 at-bat. Who knows Snit might have even gotten his ole patent double switch move in there too.........
  24. Agree. I think he will get his chance to show next Spring Training.