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  1. This isn’t really going anywhere. You have very valid points and should be heard and I never disagreed with you on opportunities wasted by the hitters tonight but I think others, myself included, had some valid points too & should be voiced. i’m oK with it all. Not worth getting into after every lose especially on such a special season thus far. I’m out
  2. If you can state that the hitting sucked, why can’t others comment about the questionable use of the worse option in bullpen with game on the line?
  3. The trying to figure out part probable explains the concern (and frustration) from fans. I see your point but ive read many post from fans venting about 1 thing or another. Don’t see why this would be different.
  4. I think the lack of hitting got its deserved posts during the game. It was well noted. I believe the later posts are coming from a season long frustration where the manager could have done better esp with pitchers.. Some people ( including me) needed to vent. That’s all from me. I promise. Night all. New game tomorrow.
  5. 2 months in and we have all ready overused 2-3 relievers (Wink, Mintor {1 inning from his season high as pro}, and possible Carle.....maybe someone should consider not automatically taking out starters in the 6-7 innings OR AA needs to get on the phone and get bullpen help OR both. I would vote for both.
  6. To me it looked like Snit decided it was Soco’s game to win or lose in a critical part of the game with 2 better options in the pen “because they warmed up” the day before. Soco is our least experienced and worst performing reliever, that to me that is too risky for this game at that point in the game. I don’t see it too far fetched to say the manager could have done more/ better to give the Braves a better chance to win.. He went with the worse option to win the game....not sure what to call that. Call it stupid or giving up, I don’t care.
  7. That’s what I thought & was hoping to hear. Thanks for the confirmation. It’s seen enough of Socolovich for a while.
  8. Please tell me Gohara will be back by tomorrow.
  9. Yep, looks like Snit just decided to give up on this game.
  10. Biddle deserves a win for his performance today. Come on guys, get a run!
  11. That’s great! Enjoy!!".........& I’m tuneing in for sure now......
  12. A statement was made. We can play with anybody. Wonder how any national media person who thought the Braves were just a flash in the pan explains these last 2 games....
  13. Go to more!!!
  14. Instant Classic!
  15. Huge! Huge! Huge game by Folty!! And for the Braves!! Dansby HR was huge...had that same. Feel as his walk-off!