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  1. https://vikingswire.usatoday.com/2016/10/26/turns-out-the-vikings-also-had-a-bounty-program-when-brett-favre-was-qb/
  2. Put Matt Ryan on the Saints offense behind that O-line with Payton as his coach and the Saints become Superbowl favorites. Hiring Quinn was a mistake, Shanahan should have been the Falcons head coach. Falcons would be playoff bound today if Kyle was the coach, that guy will become one of the best coaches in football.
  3. Morris can not match skills with Sean Payton, like him or not Payton is a top tier coach. Put Matt Ryan on the Saints offense and they become Superbowl favorites.
  4. And he is 19-10 against the Falcons, I would say he has had pretty good success.
  5. From what i know, the Church seek console from the Saints media group on how to handle the media and how to plan there response. The football side of the Saints weren't involved. There or good priest and all priest shouldn't be judged by the sick actions of others. As far as bountygate its been researched that after the Saints played a team the following week that team had less people on injury list than any other team. And theres this. https://vikingswire.usatoday.com/2016/10/26/turns-out-the-vikings-also-had-a-bounty-program-when-brett-favre-was-qb/
  6. If thats the case the Falcons have always been ugly and the Saints had at least been pretty once.
  7. https://vikingswire.usatoday.com/2016/10/26/turns-out-the-vikings-also-had-a-bounty-program-when-brett-favre-was-qb/ This is how Farve feels.
  8. The Saints have a good chance of facing the Niners in the NFC championship game, they will beat the Vikings at home, then they or 7-1 on the road this year and the Packers ain't much better than the team the Falcons beat on there playoff run (Falcons had a very easy run to the Superbowl, teams they played were not very good at that time and thats why they folded in the Suoerbowl) the Packers just struggled with a 3 win team so yeah, the Niners will be the test. But they have a good chance of seeing the Superbowl again. Revenge against the Viking, Seahawks and Niners will be huge motivation.
  9. After going up 28-3 in the third quarter all of Atlanta including myself knew the Falcons would win that Super Bowl, there was no way they could lose it. The fans were so happy because the elusive trophy would be there’s. Make no mistake, being 15 minutes away from a blowout in the Super Bowl to being humiliated is the worst feeling. And it’s like that’s what America wanted, Brady the legend and the 3-28 comeback, the Falcons a team who choked away the Super Bowl, the fans can still hear the laughter as they fade away into NFC south mediocracy.
  10. The Saints and the Falcons or similar both teams have no identity, there is no reason for the Falcons to be as bad as there record says, both teams have similar talent. The Saints have issues with there offensive line but the biggest deal is Latimore, no one can stay close to Jones the Saints have mediocre DB's. The first game got out of hand early with to many first downs because of hands to the face and other dumb mistakes, the push the Falcons were getting up the middle is what help get them "6" sacks and when Latimore went out that was game. The Falcons
  11. I want to thank the Falcons for opening the eyes of a 7-2 Saints team with a 2 game lead on the division at the moment, this lost will prepare them better for the playoffs, sometimes it takes a beating to make you better, its been a great season so far and I know the Falcon fans have been enjoying it, so have fun and see you guys the playoffs.
  12. Thats what happens when you win games and dont make the playoffs, its a fact, you lose a draft spot and end up holding onto a coach that led you into the dumpster. it would have been better if they lost by 30 than win this game, it was worthless.
  13. Sean Payton making sure Quin keeps his job, If the Falcons win at least 5 more games, that puts them out of a high drat pick and still miss the playoffs but most important Quin keeps his job, While Payton rolls into the playoffs, its all about the Superbowl and not one regular season game.
  14. https://vikingswire.usatoday.com/2016/10/26/turns-out-the-vikings-also-had-a-bounty-program-when-brett-favre-was-qb/ If you didn't know now you know.
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