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  1. Brees got hurt in the Dallas game.
  2. Its not a illegal whistle in the stands, the guy is called the whistle monster he has a large whistle hat on his head and can whistle very loud, I have seen it. What gets me is that every NFL talking head and show called that play a PI and pointed out that the game was over at that point if called, no big deal I think because the Saints have there Superbowl and the next one wouldn't have been as special anyway so I don't see why everyone keeps bringing it up, maybe its because the ref's were from LA and it was obvious I guess.
  3. How many HoF QB's would let there team give up a 28-3 lead in a Superbowl? Yes its a team sport but if the QB does his job when the offense is on the field, audible at right time, read the blitz and lead the team, no HoF QB have ever lost a Superbowl like that, and no HoF will ever lose one that way, remember its a Superbowl, and NO he is not better than those guys.
  4. Let's be realistic here for a bit, then we can get back to the city bashing and name calling. My thoughts on the Falcons. Coming into the season I thought the Falcons was a favorite for the Superbowl, top 5 passing game, top 5 running, top 15 defense and your winning a lot of games, Julio, Ridley, Freemen, Debo man thats a scary bunch. But the injury bug hit and starters fell like flies and when you lose pro bowl players the backups just won't cut it, along with the starters going down the backups begin losing there edge, making misakes and losing that hunger. they let Drew Brees scramble for touchdown for petes sake. Also the offense made dumb mistakes all year, I was at that last Saints/Falcons game and seen the dumb fumbles inside the 10 yard line they gave up scores and the game should have been a lot closer, they lost there edge. The Saints overachieved last year, they played harder and smarter with less talent than the Falcons have on there roster. So like him or hate him Sean payton is a huge reason for there success. Even with a 32nd rank defense that the Saints been having the last 8 years the offense hae always been great, give Payton the Falcons offense and he wins a Superbowl with them, the fault is with the head coach for not getting depth, the fault is on the head coach for not having his guys ready.
  5. The Eagle game was the game to lose, hard to game plan around Foles. At least with the Rams everyone knows what there going to get and its easier to game plan for Goff.
  6. If Rankins is out then Onyamama will replace him, Onyamama is sevicable but not Rankins.
  7. Saints had 11 penalties to Eagles 4 and they were down 14 points in the first quarter, also a touchdown from Taysom Hill to Kamara called back.. I wouldn't say there that lucky and even if it the ball is not intercepted on that 2:00 minute play the Eagles needed a touchdown against the 2nd best scoring defense in the NFL.
  8. Whats crazy is the Saints have the 2nd best scoring defense in the NFL and thats only 2nd to the Bears. Now lets see if Rankins make it back because he was an anchor in that D-line and the way the Rams ran the ball against Dallas he will be needed. The Saints playing with confidence in there house after spotting the Eagles 14 points and making that comeback with a 119 yard drive taking up 11 minutes of clock, I think they will be hard to beat in the Superdome.
  9. what teams fans or not terrible, every team have some idiot fans that go above and beyond, also its a NFL tradition to wish hate the other team. Its a way of life.
  10. I like it, the man is like a fan he fires up his team and is always looking for an edge. I am bored with the typical coach that says the same thing before and after every game. when you put your heart into something it shows, the players and the fans can feel it.
  11. QB alone can't carry a team, BREES is a Hall of famer and one of the greatest of all times, and with that how many 7-9 seasons did he have, how many playoff games did he leave the field with the lead only to have the defense lose the game, example.. Seahawks earthquake run, 49ers Davis last second TD, Vikings Defense lose it in the final seconds. In all those games Brees took the lead to end the game. its more than just the QB.
  12. And "IF" my Grandma had nuts she would have been my Grandpa. (i'm leaving myself wide open on this one)
  13. I see the post on the Saints winning the Superbowl in Atlanta, But think about if they would lose the Superbowl in Atlanta and had to go to the place they lost there second Superbowl every year, its the opposite effect.
  14. 48/ Male/ Houma, La Work in the Oil industry in Gulf of Mexico.
  15. There is a jb who is a Saints fan he is always calling Sirius NFL radio, I am wondering if this is the same guy?