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  1. I like your selections per position. I don't agree with where they are taken. I am hoping we double dip at the top of the draft again this year. Two years ago it was 2 CBs. This year I hope for two edge guys. I hope Preston Smith is there in the 2nd, and if not someone comparable to him.
  2. Wow, I get signing some depth players...but every signing has been for depth almost. Reed and Durant are starters yes...but that just speaks to how bad our LB rotation was. Same goes for this Moeaki signing, this guy is a #2 TE in this league. This is depressing. All that cap space spent on depth...not one high caliber starter. All that cap space is for 2 two above average and a load depth chart players. Come DQ, TD, sign at least one high caliber starter!
  3. stop telling people what to feel, think, express. That is what the boards are for. Sick of you board police that attack anyone who isnt singing the praises of the team, or Matt Ryan of course!
  4. I absolutely hate this off season thus far. I hated it before resigning Kroy, which is the icing on the cake! I realize that we need depth, and I didnt want them to pay an outrageous price for one defender. However, there are guys that we could have, maybe should have signed that wouldnt have broken the bank. i.e. Orakpo, Sheard, Graham etc. To sign guys like Reed(run stuffer and no pass rush ability, average in coverage) is highly questionable. He couldnt get 5 sacks as OLB in a 34 defense, with JJ Watt demanding double and triple teams. Durant is a nice player, but as usual...injury pr
  5. This FA period has been a true let down. Why have managed to sign ZERO impact players. I honestly dont see the difference in Reed vs Kroy, Schofield vs Spoon(rather have Spoon), Clayborn vs Peters(different positions but I rather had kept Peters vs sign this guy). Phillip Adams vs Mcclain or Wilson. All we have done is switch our rotational guys for new rotational guys. And one thing stayed true....injury prone average players that nobody else wants. The only signing with any potential is Durant, and even he is injury prone. It really is depressing, but I stay hopeful. With Jordan Cameron o
  6. Release - S Jackson, HD, Blaylock, J Mass, Baker(June 1) Resign - Bryant, Weatherspoon, Smith, Lowery, Arenas, Mathews, Dimarco Sign - B Maxwell, B Orakpo, Bruce Carter, Jordan Cameron, Matt Flynn Draft - 1 OLB - Vic Beasley 2 DE - Preston Smith 3 OG - Mitch Morse, 4 RB Javorius Allen, 5 WR - Chris Conley, 6 TE - Pharaoh Brown, 7 WR - Stephon Diggs Roster: QB - Matt Ryan, Matt Flynn RB - Freeman, Smith, Allen FB - FA hopefully WR - Jones, White, Hester, Conley, Diggs, FA TE - Cameron, Toilolo, Brown, FA OT - Mathews, Schraeder, Holmes, Scott OG - Asamoah, Morse, Gunn, Konz C
  7. JPP in FA, and then draft Fowler or Beasley. That is the answer. If we can land JPP....either of those two would make a nice addition.
  8. Since it is likely going to be McDaniels or Quinn, which combination do you prefer? I can see success with either and in fact I am leaning towards McDaniels and Graham. I only say Patrick Graham because he is currently the Pats LB coach. I have no info to suggest that but its not far fetched either. The Belichick tree seems to stick together. Hence us bringing in Pioli and the strong interest now in McDaniels. It seems most of you guys dont want McDaniels. Would it be that bad of a hire? Im not so sure. He made mistakes in Denver for sure. He was young and arrogant. But at least he was aggr
  9. Like most of you, I thought TD should have been fired as well. However, I do not agree that he is equally to blame. TD has made mistakes yes, more than we care for. He has also hit on some draftees and signings. Im not going to go down the list of hits and misses because we know our history. I will say that TD has done enough for us to win. He didnt provide all the talent that he could have, but he provided enough for us to win the division this year. Unlike Smith, TD didnt single handedly lose 2 games for us this year. Isnt it ironic that is the exact number more games we needed to win? Ye
  10. 1 Get healthy - The players that arent out for the year, hopefully they come back this week and remain healthy. 2 Coaching - We all agree that we have seen some of the worst coaching in franchise history as of late. And that really speaks to how bad it is now. Nolan is currently performing the worst by far. Its so unnecessary and that makes it frustrating. We all wonder WTF at least a few times a game. Kroy in pass coverage, Worrilow at FS, Babs at DE(in 4 man fronts),Goodman standing up rushing, Ty Jackson has been placed out of position many times. And he flat doesnt use Peters nearly enoug
  11. The draft has been good for thus far. TD tried to trade for Clowney, Mack, Sherzer, Ford etc. The effort was there and I commend him for sticking to his guns and not giving away our 2nd this year. Also for staying with his board and building on the promise of "toughness" and winning the line of scrimmage. We have clearly done that with adding Mathews, Hageman, along with the FAs we already added on both lines. I am liking the S pick of Dez Southward(D-SOUTH). Some are complaining because Brooks, Bailey, and Reynolds were on the board still. Brooks - 5'11, 198, 4.42 - very good speed but small,
  12. I do realize there is a drop off from Clwoney/Mack to Barr. I just dont agree that it is as large a margin as you. I dont necessarily want Barr. I said I would rather trade down and draft Barr with extra 2nd rounder, vs trading up for Mack/Clowney and losing picks. I realize you traded again in the 2nd to recoup 3rd rounders. I disagree with you about Bucannon, I do not think he is primarily an in the box FS. He plays coverage well and is willing to come up and hit or tackle. I also disagree that he is no better than Decoud in coverage...come on now!
  13. I dont like this one either. Starting with trading up. There is no reason to trade up at all! Stay at 6, and take Clowney, Mack, or Barr. I truly think Clowney or Mack will be there and if not, I like the upside on Barr. I would rather try and trade down, get picks, and Barr...verses trade up for Mack or Clowney. Deon Bucannon is who I want in the 2nd, with our original pick and that is pushing it...the guy is clearly 1st round talent and we are lucky if he is there when we choose in the 3rd. Also, I agree it will cost MUCH more than 2 third rounders. You can preach that teams wanting to trade
  14. The only FACT that you stated is that there are tons of other threads. Have difficulty with you defining what is or isnt a good thread. Board Police!
  15. I dont have to try to make you look bad. You are doing a bang up job of that. "You know I'm right" makes me laugh... I can tell you everything you have said is OPINION based and quite frankly needless and pointless.
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