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  1. I'm still holding out. Saw some in section 124 but they were over 4K each with fees. Keeping my eye on tickpick as I want lower section and they seem to have the best deal if you consider fees are built into their price. Most tickets are pick-up in Houston which is fine with me as long as it is not Sunday. That makes me nervous. Will keep checking back here for tips.
  2. Bless his heart! Folks in my section were cthu and "flexing muscles" to the redskins fans. His attempt was cute.
  3. I'm currently planning to be there. No tickets yet.
  4. Very nice! I'm in the section where the opposing team comes out. The first row is row 3 and has two seats. I wanted them but was unable to get them. I believe row 4 only has 4 seats. I am then on the next row. Can you imagine row 1 with no one in front of you or next to you? In my dreams. In my dreams!
  5. From what I've researched which includes message boards and talking with STHs, there is a pretty good mix of people that purchased vs. those that gave them up. I ended up moving down 20 rows from what was originally offered and purchased my seats. I am currently not living in ATL, but am going to see how this goes as I often travel in for the games. I did not understand the impact nor leverage the benefits of seat relocation (if available) this season which would have helped the location in the new stadium. However, not sure it really would have mattered as there are so many seats available. I'm looking forward to the first season in the new stadium. Guess this will be our last year of "Defend the Dome"! Guess I will need a new t-shirt!
  6. As a single female that LOVES the FACLONS, I became a member of this board because there used to be great threads. And I learned so much. Minimized how much I had to research online about plays, players, or the game. I have stopped visiting as much and wonder IF FOLKS THAT CAN'T...COME TO THIS FORUM TO POST NEGATIVE THOUGHTS! You can make the 3-dot blank WHATEVER you want it to be. But I know this, if I was not flying out for London in a couple of days I would be in B-More tomorrow! GO DIRTY BIRDS!
  7. Tandy, we will be taking the tube for everything. Did not get an Oyster card in advance so will pick one up when we arrive at LHR. From what I've been told and researched, it works just like MARTA's Breeze card. If you have money left on it, I understand you can get a refund at LHR on your way out so leave enough time if it is worth it Goodness, what happened to your package transportation...)-: Sorry to hear about that. I will send you a separate email as I've been trying to find out about activities put together by or for groups from here for Friday or Saturday night.
  8. Below is a link to NFL activities. Also, touchbase with your hotel staff regarding what is happening as the Falcons cheerleaders will be there early. http://www.nfluk.com/events/index.html
  9. You could definitely walk around and find some tailgaters that would welcome you. They will be all along Northside Drive which is west of the Dome as well as sites north and south. You can get to them all by foot. There will be a large Atlanta police presence that will point you in the right direction. I would recommend entering the dome no later than 30 min before game to take pictures of team on field.
  10. From what I've read you're arriving at 10. By the time you get through the airport and ride the train in to downtown (assumption), it will be close to noon. I recommend exiting at 5 points station, walk down Marietta St. To centennial park. Walk around take pictures of outside of aquarium, coke museum, etc. You will have time to visit Coke museum. I actually have not been to the new one but hear it is cool. Walk through CNN center to Falcons Landing and enjoy before entering game. You may also have time for a CNN tour which I recommend researching to see if you can schedule in advance as this will be a popular weekend (Sunday after thanksgiving) and later kick off of 4:05. You could also exit at georgia dome station. However, by the time you change trains you could walk up the street from five points. I recently moved from Atl to NYC area and am flying in for a few games. Coming in for this one as well.
  11. The game is Sunday, October 26. Trying quote other posts,but it is not working...
  12. Yep, great deal. Sent an email to learn more about where hotel is located so that I can research it. But so far, all of the Crowne London's have decent reviews. Wonder what seats we would have in the stadium as well. Not sure who is going with me, but if it turns out to be just me...I will sell my extra tickets. It's a little early for some...but not me!
  13. Although I've purchased tickets, I'm seriously considering the birdlady package as it is REALLY a good deal. I'm researching and mapping out my costs to see which route to take. Interesting.
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