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  1. Speaking of threads with a lot of pages, it's from '08, but still, wow.
  2. Dago done did it. 100 pages. The wait is over.
  3. Call it Debbie and spank it's rear... (sorry had to keep the rhyme going).
  4. Tell it Dago.
  5. Oat Roof Farm Smart
  6. Ah yea, forgot about server space. I gotcha, that does make a lot of sense. Yea, I'm still wondering about the "Post Your Real Pic" thread as well. No tellin' why it got moved...
  7. Why would it get moved? It's in the right spot. I would cry, too many good threads have disappeared.
  8. You know me all too well, S y c o l A! :wub: (Page 94 FTW).
  9. Speaking of Freeman and Ryan, anyone ever been to Getty Images? They have some very quality pictures over there.
  10. Dtan thinks so as well. You know he just loves him some of that. ♥
  11. Alright, going to put my take on this and then leave it be. ...they both just look so innocent. Even when they make serious faces for photo shoots, they still look innocent.
  12. This thread title gives me the giggles. I can't stop repeating it. It makes me feel kind of like this guy:
  13. One day, I wil finish reading this entire thread... In the mean time, is there any other thread on AFMB with 85+ pages? This has to be the most I've seen. :P