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  1. I actually found the perfect shirt the other day for ole WFW
  2. Good to hear positive news coming from Graham's injury status. The bye should his him some extra time to heal.
  3. As soon as I opened this thread, my internet died for four hours. I hope you're happy. I dunno. The Falcons have lost close games for the most part. The Steelers just look out of place right now.
  4. Agree with the playoff loss feel, ergh. I hope in the focus will be on effectively closing out games, because that last minute losing stuff is a pain in the rear. Well, an early loss will help with things that need to be worked on at least and humble the team.
  5. I agree, at least going to the SB with HFA twice under the same head coach was a breeze- ...wait a minute.
  6. Thanks kmbutts! Much respect man. Gong into a bye week with a loss sucks, but what can you do.
  7. Congrats Pats. That was one **** of a game!
  8. This is so sad and heart breaking. I was praying as hard as I could that Adrian's little boy would be okay when I first heard the news. This young man didn't even get to live his life, and I hope the freaking sick lowlife who took away this angel's life gets beat to death by the entire Vikings team. Sending more prayers to Adrian and his entire family. I can't imagine the pain they are going through right now.
  9. Chain Chomp


    I know I'm late, but it's great to see things are going well for you so far danight! Keeping strong for you.
  10. ! I don't even remember the songs played at the games unless it's a song I really like, which is usually no more than two per game.
  11. Won't lie, I wasn't around much last season, not around much this season either. Stayed all through Bountygate and the 49ers loss, but a certain idiotic troll of a poster started taking things too far and I started getting a pile of schoolwork on top of that. I know that wasn't a good reason to leave but he was getting my blood pressure way too high. But yeah, JB said it best... all of the RC regulars have been there and know the hurt that can come with team heartbreak.
  12. It always sucks when a player gets injured, and to have to miss an extended amount of time is really awful for them. Sorry to hear this though. Hoping he recovers well.
  13. Told the ex if the Jets lose I will send him 1,000 pictures of Matt Ryan.
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