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  1. I'll bite. Yes, he was elite.
  2. I'm just making the point that in harmony with the original post of this thread, Matt Ryan doesn't deserve a huge contract extension. You guys can get mad all you want. The fact remains that Matt Ryan has been surrounded with tremendous tools to get the job done, and he consistently falls short. I just think it's funny that everyone on these boards want to give Matt "elite" Qb status, but he can't even get done what a backup Qb was able to accomplish this year in the Super Bowl.
  3. So your satisfied with a decent QB who always come up short when it matters most? Ok, you can have that cause that's a loser mentality. Give me the QB with a super bowl ring.
  4. How about this stat Backup QB Nick Foles Super bowl stat: 1 ring MVP QB Matt Ryan Super Bowl stat: 0 ring
  5. Brady super bowl stat: 5 rings Matt Ryan super bowl stat: 0 rings
  6. Agree. For years people been saying that Matt Ryan needed a top-10 defense to succeed. Well he got that this year and he still choked. What other excuse will people give Ryan for underperforming? You got backup quarterbacks (Nick Foles)out there doing what our MVP quarterback failed to do last year, with a lead for most of the game.
  7. So a backup quarter back just did what our MVP QB couldn't do. Win a Super Bowl. For years I been hearing that if only Matt Ryan had a top 10 defense then he could win the big one. Well guess what, he had a top 10 defense this year. All ya'll wanna give Matt Ryan elite QB status. What excuse are ya'll gonna come up with next. All I know is despite what the Patriots did last night, Nick Foles went out there and did what he had to do to win. Our MVP QB couldn't do that. In fact I don't think Matty Ice has every beat the Patriots. Nick Foles (back up MVP QB Nick Foles) just beat the Patriots on the biggest stage last night. I wish our MVP QB could do that.
  8. Paging Beasely, Lol. In all seriousness Beasely been getting a lot of unjustified flak. Kinda difficult to replicate last year's success playing LB for a good percentage of time on field.
  9. I don't understand why it's so hard for some posters on these boards to understand this. Born and raised in Atlanta, been watching Atl sports teams my whole life. Outside of the one Braves world series, when have Ga teams ever gave us a reason to be confident that they wouldn't choke on the big stage?
  10. I'm not talking about 2009, i'm talking about 2018, obviously. But then again, your probably one of the posters i was making reference too earlier.
  11. As an African American I'm not trying to add a racial element into this discussion, but I really want Matt Ryan to ball out for a different reason. I get SO TIRED of the national media promoting the lazy narrative that Atlanta doesn't support Ryan because he's white and Atlanta is black. They and most of the posters on this board act like all black people want Vick back which is soooooooooooo far from the truth. I want Matt Ryan to straight go off. I want him to have that look in his eye this whole post season, the same look Lebron had when he won in Cleveland. The same look Brady has every post season. The same look Jordan and Kobe has. Man, I REALLY want Ryan to get a ring for the "A"!
  12. Of all people, I REALLY don't want Colin CowTURD giving us any credit. He literally is worse than Skip Clueless, and you gotta try hard to top his idiocracy. Colin CowTURD says crazy stuff just for ratings.
  13. LOL! Now that I think about it that's so true. GT is actually in Atlanta, UGA is not. Yet UGA will get credit for changing the Atlanta sports narrative if they win tonight.
  14. Tyrod Taylor sucked this game. How did we let this guy beat us? Still mad.