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  1. Exactly. I wish I could could get paid millions to do a piss poor job at work.
  2. Exactly, Lol. But the Falcons will find a way to mess this up like they do everything else.
  3. If the SJW initiative bothers you that much don't watch the game. I'm sure NASCAR can use more fans, there pretty much irrelevant.
  4. Taking into consideration Vic is asked to play linebacker or spy a QB like Cam Newton, I don't understand why more fans don't understand that naturally his sack numbers are going to be lower. It's not his fault if coach Quinn has him playing a role that will take him away from rushing the passer.
  5. Seriously, Atlanta sports teams are cursed. Fo real!
  6. Our special teams have been garbage for quite a while. Ya'll yelling for Sarks head, ya'll calling for the wrong one. Armstrong NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!! Does he have naked pictures of Quinn?
  7. It's over because our $30 million a year QB is garbage and our Offensive Cord is only qualified to run a high school offense. However, I will gladly eat crow if Matt Ryan and our OC turn it around, but I doubt it.
  8. Julio mediocre? Don't bother replying to my post cause I don't respond to idiots.
  9. Matt just throws an INT in the redzone. You were saying?
  10. Shouldn't a 150 million dollar QB be able to beat a backup QB?
  11. Guess what? You calling me a dumbazz wont help yo boy win any games.
  12. Matt Ryan bout to get beat again by a backup QB, 2 games in a row. Ya'll wanna keep calling this man ELITE. Laughable!
  13. This is essentially a contract year for Julio. After seeing the deal ODB Jr. got, I guarantee you Julio gonna ball out this year. Watch!
  14. I'm just making the point that in harmony with the original post of this thread, Matt Ryan doesn't deserve a huge contract extension. You guys can get mad all you want. The fact remains that Matt Ryan has been surrounded with tremendous tools to get the job done, and he consistently falls short. I just think it's funny that everyone on these boards want to give Matt "elite" Qb status, but he can't even get done what a backup Qb was able to accomplish this year in the Super Bowl.
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