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  1. As soon as I'm not posting on my phone I have a lengthy response to that actually.
  2. Your argument also validates pastafarianism. Basic scientific literacy and a bit of common sense rules out the planet being made in 7 days, an apple that bestows knowledge, or the great flood as portrayed in the Bible.
  3. And the Ark was real, so was the garden, and the world was made in a week.
  4. Yes, you are a lib that believes the only media bias is fox news - wouldn't expect you to understand. It's Okay. Conservatives are known for an acute mental illness that requires an intense amount of compensation to combat the overwhelming cognitive dissonance they experience. This makes them appear to be pathological liars to the sane, but is really just a conservative mental defect.
  5. Why are illegal immigrants being roped into this?. H1-Bs aren't illegal.
  6. I'm pretty sure you can't be a fan of the Falcons if you're actively rooting for their division rivals. Seems like common sense.
  7. It seems straight forward to me. I know x is going to happen. (Omniscience) X must happen. If X does not happen, then I am not omniscient. So therfore, if God knows the future because God is omniscient, then free will cannot exist.
  8. When Beck is a sane voice in the room, you know you've gone WAY off the reservation.
  9. Brady was sacked four times on sixty drop-backs, Palmer one three of forty-three. The consistent pressure on the other drop-backs is what won them the game. People who relentless repeat that quote taken out of context like bleating sheep need to be beaten with a helmet. Of course, you're not a Falcons fan so who cares what you have to say.
  10. Was this brought to light in the 8th investigation into it that I didn't hear about, because that was never even suggested in the previous ones.
  11. Quantum mechanics doesn't quite say that there's an infinite number of universes, and quantum entanglement doesn't violate causality. A little too much pop-physics going on here.
  12. As we've seen from this message board, Robert here doesn't put much emphasis on honesty.
  13. I don't know why they haven't made Worzone the Pope or whatever. Dude seems to think he's the only one in the world who knows what each verse in the Bible really means. Amusing.
  14. Because only 2-3 RBs in the NFL would have had even a sliver of a chance of taking Freeman off the field the way he was playing from Week 3 to 8.
  15. >> Says hateful and bigoted things >> "lol you're just going to say I'm saying hateful and bigoted things."
  16. Collins was selected as a high ceiling, project player. From day one it was said he was an extremely raw prospect with very high potential.
  17. You don't really have to do anything to make him look like a bad guy. A compulsive liar that chooses to support politicians over friends because the letter in front of their name stands on their own.
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