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  1. Why do I continue to respond to your posts? Because I like smacking around piece of **** pathological liars that spread blatant lies. The actual quote:
  2. The difference between Ryan and Manning's contract is negligible.
  3. Not really. The NFL is probably the tamest it has ever been.
  4. Matt Ryan has won far more games as well. Ookie had a defense to carry him through the play-offs. Oh wow, Ookie won more games, with numbers like 13/25 for 117 yards or the other one where he attempts a whopping 16 passes. Yeah, amazing QB.
  5. Gotta laugh at the Ooksters here in lala land. Dude was a ****** QB, can't throw for 3000 yards or complete 60% of his passes while he's here and y'all want to blame the defense? Lol.
  6. You were dumb enough to use the same email account between this one now and deisel, and you never had a problem admitting you were snak as deisel. Considering where you live, where you work, and contact information is easily accessible through a variety of sources, I don't see why you think you're fooling anyone Mr. Mason.
  7. If you know how everything will play out, and then you create the ENTIRE universe, as in all starting conditions, then set them into motion, you've predetermined how everything will play out. It's a glorified mathematical function. If i create a function that says f(x) = x + 2, you will always know that any number you plop into the function will come out two more than what you put in. If a god creates the entire universe, being all-powerful, and knows how everything will play out to a T, then that god created the conditions that would lead to individuals making the "decisions" they were always
  8. Replace the word Islam in that article with Judaism or Christianity, and it the story remains the same.
  9. So Islam == Nazism. ABF has been full of some wonderful lines today.
  10. Care to tell me which time the Republicans controlled the house, senate, and the oval office and debt went down? Fact: The biggest increase in debt as percent of GDP happened under Bush.
  11. Not really. My logic is: If an omnipotent being created the universe with the omniscience that allows it to know how it will play out from beginning to end, then the universe we exist in cannot have free will. A universe created under such circumstance is governed by hard determinism. That being wrote a book, and flipping through that book isn't going to change what is written on the page. My belief in compatibilism has to do with understanding biology. Your brain is essentially a machine programmed with self-awareness. Obviously we're not in control of our circumstances, but we're
  12. You heard it here first folks, all poor people are poor because they waste their money on booze and cigs.
  13. Yeah, I remember the last time we had a presidential election and you and your ilk were talking trash about his polls. The echo of this board's collective laughter at your expense shortly after will be picked up by alien civilizations eons from now.
  14. Yeah man, a massive civil war where ~100,000 civilians were killed was well under way before we ever showed up. Oh yeah, and ISIS had nothing to do with what we did in Iraq. They just popped up, because you know, them jihad folks over there just hate our freedoms.
  15. From the Hafele-Keating experiment referenced in your article: "That is, clocks at higher altitude tick faster than clocks on Earth's surface." The only out is if their relatively velocity was enough to overcome dilation do to gravitation, which would then cause their clocks to slow back down. The stronger the gravitational field, the slower time moves to an external observer. The gravitational field is weaker the further away from the Earth's center of mass you get, thus the faster, or close to normal you get as an external observer. A recent example was the movie Interstellar, where tim
  16. Not to be picking at you, and I never miss a chance to poke at someone, but you got that one backwards. I'm only guessing that you got this one confused because the ISS and their experience with time dilation, but that is because of the effects of their relative velocity.
  17. I've read plenty of Michio Kaku. Without having seen specifically what you're referring too, you have to know that there is some disdain in the scientific community for Kaku because he tends to push the boundaries on science, sometimes going a bit too far off into "theoretical" land without keeping the math that goes with it. I will say again that quantum entanglement doesn't violate causality. No information is being exchanged. That is what the math is. Take this from someone who is likely the only one who actively posts on this board who can work out tensor analysis equations.
  18. No, I prefer more empirical history books.
  19. When you are the one who initiates creation with intimate knowledge at to how precisely everything will unfold, that makes you responsible.
  20. I lean more towards David Hume's interpretation of free will, compatibilism and what not.
  21. No, Computer Science, but I did read a book once.
  22. I always gotta laugh at the people who think that the Middle East has been in a perpetual state of war throughout history. I also laugh at the irony of them mocking the Middle East for their supposed war-like culture when this country has been at war for nearly its entire existence. PS. You can thank Bush for ISIS, and the great power vacuum that he created. In before one of the right-wing loonies on here say we should've just left thousands of American soldiers over there indefinitely to get shot at. Of course, we all know how much right wingers on here love dead soldiers.
  23. If you believe in a young Earth, reason and evidence are not in your repertoire of skills.
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