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  1. I don't know, can we strap you down and use enhanced interrogation techniques on you until you come up with actual responses?
  2. 21st century activism = Complain on the Internet.
  3. No fundraising mentioned, and can anyone point out what was wrong with what was said in that letter?
  4. A very revealing strip club scene and all sorts of explicit sexual jokes. The violence is extremely gory as well as far as previous Marvel movies are concerned. NOT a movie for a 9 year old IMO.
  5. Hes going to hire the best people Trout. Cant stump the Trump.
  6. I didn't know the worst parts of the Middle East was representative of all of Islam.
  7. What they are or are not paid in college is irrelevant to the original post. The point is that they get a free college education on top of having a shot at the NFL. I also see no point in asking if I would play in the NFL for nothing, as it again has nothing to do with the topic.
  8. Yes. Not anti-Muslim, just regularly refers to them as savages and invaders while posting links to articles harping on Islam and white nationalist websites.
  9. Between dropping my Jeep and picking up a Civic and this, I'm saving nearly 150 a month in gas right now. It's a beautiful thing.
  10. EDIT: Got the reaction I wanted from snake.
  11. They get a free degree with the sports scholarship, fame and endorsements, plus get to work a part time job that is at its core, a game? I love my job, I got a degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech to do it, and I'd drop it in a heartbeat if that meant I could play in the NFL.
  12. So let's just say you were correct, and there was a player that made exactly 1,000,000 a year for playing Who the **** would turn down playing in the NFL for $100,000 a year?
  13. You were ridiculed for digging at Abraham, which you've done ever since he was cut because you religiously believe everything the Falcons do is the best move at the time.
  14. When you're QB throws for 400 yards and 3 TDs against a top 3 defense in the league, while completing 70% of his passes and averaging nearly 10 yards per attempt, I'm not looking at the QB. How about the run game that didn't have anyone go over 32 yards, the run defense that gave up over 100 yards, 3 TDs, and 5 yards a carry, or the pass defense that allowed the other team's QB complete 70% of his passes for over 11 yards per attempt. Yeah, sorry Matt Ryan can't complete 100% of his passes and never make a single mistake, he sucks.
  15. Go look at Manning's contract, and then apologize.
  16. This is how I know you're full of **** and just googling stuff to attempt to support your point. EVERYONE who watched that game knows that Roddy fell down on the INT, after Ryan had already released the ball.
  17. He compares well. I think Beasley COULD end up like Miller, but I wouldn't be disappointed if he was just 75% of what the guy is. We've seen some absolutely amazing defensive players show up the past 4 years, Miller along with Atkins, Watt, Donald, and Mack are just ridiculous beasts.
  18. Yeah man, that Green Bay game wouldn't been so competitive if Ryan could've just made up for a defense that didn't even force a single punt the entire game, sure.
  19. So with an additional two million dollars, we could've signed one LB that would've made the difference on this team. STFU and GTFO.
  20. You can thank all your favorite Republicans like Reagan, Bush, and Bush Jr. for furthering the increase in our debt.
  21. If Rubio isn't establishment, then there's no such thing as establishment. Maybe this is the great re-branding of the Republicans. "Hey, vote for us, we're not establishment any more, I swear."
  22. I said it before and I'll say it again, I'd welcome the death camps. Kill 'em all. Rain forty days please. Wash these human waste of flesh and bones off this planet.
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