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  1. Amusing to watch these people act like there's a giant global conspiracy behind global warming, acting as if there hasn't been a concentrated effort by those who benefit from the manufactured dissent repeated by certain groups.
  2. Are Norway, Denmark, Finland, or Sweden socialist countries that operate the same way Venezuela does? Are they same as the old USSR or Cuba?
  3. So any reasons yet as to why the systems that work for over 20 million people spontaneously fail when they are applied to the United States other than the fact that there's more non-whites here?
  4. Amusing that the people who screech at the word bigot refer to any female political figure they don't like as possible transexuals.
  5. Still waiting for a reason we can't emulate the Nordic model other than the fact that they're mostly white nations.
  6. So the United States can't emulate the Nordic model because there are too many dark skinned people in this country? Awesome racism bro.
  7. That's the point though, the Nordic model isn't dogmatic, it's pragmatic in mindset, with the focus being on what benefits the people as a collective. It's capitalism regulated correctly, rather than regulated for the benefit of the oligarchy. They manage to pull off free education and quality universal healthcare while still generating wealth, socioeconomic upward mobility, and economic freedom. They've proven it is possible, and they did it through a pragmatic process of looking at how to accomplish things intelligently rather than blind dogmatic principles.
  8. Strong social safety net, public education and healthcare, pro labour union, high rates of public spending done the right way, low corruption, and on and on and on. I'm not dogmatic about this stuff. I'm looking at what this country needs to improve on, looking at countries that are doing exceedingly well in areas we've done poorly with, and simply asking why we shouldn't emulate what they've done to lead to such success. Switzerland, the Nordic countries, Japan, etc. all have numerous areas where they do better than us in a variety of ways. Yet whenever it comes down to what we can do t
  9. Fine, here's what I'm talking about then. Nordic countries out rank us in: Education: Math, reading, science per the 2015 PISA scores Health: Life expectancy per WHO, cost efficiency per WHO, quality of life per EUI Economy: Economic freedom per the Fraser Institute, socioeconomic mobility per the OECD And that's just skimming the surface.
  10. 1. Apparently not. They again expanded their definition of rape even more in 2013. I'd like to know the sources you're using for your statements. 2. I say we should look at the Nordic model as something to emulate economically, and you point out that one of the Nordic countries, has a high reporting of one particular type of crime, as if that refutes the fact that they are superior to the United States in virtually every statistic that matters; economic freedom, healthcare, corruption, education, etc. 3. Those numbers include foreign born people returning to their home countries, the
  11. Once you take away the bogeyman for the far-right loons on this board, they quickly run out of gas. Dead civilians, dead children, dead soldiers, and a constant mindset of siege on their ideals is what drives the far-right. This is why the far-right loves terrorist attacks, school shootings, and pedophiles.
  12. Numerous ideas? Care to share halfpint?
  13. I'm still waiting for an example of someone on this board saying we should emulate Venezuela, instead of maybe Norway or Japan.
  14. Probably because the definition of rape in Sweden is much broader than in other countries, they report every separate crime as a unique instance of rape, and they have a much healthier view of gender equality than most anywhere else in the world: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-19592372 Of course, what this has to do with their political/economic system is beyond me. Are you saying that the Nordic model of social-democracy somehow causes its constituents to be prone to committing acts of mass rape?
  15. How about trying to emulate those countries? They're only superior to us in virtually every way.
  16. 70 taking more L's from Coop than the Bills in the Superbowl.
  17. Pathological liar demanding you take him for his word? Robert is the type who would lie even if the truth sounded better. Note: The word "snake" seems to trigger Robert, and I respect rape victims, so I will only use his real name from here on out.
  18. I'm waiting for Robert to start pretending he's a Muslim or tell a local news station his wife was viciously raped by a roving pack of refugees.
  19. So he blatantly refutes an outright lie posted by Robert, calling him by his old screen name in the process, and his response is to post a bunch of trash back to hm, then says we should focus on his content instead of his name? Does Keller Williams train its agents to be such bullshitting spin doctors or is this natural talent?
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