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  1. Safety is a relative term. If I have the right to safety, then statistically we should ban all firearms before we worry about possible immigrants being terrorists.
  2. Julio is my favorite that I recall. Dude was everything you could want in a WR.
  3. He played for us during down years, while the Saints are enjoying a relative high point in their history, so naturally there is going to be a difference. He wouldn't think the same if it was 2004.
  4. It treated medical emergencies, but any kind of ongoing treatment they needed, they were screwed. Pre-existing conditions? Screwed. Republicans fought against closing the medicaid gap, and I know people who were personally affected by that in Georgia and Tennessee.
  5. And Repubs deny it's a problem and refuse to do anything that would even improve common sense issues like pollution. We threw billions in subsidies to the oil industries over the decades, and drove electric vehicles out of business decades ago with legal manipulation. Reagan removed solar panels from the White House and fought against solar tax credits? Why. What was the purpose. It only caused more harm. It's rah-rah ******** like that that is the problem.
  6. Science is just a tool. What society does with it lays with them.
  7. Part of the PPACA was to expand Medicaid to cover people up to 138% of the national poverty level, it's just that several stupid redneck states instead opted out of the medicaid expansion program as a political maneuver to try and tank the program, showing once again that right wing nuts are willing to sacrifice lives in order to win their political games.
  8. So blah blah blah, Obama took our Osama. Just like you trumpeted Bush taking out Hussein. Unemployment is under 5%: Not a single state in the country has an unemployment percentage of 11%. More lies from the snake. Wage rate is climbing back up, which is the exact opposite from the Bush recession, where it tanked starting in 2007. No President has been responsible for increasing debt more than Bush, who increased debt at a higher rate than any President in history. Obama has improved our relations with the rest of the world, and has only been stuck with the dis
  9. You do realize that it's not possible for me to respond to your nonsense while you're in the process of typing it, right? Do you need me to explain to you how the Internet works?
  10. Again, straight up lie. The Earth has been warming within the predictive models presented in the 90s. By arbitrarily choosing the start data as 98, the single hottest year on recorded that far exceeded other measurements do to one of the strongest El Nino events in the 20th century, it is easy to manipulate the picture to look like it isn't warming as much. The long term trend is warming, and picking short slices from a couple of years in an attempt to claim it's cooling is just proof of how desperate they are to continue such a narrative.
  11. It's bogus. The peer reviewed literature at the time was more or less unanimous in saying the Earth was warming. The few claims of cooling were blaming a potential mass increase in aerosol concentrations in the atmosphere. It wasn't until the clean air acts started passing in countries around the world, including our own, that aerosol started massively declining. Again, ******** narrative designed to paint doctoral research by people who have dedicated their lives to studying the climate as alarmist fools.
  12. And yet he took out Osama, brought the the economy back from the disaster Bush created, and has uninsured rates at an all time low. Awesome.
  13. Seems like you would get your towel ready at the dispenser, wash your hands, grab your towel, then ditch. But then again maybe you're trying to be courteous by not touching the dispenser with your ****** hands.
  14. Or the whole mini ice age in the 70s thing is a lie you people keep parroting over and over again because your narrative relies on it.
  15. Stop pretending you care about peer reviewed studies. Global warming is so unanimous amongst the scientific community you might as well be a flat earther.
  16. You can always point out the simple minded sheep conservatives as soon as they make a tired "hurr durr Al Gore thinks he invented the Internet" comment. It's literally a scientifically illiterate circle jerk in here. It's amusing to watch them bounce between there isn't warming, there's cooling, actually nothing is changing at all, but even if it is it's not a big deal, but nothing is happening, to no it's really cooling.
  17. Well, he is stupid, but that's because his own article if you read into what it's citing actually says global warming hasn't "paused."
  18. Absolutely. It isn't socialism, and the term carries horrible connotations.
  19. And of course the thousands of videos and sites dedicated to calling Michelle Obama a man.
  20. Your daughters are going to be so wrecked in life if you're an example of what a man is supposed to be like.
  21. One minute you say it always changes, the next minute it's cooling, the next minute it isn't changing at all. You're a pathological liar with no creditability, integrity, or self-respect. Get help.
  22. Only a boom if you're functionally ********. It sets the baseline at the hottest period on record, including the current record holder 98 as the starting point. The equivalent of saying you're "driving slow" when you're going 110 because you comparing it to when you were going 120 just a few minutes ago. Really, it's simple. If you don't believe in climate change its because you're either ignorant or a hack.
  23. I have as many qualifications as Cliff Harris and Randy Mann in climatology and meteorology. This chart is literally based on made-up information Harris supposedly from the Bible that has no real data to back it up, that doesn't follow any other known source of temperature records, and only goes back 4500 years because he's a YEC. To top it off, the chart is based around the arbitrary number of 57.1 degrees without a consistent scaling of temperatures throughout the graph. The dude is a loony-toon chemtrail nut who thinks there a global conspiracy to control the weather, and has been caught se
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