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  1. The difference between Cap and Steve is that Cap doesn't use socialism as a catch-all buzzword to define any form of government that he doesn't like instead of the classic tactic of branding your opponent a communist.

    Concerning Canada, I think it's fair to say that there are strong socialist roots in Canada's modern government. The New Democratic Party even refers to themselves as democratic socialists.

    I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing though. Outside of strict authoritarian regimes, no government is purely what they are advertized as. The U.S. has never been a strictly capitalist society, and is more of a corporatist oligarchy today.

    Personally, I'm economically centrist and fairly liberal socially. Paul's social policy is what appeals to me, particularly when you look at how he wants to handle foreign policy with our military. Fiscally, I don't see how he can't be liked right off the bat seeing how he isn't in bed with big business. He's not going to be throwing your tax dollars into corporate coffers, that's for sure.

  2. What's lame to me is it probably isn't even Anonymous.

    Anonymous is literally anyone. There is no defined group of people that make up Anonymous. If you go back through the history of Anonymous, it becomes fairly clear that it is different people with a loose set of ideals that all make their "contributions" under that name.

    There isn't a secret Anonymous network of elite hackers closely working together. It's random bands of people from all around the net that come together to do something, and use Anonymous as a pseudonym when they act. It's about as concrete as calling yourself John Doe.

  3. I don't entirely agree with him on what he is saying, but I believe that out of all the candidates that have stepped up with R by their name and compared to Clinton and Obama, this is the ONLY guy in the group I can respect. More importantly, I believe he has the best policy for us on the global stage.

    He's a starting point to put us back in the right direction. His fiscal policy is a little too far right for my liking, but again, it isn't so much about being in perfect agreement with the guy rather than just having a guy in office that isn't an absolute slime ball.

  4. Somebody else told me that Youtube done something like this now to every new video and a few days the correct views will be placed.

    I'm sure the person who told you that also had slits for pupils, a tail, and scales like our overlord.


    See Skar, there is but one question to ask when protecting yourself from the lizard king. Is your bacon secret? Is it safe?

  5. Julio wasn't kept out by a nagging hamstring injury, he has missed time from both of his hamstrings being injured. I also don't see how we're poor when it comes to big plays. Matt Ryan is 8th in yards, 10th in 20+ yard plays, 8th in 40+ yard plays, and we're 10th overall in yards.

    How about we instead talk about 2nd in the league in drops, our tendency to find a penalty on 3rd downs, and an offensive line that has mostly underperformed all year.

  6. Ozzie Newsome 1st round picks

    2003 NFL draft - Terrell Suggs(boom) and Kyle Boller(bust)

    2004 NFL draft - None, traded away

    2005 NFL draft - Mark Clayton(bust)

    2006 NFL draft - Holoti Ngata(boom)

    2007 NFL draft - Benn Grubbs(bust)

    2008 NFL draft - Joe Flacco(okay)

    2009 NFL Draft - Michael Oher(okay)

    2010 NFL Draft - None

    2011 NFL Draft - Jimmy Smith(?)

    2 booms, 3 busts, 2 okay players, and Smith is a ?.

    Thomas Dimitroff 1st round picks

    2008 - Matt Ryan(boom) and Sam Baker(bust)

    2009 - Peria Jerry(bust)

    2010 - Sean Weatherspoon(boom, but TBD)

    2011 - Julio Jones(boom, but TBD)

    3 booms(2 TBD), 2 busts.

    Yes, Matt Ryan is better than Joe Flacco. Really, I'm not seeing a worlds difference in terms of 1st round picks.

  7. It all started, for me, here, on why I cannot support Ron Paul. This was live in a debate, and he said American foreign policy is the reason for the attacks on 9/11

    So you can't wrap your head around the concept that they hate us because we go over there, topple the government of sovereign nations, prop up violent figureheads that serve our interests, build up military bases, and bomb them as we see fit? No, clearly it's because we love bacon and SUVs.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUXBz6AGJFM

    Just one of many examples from over the years. I don't believe for a second that the One World government headed by the shadow Illuminati group run by lizards from outer space are in a conspiracy to stop Ron "Jesus" Paul, but I do believe that he doesn't fit into the status quo set of talking points that drive political discourse today.

    Personally, I don't agree with him on everything, but I do think he would put us on the right direction as a nation. I do think he would establish a precedent that would turn us back into a direction I could find respectable. Right now, I don't have a lot of pride in what this nation is and what we do around the world. Quite frankly, in the grand scheme of things, the actions of this nation would qualify us as "bad guys" in my book.

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