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  1. Which completely fails to address the point. Manufacturing was a field that supported numerous people with a high school education for several decades. The alternatives to the lost manufacturing jobs are typically going to be lower wage, or an entry point that requires a post-secondary education. There's a severe lack of a middle ground to work with, and further automation is going to continue to drive the lower side of the socio-economic ladder downward, combine that with the exponentially rising cost of tuition and debt, and it's obvious that this isn't a sustainable model. So again, wh
  2. Oh, so now big corporate capitalism is bad, yet anytime someone complains about corporations, they're a bunch of dirty hippies. Your brain is shrinking like your hair line from all that cognitive dissonance Jeffrey.
  3. As manufacturing productivity increased, the number of jobs in the industry went down, primarily do to two factors, automation and globalization. Automation is the "new technology" being discussed. So, manufacturing jobs go down the toilet, the money earned by those with only a high school education drops, thus making it a "requirement" for people to pursue college educations, where graduates are now facing record levels of debt as a result of pursuing that education. What is the solution? If you can't see the big picture argument I'm making here, then maybe you should stick to acting lik
  4. There isn't any denying that automation and globalization has greatly reduced the manufacturing sector in this country, while also reducing the opportunities for those who only graduated with a high school education. Once we start automating the service industry, things are going to get even worse for the lower tier in society.
  5. Were ignoring that it is becoming more and more difficult to get by in the world with just a high school education. So if a high school education doesn't work any more, and college on average is leaving graduates with mounds of debt, what we can do to fix this?
  6. Productivity is one thing. How about someone look at the actual number of manufacturing jobs there are, and the number shows a pretty sharp decline starting in the 90s if I recall. Posting from the phone, so I don't want to go Googling for it
  7. Still waiting for an explanation aso to why that matters. Now back to fluffing Trump's toupee.
  8. Let's not forget what Trump's response was to war vet and former POW John McCain when he merely said that people should research Trump. Dude is evil.
  9. 1. I just want an explanation as to why, instead of just saying they're just different and shrugging our shoulders. 2. Okay. 3. My point is that while there's nothing wrong with that, it doesn't tackle the big issue.
  10. Quit acting like any concept of a welfare state is pure evil, when several countries have proven it works **** well. Quit pinning the loss of job opportunities at the lower end of the totem pole is purely because unions and demands for better wages, because it is a fact that no human will compete with a robot. Does a McDonald's employee demanding 15 an hour push them to do it faster? Sure. But it was going to happen either way.
  11. Our policy and the ideological frame of mind ******* sucks. Using your logic, anyone that rants about the federal government or Obama hates America.
  12. And my response was saying their system allowed for more flexibility than a flat minimum wage system that we have over here. Their needs are different, but their system allows more flexibility than ours. We shouldn't have to wait for the rest of the world to catch up on human rights to progress in our own society. High tech industry and manufacturing doesn't do much for the common man.
  13. And again, how does that keep us from implementing anything remotely similar. At what point between 5-10 million and 300 million is it no longer even reasonable to push in that direction.
  14. Yet someone has to do it, and Ive known people who have worked in fast food or grocery stores for a decade or more. The jobs aren't strictly held by teenagers. As an aside, if these entry level jobs aren't available, there will not be a way to work your way up. Again, the low skill/low education jobs are dwindling, and we can't compete with slave labour from Asia. So what do we do?
  15. The minimum wage in those countries are nonexistant. They do collective bargaining through unions, which is better in my opinion than a flat minimum wage.
  16. I find it amusing how outside of generalized nonsense, any time the deniers try to stray into the realmix of posting something like, I don't know, a fact, they get smacked down with the cold hard truth and have to run back to vague generalizations and nonsensical rhetoric.
  17. Why? How do any of these concepts not scale? More overhead? That seems to be the extent of it.
  18. I'm sure nothing makes Hillary more moist than seeing a homeless vet. I really wish Obama would've been as sinister as these nuts said he was back in 2008. We need more death camps.
  19. But we're ******* excellent at bombing other countries! God ******* ****** are we good at that.
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