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  1. We can deal with diseases that have ravaged humanity for centuries, harvest nuclear energy, send a man to a moon, create chips that can perform calculations billion of times in a second, etc., but addressing rising education and healthcare costs and our well our students are doing in reading, math, and science is just the god ****ed worst. But we need to build a big **** wall to keep people out or blow up a village in some country is the Middle East, holy **** do we have all sorts of ways we can do that.
  2. Again, more excuses. You're essentially saying we're just not smart enough. We're ranked 37th in healthcare by the World Health Organization. We spend 150% more on healthcare than the OECD average. Medical bills are the biggest reason for bankruptcy in the U.S. The list goes on and on for healthcare. We're ranked in the 30s and 20s consistently in math, science, and reading scores. We rank 12th in four year program graduates, versus 1st in 1985. We've dropped to 12th in rate of college completion. Our education costs have gone up several times over in the past few decade
  3. 1. I'm saying that a fence is just a mild band-aid that is grossly expensive without really fixing the core issues. 2. I firmly believe that if someone wants to come here and contribute, we should give them that opportunity. Most of us wouldn't be here today if we held the same attitude when we were bringing in Chinese, Irish, Jewish, etc. immigrants. 3. Emotional arguments aren't for dictating policy. The fact is that crime is at a 30 year low, and immigrants, illegal or not, is a lower than average crime demographic. 4. My position with dealing with terrorism is much like my
  4. Before Person started snapping the ball into the wrong zip code, he was actually pretty good.
  5. Again, why not try to borrow from the several countries that have been highly successful at doing a variety of the things I've mentioned. Why can't the federal government push the states to adopt some of these measures, and help build the overall structure? Why is it that other countries can handle so many of the problems we have, and the only answers we have is essentially "we're not smart enough to figure out how to do it here." We have countries with free college and healthcare that are kicking our ***** in a variety of indexes and rankings by thinking outside the box, challenging the
  6. 1. The fence doesn't stop them from going over right there. It isn't much of a deterrent. If people can sneak across the N-S Korean DMZ, which has happened numerous times, we're not going to be blocking them from coming across something over 10 times the length. 2. Start addressing the issues we're creating would be a good start. The war on drugs has fueled the cartels for thirty years, and our pathway to legal immigration here is ridiculous. 3. I don't believe we have a big crime problem, and I'm not putting any special note on victims of crime either way. 4. Name the last terr
  7. Then you've never actually heard him on the field. He's hardly nice.
  8. No more of a threat than how terrorists have always come here legally or were grown natively and did there damage. Your argument could be used to support going into complete isolation like 19th century Japan.
  9. 1. You're not going to convince me that a wall is going to solve the issue. The walls we've already put up haven't helped, and have caused numerous problems as it is, without really fixing anything. It costs tons of money, destroys and damages people's property, is ineffective, and doesn't really fix the issue. 3. You can't work on a problem until you understand the root issue. 5. Illegal immigrants are no more likely to commit crimes than regular citizens, and in fact, commit less crime on average. This includes illegals from central America. 6. The drugs and crime related to t
  10. A.S. in Programming, B.S. in Computer Science, and working on my masters. Working full time in software before I graduated with an associates. Paid my own way through college, and worked in the restaurant business before that waiting tables. Worked as an intern for six months before I was hired, and they hired me because I busted my *** off and the only time I wasn't up there was when I wasn't working my day job or handling school. Most of my work has been in .NET programming, C++ and C# mostly. Again, I don't believe people are fundamentally different than they were 20 years ago. It's ju
  11. More ********. When states are pushing for laws that has severely limited companies like Tesla from selling cars to the consumer, how is that not directly trying to shut down competition against gas and oil driven industry? When there are oil and gas lobbying groups directly fighting against installing electric car charging stations around the country, how is that helping? When Reagan pulled down the solar panels on the White House, what cause did that support? When there have been government and corporate initiatives against non-fossil fuel driven cars or power, how can you sit here and justi
  12. Awesome speech bro. Anything relevant about anything specific you can apply this to?
  13. Blah blah, the millenials are a bunch of no good entitled kids who don't have good ole fashioned values. I'll be waiting for something relevant when you got it.
  14. Discussing politics like you is much like talking to a child who parrots stuff they heard their grandpa say.
  15. Yeah I'm pretty sure I can just read conservapedia if I wanted your version of history.
  16. Corporations that are sacrificing all else in terms of short term stockholder interest is a problem. Capitalism and corporations without government to ensure the interest of the people are assured is the proper balance. Again, this model has been demonstrated successfully around the world several times in several countries.
  17. Okay, great for Google, but it's a fact that requirements for college degrees are quickly rising. What one edge-case company does, does not change this trend.
  18. Still not going to believe you can attribute the numbers to just "**** lazy millennials."
  19. Oh yes, kids these days are just inherently lazier than the previous generation. To quote Socrates, "The counts of the indictment are luxury, bad manners, contempt for authority, disrespect to elders, and a love for chatter in place of exercise." The fact of the matter is that college degrees are quickly becoming the bare minimum, and this isn't a shocking new thing millennials made up. http://burning-glass.com/research/credentials-gap/ http://i.imgur.com/1MP5b9V.png So again, with the requirement more and more being that you should have a degree before you even step foot in at
  20. Good for you, bootstraps, blah blah. I kicked *** too, now let's look at the actual numbers.
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