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  1. Yes, Ryan will be here until he retires. Truth hurts.
  2. Outside of Freeman and Allen, and your vast over rating of Toilolo, I don't see any good players or hits even mentioned. Hence you throwing around growth, potential, developing, and "has a shot." A hit isn't when a guy maybe has the potential to possible has a shot at developing depending on their growth to do something in the future.
  3. Gazoo is a lonely try-hard 50 year old forever single guy who seeks to fill the hole in his life by thumping his chest and instigating on a message board. Dude is a piece of work. His god truly abandoned him long ago.
  4. The conservative solution to every problem is to horde every cent they can from poor people, preferably minorities, and funnel it to billionaires and multi-millionaires in the form of corporate welfare, hoping it somehow comes back to the lower and middle class in the form of boot straps.
  5. The right loves dead bodies. Maybe they oppose abortion because they can't see the corpse?
  6. Which is why he wants it to be destroyed. Tired of them welfare queens.
  7. And Republicans? War on Drugs, fighting to maintain systematic racism, and dog whistling. How bout them boot straps.
  8. Did Patriot fans start "demanding excellence" in the 90s? Has that been the key to Belichick and Brady's success, the fans up at Gillette stadium demanding success every year? Ooooh, the fans. You fags in here talking about demanding excellence can't even mop the floor correctly in the Wal-Mart bathrooms, and you're on a message board talking about demanding excellence. Yeah, the message board lunatic who cries false-flag every time there's a school shooting in the off-topic board that works at UPS and still lives with his mother is going to demand jack ****. What about the other clown. Who th
  9. I'd love to see some of you clowns walk into the branch and "demand excellence." Ideally, security escorts your head into the pavement and they bury you underground like the potatoes you are.
  10. Oh please. Fans have literally never impacted football decisions, as they shouldn't. Football fans don't make teams better or worse. The only thing that changes is whether or not the team stays in the city. Now go back to your ********-o-sphere spechul ed.
  11. Wah wah wah. No one gives a ****. If you're only a fan when a team is doing well, then you're not an actual fan. Fans don't impact the football decisions of billionaires and multi-millionaire owners, GMs, and head coaches. Fans can't demand jack ****. Fans don't impact the decision making process. Fans are useless noise in the background when it comes to how a football team works. Giants fans have no impact on the football operations for that team, nor have they ever. They're only job is to show up at the games and make noise, and that's the extent of it. How stupid can you get. "If only more
  12. Have you seen the dome recently you half wit? Do you not read the ******* whiny clowns on here crying every Sunday about the dome not being full?
  13. This line encapsulates the most fundamentally stupid thing that is ever repeated on this forum. What the **** does "don't stand for mediocrity" mean. Oh no, they whine on message boards, complain in the media, and may even boo at some games. The first team in the NFL that starts taking an ounce of input from their fans needs to have their owner on down to the water boy fired out of a cannon into the sun. The average ******* idiot football fan couldn't tell you the difference between a curl and a hitch.
  14. Outside of personnel and coaches, past year teams have no effect on tomorrow's team. To insinuate that a team is just a "winning" or "losing" franchise because of some ethereal force that ensures a team maintains a certain status quo is just dumb.
  15. FF has always had a perpetual case of butter hurt.
  16. I think we should blow up the building, and execute each one of them. We can be sure to let them know though that they can have a few minutes to ask their god to rescue them before blowing their brains out. Send the message home for the folks.
  17. Peyton Manning struggled this year being thrown out of the system he ran his entire career this past year. Brett Favre looked like *** with the Jets when they ran a non-WCO system, then balled out when he went with the Vikings back in the WCO. Matt Ryan ran the same system his entire career, and struggled this year switching to the WCO. Reality is a *****.
  18. Julio did not hamper this team, missing on the numerous other picks before, during, and after the trade did.
  19. Yes, because all 56 incompletions were on Julio, right?
  20. We're going with G, S, LB IMO, unless there's a great C in this draft worth picking in the first two rounds.
  21. I find it amusing how when losing, people latch onto the empty buzzwords every head coach in the NFL has thrown around for decades as something worth talking about. I honestly don't see why anyone actually watches the post-game pressers. Are you people masochists or something? What the **** are you looking for from these things? You lose in the NFL for the same reasons you lost decades ago, so why would you expect a head coach to have something interesting or worthwhile to say?
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