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  1. So who made them gay? If no one did, thenot when did you choose to not be attracted to men?
  2. Collins was supposed to be an early contributer? What?
  3. It was pretty well known that he was a project pick with an extremely high ceiling.
  4. I think most NFL coaches that get fired never are head coaches again. Just the nature of the business.
  5. Mora Jr. Did become a head coach again, for the Seahawks.
  6. It could be that Joe just knows his sister's half of the story, but then that would make you the husband's obsessed stalker who would be excited if said husband spit in your face, slapped you, and called you a whore.
  7. It's stupid, because there's been many points of peace and prosperity in the Islamic world dating back centuries, at least equal to any other empires of the ages, yet people always assume that they are this warlike group. Talk about war? This country has been at war for almost the entirety of its existence.
  8. Recruitment is fueled by what those on the right say, by supporting their selling point that Islam is under siege by the west. The terrorists don't attack us because we're moving away from Allah, they attack us over the crap we've been doing for **** near 60-70 years in that region.
  9. It's psychological warfare. Understand the mind of the people who join them, and work against the factors that help facilitate people into that mindset. Here's a good article where the writer talked to several mass shooters/murderers/terrorists... http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-reasons-mass-shooters-are-not-kind-crazy-you-think/
  10. Trump represents a group of people who never got it, never will get it, and will go out kicking and screaming. All they have is a false ideal of some 1950s paradise that they want. Looking forward to the day they no longer have a voice in government.
  11. Outside of Freeman and Allen, I'm not seeing any impact. Dude'so OP was riddled with "potential."
  12. Are we going to continue to ignore that most of those late round nobodies were on the team in 2012, just like the late round nobodies from the past three years are on the team now?
  13. Win to who? Is there some public opinion battle I am unaware of?
  14. List of players on the 2012 team from the previous three drafts before it, including that same year. 2009: 6/8 2010: 7/7 2011: 5/6 2012: 6/6 So once again... Simply having the guys sitting on the bench is nothing special. It happens, with every team. Your evidence of improvement is garbage. Dumb thread.
  15. Can someone tell me about the team that doesn't have a handful of 4th through 7th rounders over their last three drafts on their roster?
  16. Toilolo is a good run blocker like Jamaal Anderson was a good run defender. Psssssh
  17. Must be really sensitive if that came off as emotional. Look how many posts I've made in a year about this silliness, and compare it to yourself, then ask who is emotionally invested. Ryan, on his A-game, is a top 5 QB in the NFL, at worst top 10. My attitude with people like you is more like the attitude I have towards what a small, slightly ******** child thinks.
  18. and continue to be a top 10 NFL QB, as he always has been. Reality son.
  19. Simply having late round picks on the roster, especially if they were drafted within the past three years, doesn't qualify as "hitting" on anything.
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