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  1. At least you're acknowledging you're not a man now. The first step is admitting the problem.
  2. You cried RC to death, and the only person that regularly cries here is snak.
  3. Would be curious to know what was said at 0:53ish in the video.
  4. Came across the woman called "Springs1" or "Springs131" online. She's easily one of the most mentally ill freaks I've had the displeasure of reading about. Her deal is that for over 10 years, she's ranted and raved on just about every site there is online about servers in restaurants. This woman makes Swift and his obsession with Matt Ryan look like a passing fad. This level of autistic insanity is just... marvelous.
  5. Robert Plant mentioned, but not Jimmy Page or John Paul Jones. SMH.
  6. Holy ******* **** I'm going to smack a ******* kitten with a hammer after this one.
  7. Toxicology reports didn't find any bath salts in his system, and the police were speculating.
  8. Myth. Never happened. Guy wasn't high on bath salts.
  9. Ending War on Drugs = Legalizing meth Cool.
  10. So I take it we should shoot any and all people who have guns out when the cops come around? I always found those open carry nuts who walk around with rifles annoying, but I never wanted to shoot them on sight. That's pretty harsh.
  11. A cop pulls up on a kid and shoots him at point blank range in less than a second, and this is what you're upset about snak? As usual, Republicans simply do not care about dead children.
  12. So cops can't complain when they get shot at when they do their no-knock searches on people, right?
  13. The Pythagorean theorem has been extremely useful for me.
  14. PC apparently means something like "decent human" or "not a sociopath." And what the **** kind of "truth" did you derive from this video anyways? You're a sociopathic, narcissistic, manchild who finds verbally abusing women because they're in porn to be hilarious.
  15. ^^^ Glimpse into the personal problems this guy deals with. His favorite things are random acts of violence and verbally degrading women he perceives to be below him.
  16. Bumping because I loved this thread.
  17. So you believe that these mass shootings are false flag attacks in order to ramp up gun control support by the Obama administration. Wow.
  18. I've been into electronic music as of late, and this has been my "go" song as of late.