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  1. Let me guess, all the community/technical colleges are liberally ran as well? Dumbass.
  2. Can we have a new board, the Salty Spitoon for SpongeDad, and Anything But On Topic. You could just rename this board if you like.
  3. You should delete your account if all you're going to do is cry every time I post. I thought you were ex-military. Toughen the **** up.
  4. I'd blame our public school system, but I am absolutely certain this one is a drop-out.
  5. I'd blame our public school system, but I am absolutely certain this one is a drop-out.
  6. They were big on the Turner signing. I'm skeptical of Sanu. I hope he's not another glorified Jenkins. I am however skeptical of PFFs college scouting and if it's a reliable indicator of NFL success. Time will answer that one.
  7. I genuinely the father, son, and judge are murdered in the most brutal way possible.
  8. No one needs to learn to overlook you. All of your posts scream, "Look at me and all my extra chromosomes!"
  9. What the he'll did you want from a Twitter response? More emoticons, a link to an essay he wrote on the matter, or how about he posts a video of himself crying his eyes out?
  10. * Demands politicians denounce attacks * * Politician denounces attacks * * They didn't denounce it hard enough *
  11. Can we go ahead and get rid of Trump since every racist person and organization in America endorses him?
  12. The bit B.O. posted by Louis C.K. earlier did have me thinking about white people though. I'm now certain that white people do have their own version of ****** for blacks. It's "racist." Calling a white person a racist is instant, massive triggering.
  13. How is it prejudice? Calling Obama a ****** is clearly the actions of a racist. Donald Trump appeals highly to racists. The Republican far-right talk often as if systemic racism, or racism in general doesn't really exist any more. People who are going to post on a Fox News article are going to be people who frequent Fox's website. I don't see the prejudice here.
  14. Keeping hm as a friend is a terrible idea, but that's just the cultist liberal in me speaking.
  15. I think we should round up all the people who aren't secular and liberal in this country and put them in camps. Anyone who doesn't like the idea are just proving how good it is.
  16. Holymoses, hating on people for their ideas, you're the worst.
  17. You know who else they hated for their ideas? HITLER!
  18. I don't see why there needs to be a huge accountability and blame thing here. The zoo could look into better containment, but it's not like this is happening every week.
  19. The number of people that can't fathom any decent parent not having a second by second knowledge of their child's location is amusing to me.
  20. So let's look at some countries that are kicking our *** in this department? What is France or Japan doing that we could emulate?
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