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  1. Not going to dig for the posts, but I've flamed the **** out of GP for some of the things he's said about cops. I think it's downright ignorant and short sighted, and ultimately hurts the cause against the violent police force we deal with today. Outside of maybe Osirus/Mojo (not sure), I'm not seeing all this extreme anti-police rhetoric. I don't think it's unfair to suggest that the police in this country have become excessively violent and militaristic, and the system has failed for decades to handle the corruption within it. Do I lament a cops death? Yes. However, an officer dying in the line of duty to me is just not as shocking as a police using excessive force that kills a civilian. I hold them to higher standards. I'll say it again, no other country in the western world are even remotely near as likely to use lethal force as ours, and I think that statistic should bottom line just how big of a deal it is. It infuriates me that people fall for the same tactics by the powers that be to marginalize those that speak out in these situations. It is the exact same methods. Wait for a protester or someone who supports the cause to break the law, and focus ONLY on those people. Same way the women's suffrage movement was attacked in the 1910's. Just like people ONLY focused on the rioters in Baltimore or Ferguson, and reduced the whole thing to "thugs and people looking to start a race war. Here's a picture for an example. Convince the powerful majority that they're being oppressed. I could go for miles on this one. How many more times are we going to have to read about how white, upper-middle class, Christians are being oppressed in this country? How many more times is another rich guy make ****** up comments and then declare themselves a martyr against "political correctness?" Focus on the silliest comments and the worst members. What's going on here with GP, or PETA with the animals welfare movement was another example used here. Not everyone who is speaking out want to see cops die or think they're equal to terrorists, or whatever GP has been spouting off. How about how Al Sharpton is what gets discussed any time the topic of racism comes up? How about the Occupy Wallstreet movement being reduced to a bunch of privileged, teenage, hippy, rapists with I-phones instead of discussing the serious income inequality that has been created in the past forty years or so? The insistence that there's some sort of competition between noble causes and disadvantaged groups. How come you can't discuss poor people in this country without it turning into some comparison between our poor to the poor of Africa. How come feminism in America is marginalized because what goes on to women in Saudi Arabia or Iran? Translation? "We shouldn't do anything about your problems because people somewhere else have it worse, also we're not doing anything to help them either." Another good one is how those who act like this always come back and say, "well I would have supported the real African American cause, back with MLK when blacks were getting lynched." That same reasoning can literally be used infinitely against any movement. And for the finale, my favorite one though is the way it's implied that by speaking out or wanting to change the system, you're going to ultimately destroy everything. I believe WORZONE dropped a line about "well how would you like it if in the police never showed up." As if criticizing excessive force by police officers only leads to there not being any police at all. A more general one is concern for the environment or pollution means you're a communist or want to put the planet back in the times before electricity.I mean ********, it's like it repeats itself over and over again throughout history. Every time, we look back and say, "duh, of course the oppressed group who acted out against their oppressors were right." Then later, I'll see the same people try to deride the causes of today, not realizing that they are repeating history once again.
  2. So basically, pick out the worst statements and people in order to marginalize the overall problem and message. Did you know you can also support animal rights without supporting PETA?
  3. Apparently, if you want to speak out against the U.S. police force killing more civilians than any other western nations, you hate the police.
  4. Precisely, you see it as an adversarial thing. As if talking about one takes away from the other.
  5. This is what amazes me about those who always jump against those who speak out against police killings. They act is if caring about the fact that the United States has by far and away the highest use of deadly force against civilians in the western world takes away from caring about police officers killed in the line of duty. As if the average person just has a limited amount of sympathy to expend, and caring about this subject somehow means that they don't care about police officers.
  6. Caring about the United States being the country with by far with the highest rate of lethal force used by police on civilians != not caring about police officers dying
  7. *Proceeds to mock Houston to us once, and Murray to us in the 4th round in 4 out of the 5 mocks he does take him*
  8. If they were number 1 and 2 on your big board, you would've taken them in the 1st and 2nd rounds of every mock.
  9. The 6 mock drafts you posted from that year doesn't reflect your assertions. Houston is listed only once, in the initial mock in the 1st. DeMarco Murray is listed above where he was picked only once. Your bullshitting is laughable.
  10. With him and Blalock gone, not a single lineman remains from our 2008 season.
  11. Lolwut? Outside of 2012, Baker was consistently the weakest line or close to it on our line.
  12. There is, and it happens often actually. Of course, those teams typically don't do well. See the Jets with Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum.
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