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  1. Can we have a new board, the Salty Spitoon for SpongeDad, and Anything But On Topic. You could just rename this board if you like.
  2. You should delete your account if all you're going to do is cry every time I post. I thought you were ex-military. Toughen the **** up.
  3. I'd blame our public school system, but I am absolutely certain this one is a drop-out.
  4. I'd blame our public school system, but I am absolutely certain this one is a drop-out.
  5. No one needs to learn to overlook you. All of your posts scream, "Look at me and all my extra chromosomes!"
  6. What the he'll did you want from a Twitter response? More emoticons, a link to an essay he wrote on the matter, or how about he posts a video of himself crying his eyes out?
  7. * Demands politicians denounce attacks * * Politician denounces attacks * * They didn't denounce it hard enough *
  8. 1. I'm saying that a fence is just a mild band-aid that is grossly expensive without really fixing the core issues. 2. I firmly believe that if someone wants to come here and contribute, we should give them that opportunity. Most of us wouldn't be here today if we held the same attitude when we were bringing in Chinese, Irish, Jewish, etc. immigrants. 3. Emotional arguments aren't for dictating policy. The fact is that crime is at a 30 year low, and immigrants, illegal or not, is a lower than average crime demographic. 4. My position with dealing with terrorism is much like my
  9. 1. The fence doesn't stop them from going over right there. It isn't much of a deterrent. If people can sneak across the N-S Korean DMZ, which has happened numerous times, we're not going to be blocking them from coming across something over 10 times the length. 2. Start addressing the issues we're creating would be a good start. The war on drugs has fueled the cartels for thirty years, and our pathway to legal immigration here is ridiculous. 3. I don't believe we have a big crime problem, and I'm not putting any special note on victims of crime either way. 4. Name the last terr
  10. No more of a threat than how terrorists have always come here legally or were grown natively and did there damage. Your argument could be used to support going into complete isolation like 19th century Japan.
  11. 1. You're not going to convince me that a wall is going to solve the issue. The walls we've already put up haven't helped, and have caused numerous problems as it is, without really fixing anything. It costs tons of money, destroys and damages people's property, is ineffective, and doesn't really fix the issue. 3. You can't work on a problem until you understand the root issue. 5. Illegal immigrants are no more likely to commit crimes than regular citizens, and in fact, commit less crime on average. This includes illegals from central America. 6. The drugs and crime related to t
  12. Snake. Throwing money blindly at an ineffective wall isn't doing anything for border security. No one is for disregarding border security, but better solutions to illegal immigration need to be thought of than just building a big wall and pointing a bunch of guns at the border. We need to start asking why. How many are coming in? Why are people coming in? Why are they choosing to do it illegally? Just because they do it illegally, are they a threat? How much of one? The current proposed options act as if all illegals are an immediate and major threat that nee
  13. Well then if you want to ban all immigrants from entering this country, because you believe letting a single one is a realistic threat to your safety, how about actually quantifying the threat and justifying why we should sacrifice our values before doing it.
  14. Focus people. My greater point is that simply demanding action, even at the expense of principles and law, because you feel an unqualified and possibly unjustified threat to your safety, is a senseless road to go down. What's next? Are we going to start violating international and evem our own laws by torturing people whenever we feel threatened...? Oh wait. Maybe we should start assassinating Americans with no due process whenever we feel threatened by them...? Oh wait. Where does this end? Do we start blindly throwing billions of dollars at an ineffective and poorly thought out plan to build
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