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  1. I agree it would be nice. But what you said is that you would think that millionaires would be smart enough and, if anything, Elliott has shown that he doesnt much care about being a role model or making smart decisions Would be nice if that werent the case, but it is what it is.
  2. Why would you say that? Also it isnt like this is the first time Elliott has displayed a serious lack of good judgement
  3. Yeah they now believe that a vitamin d deficiency is the cause of the cytokine storm...that basically vitamin d acts to keep our immune system in check so that it doesnt damage our bodies Glad you got thru it too. I seem to be mostly over it....no more symptoms other than fatigue and a fever that shoots up and goes away within a half hour. It's an odd experience....exhausting
  4. There has got to be something genetic involved The sad part is that had we done a strict 2 or 3 week shutdown we could have stopped this Additionally if our society wasnt so narcissistic and driven towards instant gratification we could keep this in check with masks and social distancing I know some are having fun playing politics blaming one side or the other, but the irresponsibility in this crosses race and political affiliation. It's a sad commentary on our society that we lack basic common sense or respect for others If my house is on fire, I dont need my president, governor, or mayor to tell me to evacuate. Unlike crisises in the past, the vast majority of people in this country have access to unlimited information instantly and still we have people who wont do social distancing or wear masks. That sickness in our society didnt start when Trump was elected
  5. Well the school is closed and I really am physically unable to work full time or consistently...still need another spine surgery and obviously dont know how I will be after that So at the moment things are pretty uncertain
  6. https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/schools/ashwagandha-takes-lead-in-iit-delhi-study-to-be-covid-19-warrior-92436
  7. Yeah because I had Guillain-Barre' Plus the pandemic shut down my business so 2020 can go **** itself But other than all that life is great! Lol
  8. Thanks. I am just grateful that my wife didnt have any symptoms
  9. Part of what makes this so dangerous is that you can be doing better and just take a bad turn quick. They have had people go over 3 days with no fever or symptoms who went downhill
  10. I got diagnosed with it on Monday. More than likely got it from my wife who was forced to go back to her retail commission sales job before the state even started phase 1 She has it as well but is asymptomatic. I ran over 102 fever for a couple days and death would have felt like a mercy. Been making sure to get zinc, vitamin c, vitamin d, and ashwagandha. Feeling better for the most part...only symptoms left are reduced smell and taste, bad fatigue, and low grade fever off and on
  11. Jesus it amazes me how people still pick one party over the other How ****** up is it that these two men are the main choices to lead this country? The same thing was said by a lot of people at the last election and it's obvious that we didnt learn a ****ed thing We have the government we deserve
  12. really? 2016 had Michael Thomas, Sheldon Rankins, Von Bell, and David Onyemata. Thats a very good draft 2017 was a fantastic draft with Lattimore, Ramzyk, Williams, Kamara, Anzalone, and Hendrickson 2018 was a lot of high risk simply because there wasn't spots available after the previous two drafts went so well. Davenport has been good but can't stay healthy. Trequan Smith has definitely been a disappointment so far 2019 too soon to see but Eric McCoy was one of the highest rated centers in the NFL as a rookie, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson saw a lot of playing time at slot CB and played very well as a rookie. Hampton made the team as a backup and LB Kaden Elliss was seeing playing time as a rookie until a season ending injury in week 3 what more could you realistically ask for in a 4 year span? show me 5 teams that did better in that 4 year span
  13. Hope you all are doing well at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse Stay safe bros
  14. it was better than I expected but I called both twists. got me a nasty pinch from my wife
  15. Been better but oh well, right? Amazingly enough it seems to mostly be the same threads in here
  16. Unfortunately I am to that point with pain meds
  17. did you really need to add the second statement? I just kinda thought that was your default setting
  18. I like the 46, but not so big on regular Makers Mark
  19. You see The Gentlemen yet? freakin loved it. never would have imagined Hugh Grant like that
  20. Kinda thought the ending was a bit forecasted but overall really liked the movie
  21. Off the top of my head, Four Roses Single Barrel, Knob Creek Cask Strength, and Angels Envy are my go to bourbons edit: Bookers is really good too. Got a bottle signed by Fred Noe
  22. Glad to see some of you still have spirit for this game. God knows I have been through bad seasons with the Saints but I still wanted those rivalry wins. They are like an oasis in the middle of a desert I dont ever expect easy from our rivalry
  23. Quinn was just lucky in Seattle. he had an insane amount of talent so the credit should go to the front office the Falcons don't have that level of talent....**** no team today does and Quinn refuses to change his scheme to fit the players he has
  24. yeah but you really need to add the caveat that this regime was not very good on draft evaluation until they got Jeff Ireland. It is to the point that if it came down between Ireland and Loomis, I am keeping Ireland.
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