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  1. And you aint heard that song till you hear a woman with a salvadorean accent sing it.
  2. Considering i thought we were gonna tank after boogie went down, i'm happy no matter what else happens
  3. is this like when you crash somebody's wedding?
  4. yeah quibbling about the time stamp is really just trying to ignore what happened
  5. ****.....when was the last time there was only one sweep in the first round (and it be an upset)
  6. it would be possible to call the police within two minutes but only if the manager saw them come in and had actually called the police before any interaction occurred.
  7. putting the name Gonzales by the 88 cancels out the negative and makes it something epic tell him to wear that jersey with pride
  8. That is ****** up
  9. apparently the Washington Nationals?
  10. guess I will just have to resort to a firing squad when I kill wasps around my house. the guillotine just ain't gonna get it done
  11. oh the irony https://www.yahoo.com/news/california-city-sued-over-move-opt-sanctuary-law-182922265.html Residents sued the tiny Southern California city of Los Alamitos on Wednesday to challenge a vote by elected officials to exempt the community from a state law that limits police collaboration with U.S. immigration authorities. The American Civil Liberties Union and other immigrant rights advocates said the lawsuit was filed in Superior Court in Orange County. It contends the city of 12,000 people cannot choose which state laws to follow and which laws to ignore
  12. Jamarcus Russell says hello