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  1. yeah....Stobby could take either one of them
  2. that was my point...I agree with you
  3. I just find it telling that a lot of the same people who have a problem with what is going on with Kap were ok with the guy from google getting fired
  4. I don't really keep up with this thread so apologies if already posted. Thank you Chelsea Clinton for showing some class and drawing a line https://www.yahoo.com/style/chelsea-clinton-defends-barron-trump-150500329.html
  5. I can only speak for myself, but I have no problem with Kap protesting in a peaceful manner. Completely support his right to do it What I do have a problem with is him doing it while 'on the clock' with his employer. I would fire any of my employees who chose to do a political protest while I was paying them without seeking my approval first
  6. who was it who claimed he could kill a cheetah with his bare hands?
  7. $50 says that CM gets so frustrated by FM dancing and not engaging that he loses it and goes Cobra Kai on his azz
  8. And the odds are it will be just the opposite I'm the next day
  9. that's good advice but I was more thinking about my stereo. Got a pair of old school Infinity Kappa 8 speakers that I won't give up along with surround speakers and a SVS PC-12 sub
  10. when we build our house I am planning on prewiring but that means you pretty much have to keep the living room in the same configuration all the time not gonna give up my system tho
  11. yeah you can forget that. several posters in here basically applaud when those they disagree with aren't allowed to hold demonstrations