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  1. I don't answer to all the Fredos on this board
  2. Just got home. They revised the expectations and the river is now expected to crest just below flooding
  3. Had to bail...river near my home is supposed to crest higher than it did in 2016 which was the record by far See you later alligator, dont forget to write
  4. maybe I am taking too much medication
  5. I didn't even know it was out
  6. Hope the second season is as good
  7. I dont drink much anymore. Not a good idea mixing alcohol and 15mg percs
  8. **** i would have to dig that up. That was one of the few times where LMAO was literal
  9. Zion Williams with AD or Zion Williams with RJ Barrett, some good role players, and future extra first rounders future looking good broski
  10. GoT should have had a Dallas dream ending. Tyrion wakes up with a hangover next to a prostitute before going north in season 1. The whining from social media would have made it completely worth it
  11. Watching a re-run of Married With Children and it is amazing how prophetic the show was This episode stars Roy Jones Jr and when he meets Marci, he asks her if she is Bruce Jenner
  12. Yeah I dont even get it. Didnt he fly down there before a playoff game and fly directly to the game? Why not fly to Las Vegas and do it legal with a better looking woman. Dude has his own plane
  13. There is no happy ending there