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  1. mods can we change the name of this thread to "The Dark Side of Meeting Putin"? K Thx
  2. think we can all agree with that
  3. in all honesty I am not sure. there are so many variables at play. We haven't even gotten into whether it is all types of crime or certain types of crime that have fallen
  4. OK...gotta call this one out. In any gun control argument, if a liberal brought up the police you would be saying that police don't prevent robberies or murder in order to support gun ownership. Furthermore, you can't point the finger at a group of people as being the reason there is so much crime and not give them credit when it improves (at least not logically and reasonably)
  5. don't forget the DNC for actively working to prevent Bernie from winning the Democratic primary and helping Trump win the Republican primary
  6. I'm sorry that you had to deal with that. That seems so much worse than sexual harassment
  7. I don't have any concerns for Trump's ethics because I don't think he has any
  8. doesn't necessarily work that way when a union is involved. the NFL left the wording about the player conduct regarding the flag and SSB vague on purpose and now it is biting them on the azz. There really is nothing the NFL can do about the kneeling....if I remember correctly the only thing they could have punished was not coming out the locker room for it
  9. good God...our politicians murder, rape, and pillage all over the world and this is what shocks us?
  10. everything took a back seat to that recording **** even in here that recording is talked about more than actual allegations
  11. condemning a man for his crime shouldn't be predicated on his position in society or if somebody else got away with it and perhaps if idiots in the media had actually gone after real accusations of sexual misconduct with Trump instead of being lazy and relying on a recorded private conversation that wouldn't pass muster in a court of law on its own, more would have happened regardless, my level of disgust with someone is based on their words and actions, not their place in society edit: or their party affiliation
  12. seems like you have different standards on what constitutes evidence course on the other hand, there are several posters in here who were ready to lynch Trump over that recording and aren't showing the same vitriol for Weinstein
  13. Since it is ABF i cant say what the best two things i saw today are