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  1. Hope you all are doing well at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse Stay safe bros
  2. Dead...just ******* dead
  3. it was better than I expected but I called both twists. got me a nasty pinch from my wife
  4. Been better but oh well, right? Amazingly enough it seems to mostly be the same threads in here
  5. Unfortunately I am to that point with pain meds
  6. did you really need to add the second statement? I just kinda thought that was your default setting
  7. I like the 46, but not so big on regular Makers Mark
  8. You see The Gentlemen yet? freakin loved it. never would have imagined Hugh Grant like that
  9. Kinda thought the ending was a bit forecasted but overall really liked the movie
  10. Off the top of my head, Four Roses Single Barrel, Knob Creek Cask Strength, and Angels Envy are my go to bourbons edit: Bookers is really good too. Got a bottle signed by Fred Noe
  11. Glad to see some of you still have spirit for this game. God knows I have been through bad seasons with the Saints but I still wanted those rivalry wins. They are like an oasis in the middle of a desert I dont ever expect easy from our rivalry
  12. Quinn was just lucky in Seattle. he had an insane amount of talent so the credit should go to the front office the Falcons don't have that level of talent....**** no team today does and Quinn refuses to change his scheme to fit the players he has
  13. yeah but you really need to add the caveat that this regime was not very good on draft evaluation until they got Jeff Ireland. It is to the point that if it came down between Ireland and Loomis, I am keeping Ireland.
  14. Saints fan here I thought AB hired TD and it is TD making the decisions. Is that not so? I respect AB. Always a class act and I always had the impression that he really cares about the team.