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  1. Yeah this is looking a lot less like an accident
  2. wouldnt you hide your face if you were his wife?
  3. there should be no talk of a hot seat name one coach other than Saban who can say they are 9-1 in the last 10 regular season games (since the Troy debacle), 4-1 against ranked teams, and 3-1 against top 10 teams the man has earned some leeway at this point. he is also not allowing players to get away with a bunch of bs like other coaches of major programs
  4. the one who plead guilty is testifying against the other 3 from what I understand. additionally there are charges for lying to the FBI and impeding a federal investigation.
  5. how about just keeping to what the thread is supposed to be
  6. yeah it's pretty sad when the best thing you can say is 'at least they are being charged' and the guilty plea pretty much means there is no way the other three get off
  7. Life in prison is too good for this guy https://www.theadvocate.com/new_orleans/news/courts/article_3fa8299e-bb91-11e8-87d8-77524c562733.html
  8. that was fantastic lmao I really didn't think that LSU would win but I am ****ed proud of this team. I don't have any illusions about winning at Georgia or Bama unless the planets align just right and the Jewish Messiah is born, but give credit to Coach O and this team maybe this will get a couple on the fence recruits or even a couple of commits to other teams to reconsider
  9. Wait i thought it was another book we were talking about
  10. 99% of the people who think the players are disrespecting the flag are ok with the flag being unfurled horizontally to the ground at the games
  11. **** I don't care if they found 10 pounds of weed. don't mean that you can just bust in and shoot the guy
  12. thats a good point
  13. that was the tick....still waiting on the tock
  14. Now that is living dangerously