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  1. Happy Veterans Day. Thanks for your service
  2. let this guy be the practice dummy at a self defense class for women
  3. OK....I am just confused. does this thread mean it is finally starting?
  4. at some point we will have to have some sort of socialism....anything else just won't be possible
  5. that was funny as ****
  6. spoken like someone who actually knows at least a little about business
  7. I see. And once again you are privy to the amount he has invested and all business decisions made? Because the only way you could definitely state that without making biased assumptions is if you were
  8. ahhh I see now. the reason you said this was that you have known since last night that the business was already losing money
  9. all that point is saying that there is a possibility that the business wasn't run well. did he run it directly or was there a general manager of some sort? perhaps he received market analysis that indicated that a paywall wasn't the way to go at this time? many online sites are free for a long time before moving to a paywall (Washington Post and Photobucket are two examples). those are two other variables that you don't know and are making assumptions about in order to support your narrative plus you are conveniently ignoring that you already made this statement you didn't even know that the business was losing money. now you are just playing CYA
  10. ignoring the fact that the business was already losing money and deciding that has no part in his decision is tho care to try again?
  11. The only one in here making a definitive statement, playing mind reader, and ignoring facts is you so you can stop with the "I know you are but what am I" tactic. Try something a little less juvenile
  12. this just goes to show your bias. every report I read says that the business was already losing money so he is getting rid of a drain on his finances, not creating one just to flip the bird at organized labor as you contend so unless you can show otherwise, just admit that your statement is empty rhetoric and not grounded in facts. I have already admitted that I haven't seen his actual P&L Statements so the articles I have seen could be incorrect or lies.