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  1. so money isn't everything yet he is begging for money on gofundme
  2. Is current day red lining actually racist? just bear with me for a second.... first, regardless of if it is racist or not it is still illegal and therefore wrong second, I think the statistical evidence in the article clearly shows that modern red lining is occuring but does that mean that it is racist which would denote intent based on race? pretend for a moment that red lining was not illegal and as a lender the only three pieces of information I had to work with was 1) credit score 2) assets and 3) the location of the home purchase. If the home purchase was occurring in a neighborhood where foreclosures were higher than the norm, I could see having a policy where a higher credit score or more assets were required because there would seem to be a higher risk factor in that area regardless of reason on the other hand, the lending industry could avoid this scrutiny if they went public with their criteria and calculations. it would seem logical to have a single standard for credit scores and a requirement for lenders to publish their decision criteria to where someone could figure out if they are likely to be approved without submitting an application which also makes one wonder why neither political party (specifically the Democrats since the general consensus in here seems to be that Republicans are racist and only care about big business) has not made a major push for legislation that does that. instead of a law that makes it illegal for lenders to be racist, just make a law that pulls the veil off the industry. you wouldn't even need to legislate a single standard for credit scores if that were done
  3. @SpongeDad sorry to be so late but I am just getting around to seeing this thread. like Larry, I don't know the nature of what happened but condolences to you and yours
  4. until CocaCola, Pepsi, Nestle, Fuji, and Ozarka get together and buy the patent and shelve it
  5. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/graphene-film-makes-dirty-water-120100709.html Every year, millions of people around the world die from drinking unclean water. Now, researchers have developed a process that can purify water, no matter how dirty it is, in a single step. Scientists from Australian research organization CSIRO have created a filtration technique using a graphene film with microscopic nano-channels that lets water pass through, but stops pollutants. The process, called "Graphair", is so effective that water samples from Sydney Harbor were safe to drink after being treated. And while the film hails from graphene, Graphair is comparatively cheaper, faster and more environmentally-friendly to make, as its primary component is renewable soybean oil, which also helps maximise the efficiency of the purifying technique's filter counterpart. Over time, oil-based pollutants can impede water filters, so contaminants have to be removed before filtering can even begin, but using Graphair removes these pollutants faster than any other method. Water purification usually involves a complex process of several steps, so this breakthrough could have a significant impact on the some 2.1 billion people who don't have clean, safe drinking water. "All that's needed is heat, our graphene, a membrane filter and a small water pump. We're hoping to commence field trials in a developing world community next year," said lead author Dr Dong Han Seo, who added that the team is looking for industry partners to help scale up the technology, and is also working on other applications for Graphair, such as seawater and industrial effluents.
  6. yes because that is the only alternative P.S. I didn't use purple to indicate my sarcasm. However, I don't want you to be under the impression that I didn't bother with the purple because I give you credit for having enough intelligence to figure it out on your own. I didn't do it because I think it is stupid. What I will do to help you out is add an eye roll emoticon at the end of my post.
  7. so the answer is not to expect people to have a decent level of common sense or respect for the sanctity of life and continue to allow the government to do our thinking for us
  8. **** you and your preemptive strike
  9. are we really bringing team allegiance into this? cause I am doing my best to be nice right now
  10. well in your case... I kid, I kid
  11. I thought about tuning in but didn't want to know how HMFIC's story ends....too many spoilers
  12. going senile must be a *****. you have my sympathies as does your family