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  1. Latins smuggle a lot in....I'll give you the hookup
  2. taking that cruise showed me a few things 1) Americans don't know what poor is. Talk to some of the employees on a cruise ship and you will find out what poor is 2) Americans don't have any work ethic. The people on that ship come from chit backgrounds, are poor, are on 9 month contracts working morning to night, and still work hard and are as nice as can be. Americans aren't willing to put in that kind of work
  3. I completely agree that most of our problems come from the selfish and entitled attitude most Americans have. When are we going to learn you can't simply govern that away it's a problem when people are not longer being given a choice on whether to pay for the services. you really can't see how that changes things?
  4. hope you enjoy
  5. **** you all with this depressing **** leaving on vacation tomorrow.
  6. anybody else reminded of this?
  7. ahhh ok actually its from a horse team harness. the cane is padauk. if I was gonna be on a cane it sure as **** wasn't coming from Walgreens
  8. w.t.f.
  9. I have no idea what you mean but laughed anyway
  10. things are going great I haven't used the cane since my first acupuncture appointment. Used to go home and pass out every day between having no energy and being in pain. First week after I started, I was in the gym three times. I went from needing a cane 3 or 4 weeks ago to being able to squat 230 pounds this past Sunday
  11. that was back in 2002 lol I had a neck fusion after a head on collision and was walking with a cane and bought my grandfathers Riviera. That car was awesome Back in March of last year I got plowed by a F150 and had another neck surgery. Was on a cane until about 3 or 4 weeks ago when I started getting acupuncture
  12. my cane and white fedora would have been perfect for Cuba
  13. the marriage, the honeymoon, or the trip to Cuba?