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  1. Thats probably because that is the band Weezer, not Weird Al
  2. Smh dude needs a beatdown
  3. now you are playing semantics to avoid having to criticize him as well the fact is that he agreed with me and agreed that it is ultimately our responsibility that there is no viable third option. and obviously there is no way I can guarantee that any attempt to change things won't backfire any more than you can guarantee that your socialist utopia wouldn't end up being a fascist regime and if you want to believe in the idea of benevolent dictators, that is on you. But don't act like you don't look down your nose at people when you post in here because you most definitely do
  4. actually he agreed with me that the lack of a third party is ultimately our fault but nice try. but if these people can't do it because of their situation, what is your excuse for enforcing the status quo on them?
  5. and a lot of people in the middle were worried about the precedents being set for future presidents to abuse their power
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/441333919315986/permalink/1441032309346137/ looks like that was fake
  7. form a third party? the telling thing here is JayOzOne agreed with me that Democrats openly screw minorities (black women, specifically) and he bemoaned the lack of a viable third party and yet you aren't here asking him why he doesn't kiss Democrat *** for not being satisfied with their table scraps
  8. Lmao like you arent the most condescending piece of **** in here But by all means keep voting for the status quo and playing message board warrior. Sleep better knowing that you advanced the cause of righteousness from behind your mask of anonymity hiding behind your keyboard. Maybe while you are at it you can ask for thumbs up on your facebook page because you are really making a difference
  9. But ultimately it is we the people who are to be blamed for not having a viable third option
  10. Wonder if they are going to cover that whole bra incident
  11. Lmao i'm sorry i thought you knew I wasnt a republican. I mean...was it really necessary for me to point out that they are a bunch of rich *** hats who dont give a **** about us? Do I also need to say water is wet?
  12. By the same token I cant understand why minorities and the poor support democrats. How can someone believe that a bunch of wealthy politicians who do everything they can to separate themselves from their targeted constituents and who dont voluntarily practices what they preach gives a **** about the poor and minorities? Most people are sheep for one side or the other.
  13. no man....I have no trouble with transparency and accountability for the police I just worry that the type of people that our society is producing that actually want the positions of authority are never going to do much to make themselves accountable
  14. dunno how anybody could disagree with that funny thing is that I have heard neo-cons say 'if you have nothing to hide, you don't have to worry' when it comes to ideas or legislation that is invasive. well doesn't the same apply to being transparent with law enforcement? we aren't exactly talking about the CIA here