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  1. Julio played all of 10 plays, so I'd call Lattimore being out a wash at best. Front 4 was good, but the secondary play was more impressive causing Ryan to hold the ball. Frankly that just came down to absolutely awful coaching by Atlanta trying to push the ball with no short outlets or route schemes to speak of whatsoever. In the grand scheme of things it's actually quite pathetic to only put up 24 points with the defense is controlling the game so much.
  2. Imagine receivers getting no separation and then not being able to make a contested catch.
  3. At least we know the real reason you're a hater. First to cry when someone is breaking the law though I bet.
  4. There is literally no where to go with the ball. The receivers can't get an inch of separate, let alone a step.
  5. Its called momentum, take a basic physics class. Same reason guys can "throw" a 300 pound man through the air. There's a clear pull on the jersey, it literally separates from the body as he goes by. Was poorly played but that didn't help.
  6. Was OPI Sanders grabbed the jersey and threw him past. And probably thought it'd be a good throw, not a punt.
  7. If Mahomes did that people would crap their pants for 5 days talking about it.
  8. The Titans. Takk had more sacks on the first play of the season than Clowney and Beasley have combined during the entire year.
  9. It actually doesn't make me nervous at all, I know I'm good at my job and that my boss (and his boss and his boss's boss would all have my back). Plus its quite assumption that he only comes down to watch for mistakes. What if he is there to encourage? How do you feel when your boss supports you?
  10. If players / coaches notice someone standing off to the side they weren't that into the game to begin with. Not to mention he's still in the stadium regardless and as an elite athlete / competitor if this bothers you then you're mentally weak.
  11. People make such a big deal out of this. Been doing it forever. Its called OWNERSHIP of your product.
  12. This team is a competent coaching staff and a player or 2 away from being a playoff team. Not championship worthy but not this pathetic.
  13. Neal isn't fully there but he's looking good, need a legit FS.
  14. I thought it looked right on front the side view but had the same initial reaction.
  15. Luckily the draft is Thursday through Saturday so no one has to worry about you messing it up on Sunday.
  16. You're blatantly missing the point. While I agree the correct decision is to take a knee and kick the field goal it doesn't excuse Gurley. You gave all these examples of athletes not being able to not "go for the win" and I literally gave you 11 reasons on one play why that is a farce. Many people have laid down to seal game, it is what you ask players who you trust to carry the rock to do in that situation because it is to secure a WIN. None of your other examples make sense unless there is a specific reason to do so, you know kinda like hitting a sacrifice fly in baseball, you are literally
  17. I mean the other coach literally told 11 players not to play D or tackle him and they all managed not to do so and to give their offense a chance to win the game. So now what is your excuse?
  18. The Ravens acquired Ngamoue for a 3rd and conditional 5th, meaning they are likely out as an option and anything more than a 5th for Takk would be overpaying substantially.
  19. Nope, you were overblowing. Oh and without that ref assisted TD, Falcons likely win so there is that too.
  20. You acted like it was a blowout LMAO. Falcons gonna Falcon but it wasn't doomsday like you were trying to insinuate them getting blown out by 35.
  21. Keep ignoring the bad plays for your guy and calling out single bad plays in other spots 👌,. College stats haven't paid off for all the other mediocre OSU QBs that get by on surrounding talent and scheme.
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