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  1. Ball was so underthrown, should have been an easy INT if AJ actually turns his head.
  2. Definitely getting better. It's a learning process, but to actually see improvement and mistakes being fixed on a week to week basis is something I can't recall with a Falcons team in a long time.
  3. I'm not disagreeing it'd be nice to see the big weapons used more, especially in the red zone. That said the 8 catches is slightly misleading since they were targeted 13 times which means ~62% of the pass game ran through Ridley, Pitts, and Hurst (76% if you throw in Patterson). The timing and usage of Davis in a stale predictable way on the last couple drives was the big issue.
  4. Yep...Iowa has had 3 different receivers make way more difficult over the shoulder catches in the last couple weeks and none of those receivers will sniff the NFL. If he's going to be be WR1 that has to be made routinely.
  5. It's been a Washington crowd the whole day in a half empty dome.
  6. Not arguing he has great arm strength, but it's quite common for QBs to put a little more under it to guarantee a catch when when receiver has 20 yards of separation.
  7. Take the weapons off the field in the red zone every game until 3rd down. Why give yourself only 1 legit chance instead of 3 to punch it in.
  8. Sure with an extra blocker in and no one getting separation. Granted ideally the ball would get thrown away instead losing yardage. Don't see much creativity in scheming players open.
  9. People don't seem to understand the difference between letting a free rusher through and the entire pocket collapsing simultaneously around you. There have been good moments today, but that last drive the entire o-line was in his lap.
  10. If this team shows fight and week to week improvement that is enough for me this year considering the severe deficiency in talent.
  11. Route technicians need more than 1.5 seconds to run a route too sadly.
  12. At this point he is a charity for even receiving a check
  13. More like a "home game", heard more bark from Eagles fans. The city is as pathetic as the team.
  14. True, although they've gotten through on a few blitzes, just not breaking down and making the tackle or containing.
  15. The next set of companies will do the the thing. I don't think people realize the cable companies don't own the content, they pay (often hefty) fees to the networks in order to be able to deliver the content. Pretty soon people will be paying more for less since the networks will actually charge a larger markup than if their content was packaged with other content.
  16. Probably should have thought about that before always needing more money if he really just wanted to win.
  17. Not exactly the same position most likely, but with Daviyon Nixon on the board not a fan. I think the Panthers got a steal there.
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