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  1. This isn't even remotely similar to the situation Pittsburgh created. Coleman is getting at MOST a mid level contract (which he shouldn't) or he'll be gone. He isn't a workhorse every down top 3 RB who is great in both the pass and run game like Bell. Nor has Pittsburgh paid one running back and are in the situation to of looking to pay another.
  2. Sark only stays with the run when we are down 20+
  3. Sadly refs weren’t going to throw a flag UNTIL Debo made his move. Ref was just watching the packers charge, hand only went to the flag when Debo jumped.
  4. Exactly, they’re both small dudes.
  5. If you’re saying little Cobb outweighs Trufant by a couple pounds...
  6. Oliver officially has more pass breakups than Alford this season now.
  7. That’s a completely different question but there is still a scenario that proves that having a higher pick is better. Let’s just assume #5 and #13 picks in the draft have the same impact for the sake of simplicity. Trading down from 5 to 13 still nets you a high payday so the pick itself still has much higher value.
  8. You actually didn’t even manage to answer your own question properly, the question was are the FALCONS best players higher draft picks? No where did it say was the best player available drafted and you then went on to mention players on other teams that have been drafted later. The simple answer is in most cases yes, the higher picks have been consistently better. Ryan, Julio, Matthews were all high picks and top10 players on the team. Neal has been good, Trufant at one point was a quality player minus his hands. There are always exceptions obviously Jarrett has been great, but if you go through the team by where they were drafted I think it’ll be pretty obvious the higher round picks are generally better players. Is that to say someone picks at #10 won’t end up being better than someone picked #5? No, but the higher pick still gives more options and from a wide spectrum higher picks typically outperform lower picks.
  9. Loved him coming into the season and figured there was no chance Falcons would have a shot at him. He is an absolute freak talent, but the production hasn't matched the talent. Think it'll come down to desire for him, does he WANT to be great and will he put in the work?
  10. No one cares about catches? Tell that to the eagles offense who literally runs through Ertz high number of catches or KC / San Fran where it’s a staple of their offense. I’m well aware of his YPC numbers being poor, hence why I mentioned how he is being used this season. AB is #54 in YPC and Michael Thomas is #59, but you won’t anyone saying there are having poor seasons. He is literally being used as a dump off / safety valve versus quick pressures. Watch the catches he has, half the time Ryan is falling back while getting hit and just throwing it in Hoopers general direction so he is having to dig the ball out of the dirt or not catching in stride able to run. He does have the talent to stretch the seam and became fairly surehanded is the point as can be seen by him having to adjust to hurried and off target throws.
  11. Not saying Hooper would be in the pro bowl conversation, but it is convenient that you just happened to leave out he is 4th in catches. He needs more explosive plays to be a a high end tightend, but think that is just as much scheme this season as anything. He's the safety value for an easy 5 yards when the o-line inevitably gives up a pressure in a second and a half. That said he is not nearly the athlete as some of the other top guys at the position.
  12. Offensive tackle will be one of the most interesting positions to watch this draft. There may not be the classic top-10 game changing OT in this class, but there are a LOT of prospects that people like. Jonah Williams, Greg Little, Jawaan Taylor, Yodny Cajuste, Andre Dillard, Dalton Risner and a handful more guys that either could declare or are mentioned as potential mid round picks.
  13. I was over it when the Pats won the coin toss for OT. Seen enough sports let downs to know it was just the way it was going to go. Still think have the what could have been when it's brought up, but the most annoying part of it all is when other fans (especially all my Eagles fans friends) get that joy of a Super Bowl and can just talk down on the franchise.
  14. I don't think it's truly possible to quantify the best receiver because there are a lot of good ones and they all have vastly different situations and strengths. Put Julio on the Steelers with a QB who extends plays and takes a lot more chances throwing down the field and I think his stats look much different. That said for as much as AB gets doubled on "every snap", I've watched maybe 3-4 Steelers games this season and touchdowns in each of those games from AB came on pure single coverage or a single high safety not specifically assigned to AB. I won't say Julio never gets single coverage, but it seems a much more rare situation. I think the biggest factor people overlook with the TD difference is the TYPE of double coverage Julio and AB receive. AB seems to routinely get doubled with a deep safety over the top so he is still able to do damage underneath and he is really shifty route runner and after the catch. Also makes it so that when the safety is late to arrive over the top (see about 60% of ABs TDs this season) he is going for a long score. Julio gets double teams that are tight brackets and in addition a lot of times still sees some sort of safety flashing over the top. Teams do this for good reason though, Julio isn't easily tackled by one defensive back which is why you typically see multiple guys hanging on him as he goes to the ground. Meanwhile AB can make guys look silly and miss in the open field, but teams don't fear him actually physically breaking tackles in the same way Julio can. Julio's hands still have hurt him in the conversation over the past couple years, he should probably have another 200 yards and maybe a touchdown or so more this season.