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  1. It very much does. So you're saying if I sign 30 random people off the street my team now has depth?
  2. You missed the point, depth implies quality. Every team has the same number of players so adding you or random Joe as you stated isn't adding depth because every team has 53 players. Adding depth means adding people who are capable. Depth =/= number of players, depth = number of capable players You are actually proving my prove, not all depth is created equal, hence depth is not just a body but rather the quality of the body. When someone says they want to add depth they are saying they want to add a player that if the person in front of them was to go down to injury they'd be able to come in and perform the job at a reasonable level.
  3. Depth in most cases implies quality depth. Otherwise every team in the NFL has depth since every team has a 53 man roster with 95% of teams carrying a similar number of players at each position. So that's a completely false narrative on what the word depth actually means in this scenario.
  4. Ignores every valid comment that would include having a discussion, attacks posters that say this has played out a million times. Says he wants to have a "discussion", OP logic.
  5. Probably for the better since both were absolutely awful live performances.
  6. Pepsi sponsors the NFL year round, it’s ongoing so not just like coke didn’t want it.
  7. Rams WITHOUT Zuerlein in the lineup this season 5-0 Rams WITH Zuerlien in the lineup this season 8-3 Teams need a solid kicker, but the best teams find a way to win even if they have a perceived average kicker. Mostly because the best teams don't settle for field goals as much as average or bad teams. Not saying having the worse kicker in the league might not cost you a couple games, but having an overall better team is a much bigger factor in winning than if your kicker hits a 57 yarder to win ONE game that season.
  8. In what way exactly? Wentz is literally a choir boy, this rumor was shot down by all team leaders and couldn't be more false of his character outside of him maybe being very confident in his own ability to succeed.
  9. He needs to win when there are expectations on him. Foles is great when he is playing with house money and no one expects a win, but has never been great when he is the guy and pressure for success relies on him. He's a good QB just don't think he is "playoff" Foles normally when the expectations for him to perform are there.
  10. I think you're misunderstanding what I said, I agree you can't complain about a single isolated call. The Rams probably score a TD instead of field goal the drive before if a face mask is called. Just pointing out the scenario you described isn't even what was necessary to win, a field goal had a 99.9% chance of sealing only the clock would have been at 15 seconds instead of 1:45.
  11. The only flaw in this logic is the saints didn't need a TD to guarantee anything, the Rams would have had 15 seconds and no timeouts to get into field goal range. The automatic first down is what essentially would have sealed the game. That said it couldn't have happened to a more deserving fan base and there were plenty of missed calls both ways. One play doesn't make a game.
  12. Billicheck would have called a TO too if losing. You usually stay aggressive when the ball is on the 25 yard line.
  13. It’s loud as heck in there but could have sworn actual noise makers and whistles were illegal pre snap. Unless that’s someone actually whistling, but it sounds like a toy whistle not a mouth.
  14. Definitely not his best game, especially the first half. Seemed to play better in the second half and also was getting a push on a lot of pass plays. Have no idea what round his stock is currently at and not even saying I'd take him in the 3rd. Think he will be a contributor if he can be had in the 4th or 5th though.
  15. Where did you watch the Wisconsin game, I don't see it on youtube and while I watched every Iowa game this year I don't recall that game specifically for a single player. He did have 7 tackles and a sack though so if that's getting your *** kicked I guess it is what it is. Iowa players almost always come to the NFL and are solid contributors. They are extremely well coached, but Iowa doesn't play a very aggressive scheme so I think he can actually be a better player in a scheme that allows him to just get after it. He won't test like a freak, but he was constantly disruptive throughout the year. He isn't filling a true pass rushing role, although he does provide some ability there. I'd see him in more of a Brooks Reed role except he is more stout and would help bolster the run D while being athletic enough to stop plays from getting outside as well.