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  1. Originally was getting 6th round grades, but after his combine I can't imagine he will last that long. Wasn't against the highest competition but he was manhandling people in his division and the combine numbers backup the film.
  2. Big fan of Derreck Tuszka. Guy is a playmaker with maximum effort, he's going to be a steal for someone.
  3. After watching King his whole college career I wanted him so bad. Can't believe how far he fell over a 40-time. His football IQ was on display his entire career, I was pissed every round we passed on him after he fell past the 2nd (even the first in reality).
  4. I feel ya, a 30 second read isnt worth an hour prep when anticipating someone won't response haha.
  5. Pretty easy couple minute write up when you already understand instead of throwing out generalities and accusations.
  6. I wouldn't either if I was just spewing BS.
  7. What's the average length of being a toddler vs. the average length of being a human being? The length of a career vs. being an owner is completely uncorrelated. What financial risk do the players bare if the league folds? None. Money is the thing that makes the world go round. Joe Blow can go get a job at McDonald's after he's done because that is the skill set he has acquired. Owners bring massive power to the negotiating table. TV contracts are in place so that the league and players can make money, fans are a by product because they line league participants pockets even more. The players would play in front of no one and not care if they were still making millions a year. I never said the product makes money, I said the players ARE the product. All products make money in some capacity so you aren't incorrect there, but the difference is without the owners the players (product) would be worth pennies on the dollar. Owners aren't just cutting checks they are at the tables increasing league revenues. Again, why haven't the players just done it themselves if they are everything? Your arguments aren't even valid towards what I said because you aren't even comprehending what I said. I'm not saying players aren't important or the league exists without them like others have in this thread, I am saying the owners bring much more to the table for the league to even exist in the first place which is why they'll have the higher split. There wouldn't be players if the owners didn't incentivize them with millions of dollars in the first place.
  8. Explain how it isn't instead of just throwing out generics and Lols. Nope, anyone who is the creator, has the power, or brings more money to the table always takes a bigger cut. Again, explain how the players bring in the money up front. They are in the league FOR the money after the owners brought it to the table. If the players could do it themselves why not pay a former player or player representative 10% of the revenues to be commissioner and take 90% for current players? Because they don't have the ability to bring in the same revenues without the owners.
  9. Personal insults, insinuating someone is stupid, call it what you want. It means you have nothing productive to add to a conversation. I didn't say anyone said you dont need both, i just said it makes sense why the owners would take more given their risk is higher and they bring more to the table. Notice how those points always get ignored because there is no counterpoint? Then people just spout off a generic I'd like to see the owners do it without the players. well it works both ways except more lopsided if the owners decide to take their money elsewhere. It's not defending owners, but i guess I'm just not a billionaire basher since I'm happy with what I've earned for myself as I'm sure the owners are as well.
  10. Name calling shows your deep understanding of business. Read it again and try to actually comprehend, players are nobodies in the grand scheme of things when it comes to pulling billions of dollars into a deals. Why else haven't they done it themselves? You think players are working their ***** off if there is no money attached? Nope, which is why the owners are the most influential party.
  11. The owners bare more financial risk which is why they get paid more. It's pretty common sense. There is absolutely not a game without the owners, maybe the current owners but billionaires arent a dime a dozen. If the owners start putting the money they currently do in soccer instead of football, guess what all those kids who aspire to play sports to make money would start playing? Soccer, so yes the owners run the show, they just arent the show. Theres no money without the owners, theres no show without the players, but players arent putting on a show without the money which makes the owners the most important piece to even move off the ground.
  12. You're missing the point. The owners name recognition by fans means nothing whatsoever. You want to know who knows the owners by name? The other billionaires that are shelling out massive cash for TV contracts and sponsorships. Joe Nobody cant go out and make the NFL happen which is why the players haven't created their own league, because in the grand scheme of business the players are nobodies.
  13. Then why don't the players just go start their own league, get their own TV contracts, sponsors etc?....that's because they need the owners billions of dollars and POWER to even function as an entity. Players are the product and products make rich people money, not the other way around.
  14. Yep, guy is the kind of player you want on your team. Physical specimen and a high character guy as well. Looks like there was concern over arm length for him but he measured out at 34 inch arms yesterday which should be sufficient to play tackle. To your earlier point I don't think it would be difficult for him to make the transition to guard although there would be a learning curve. He'd be really athletic in there for a big fella and knows the zone scheme well.
  15. Wirfs has played tackle his whole career. Every start hes ever had including his true freshman season has been at tackle. Some team will take him top8 as a tackle with guard being a fallback plan if he flops.