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  1. Ito has looked good, but if you're being honest he had one good run vs. a 5 man box, Freeman is running versus a stacked box.
  2. Funny how context makes Saints fans change their narrative. Recently all you heard was their backup QB situation was great and they had the next all pro replacement when Brees retired, now if the Saints start losing it will be because they don't have Brees.
  3. Ugly wins build character. Still a lot to clean up but with the state of the division just need to continue to get better week after week and hit the stride down the stretch.
  4. Game is completely on the d-line now
  5. The back was cutting him as he was tackling, not easy for a small guy to bring down Wentz
  6. They did, one play changes the entire game though. It wasn't as if they were so dominant with those advantages. Not saying this year will even be any different, every bit helps though.
  7. To be fair the O-line / D-line matchups have been in the Eagles favor during both of the last 2 games we've played them and those were still less than touchdown games. I don't necessarily think Atlanta gains much of a home field advantage because Atlanta sports fans are garbage, but not having adverse crowd noise and playing on turf is a benefit however small. Small was the difference in the last 2 games even with the line disadvantages.
  8. Yep, game isnt as bad as it looks. Definitely a bit out of sync but shouldn't be 21-0 at all.
  9. Falcons have been outplayed but these refs are atrocious.
  10. This is such a silly and over simplified reality. The US women's team NOW generates more revenue than the men's team (by a whooping ~2% if I recall correctly) and this is a recent, and to this point non-sustained measure, since it took their third championship to even push them to this threshold. While I agree that the women should be paid more, they should NOT be paid more on the basis of what the men's team makes. A championship level US women's team is for the first time ever outperforming an underachieving and frankly quite awful men's team, this isn't exactly a selling point that you had to hit the very top and the other team had to hit a low for in order to finally out generate them (Congrats!?!?). The other thing people fail to even consider is this situation is much more like an investment than choosing a profitable project to keep the company afloat. The better investment is the men's team seeing as they are roughly in line on the revenue generation front while having a ton of potential upside, the women on the other hand really have nowhere to go but down. This is maximum value and means you are overpriced and will likely never produce a "higher return" than current state. On the other hand if the men's team was to improve and take home a bigger piece of the pie their value would shoot up substantially. Top that off with the fact that men's world cup (not US) revenue is 6 BILLION+ dollars higher than the women's it's an obvious reason. One beer commercial for the men's world cup will generate more revenue than the entire women's world cup, which is exactly why potential is being bought, not success.
  11. Regardless of ones opinion there is absolutely no EASILY in either case. Both are great backs with very similar production, although Kamara has the major benefit of staying a bit more fresh and playing on a much better offense.