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  1. Probably should have thought about that before always needing more money if he really just wanted to win.
  2. Not exactly the same position most likely, but with Daviyon Nixon on the board not a fan. I think the Panthers got a steal there.
  3. Assuming there aren't more international games. At the least they should have re-arranged the years, but it seems like a very shortsighted decision overall.
  4. I don't like the decision, but I'm guessing it came down to not wanting to delay a team getting 9 real home games in a season for 3 years. Since it's entire conferences hosting the extra home game, if the Jags for example were the home team it'd be 3 seasons until their fan base got to experience the new 9 game home schedule. Competitively not a good look this season, but that seems logical on how the final decision was made (even thought it sucks for Falcons fans and is a poor decision imo).
  5. Agreed, which is why trading up to #5 is such an odd spot to consider before a pick has even been made in the draft. Pretty good possibility the top 4 picks are QBs I'd venture (assuming Falcons are at least willing to trade if they don't take a QB themselves.
  6. If anything this only proves exactly what I said. If they were willing to go to only 4 then they must like 4 QBs otherwise it'd be foolish since the first three are likely to go before pick 4. Pick 5 could have left them with their **** in their hand had the top4 picks been QBs, which is a complete possibility even still.
  7. Doesn't rule out the distinct possibility one of the other QB needy team trades in front if they went to 5. Especially since they "know" little about how the draft settles out at the end of the day, first 2 picks aside.
  8. If #5 was in play it almost makes you wonder if more than QB is in play.
  9. I'm not agreeing, but if they think a coach can't develop a QB that's an opinion.
  10. You actually moved the topic when you asked who who Falcons OCs developed which had 0 to do with the conversation, but whatever. Pot, kettle, etc.
  11. Not really. If they are okay with the top 3 QBs the #3 pick guarantees that. If SF trades to #4 another QB needy team sees the trade and then jumps to #3. Unless they are okay with all 4 QBs #4 pick doesn't work.
  12. Apparently Matt Ryan isn't the only one to lock in on his #1 receiver at times when needing a big play.
  13. I'm not so sure on the development front, Lance will be way ahead mentality since he had by far the most responsibility and exposure to NFL type QB demand (mentally). Meanwhile you have Fields on the opposite end of the spectrum looking to the sideline on every play for the adjustments from the staff identifying everything for him and calling the play. Lance has the biggest competition jump by far, but since he will be ahead mentally it should help in creating more of a transition from a physical/game speed standpoint and he'll be able to "play faster". From a competition standpoint definitely
  14. I'm actually neutral on him. He has a great skill set, but is green. Has the potential to be the best in the class, but is raw and could easily flame out or take too long to develop. There are many concerns with him, especially at #4. I'm just not a fan of pulling random "facts" out to make an argument against someone. NDSU isn't the cupcake level school Alabama schedules games against each year for free bye weeks during the season right before all their big games.
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