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  1. Its sad that you wait around all day for these moments
  2. Bears chasing points early is the only thing the Falcons have going.
  3. Bears should have kicked a field goal with 11 minutes left. They would have won for sure.
  4. Thats literally exactly what I said. You can't do that as a professional. The fact that professionals are doing what I did as a fan is a problem. Although it was a very unique kick, this was the ball game.
  5. If someone jumped on it before 10 yards and messed it up we'd be having the same conversation. There should have been a much closer eye on the ball, but I will say it looked like it had a 1% chance to make it to 10 yards for about 75% if the travel path then the spin changed and it took a turn. I don't blame it on coaching. It looked like a lack of concentration from the players, they did the same thing as I did as a fan and instantly thought no way that makes it 10 yards which can't happen as a professional.
  6. Considering the Falcons lost this game, I'd say it was quite needed.
  7. That was a confusing call to me. Also why does the receiver stop and try to come back through the defender when the ball is overthrown? If it was undergrowth I agree 100% PI but almost seems like he knows it wasnt going to be a catch so he makes a play for a penalty instead of the ball.
  8. Do you have a video showing Kazee come forward? In the sideline view he definitely takes 3-4 steps backwards before going out of the frame, albeit to the opposite side of the field as Oliver. Would be nice to see a full view of what happened.
  9. If this is the team that continues to show up after 3-4 weeks I just hope they don't win 6 meaningless games at the end of the year. Finish the job get a young QB to build around and blow the entire thing up.
  10. Just go watch Ohio St. play if you want to watch a QB pad his stats against a bunch of scrubs. Oh wait.
  11. Or it's entirely possible he knew the flag threw at his feet was for defensive holding and the clock was going to stop anyway?
  12. You can not win football games is every QB you face can easily pitch and catch for a 90%+ completion percentage.
  13. That is blatant simulating the snap count on Seattle on the PAT.
  14. Lockett needed to go forward to have any chance to catch that ball not back through the defenderm absolutely atrocious call. The old classic chuck it up for a penalty play.
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