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  1. Even though he's done his damage through the years, it'd probably be the best outcome if he stays at this point. Feels like the Saints will be better with just about anyone that doesn't have a limited arm at QB.
  2. You indicated writing for a fantasy website so I'd imagine that was the audience, not the reality world (maybe why you really didn't get the job lol). Henry is a beast, both have considerably different skill sets though. Zeke was set to tear it up this year before Dak got hurt and they had no QBs and he dealt with his own injuries, but he's not going to punish people the same way Henry does. Id take eat in a heartbeat over the current situation.
  3. To be fair Zeke has 3 seasons roughly as good as Henry had this season from a fantasy perspective (standard PPR). Mismanagement / injuries aside you'd have won your league more years with Zeke than Henry back to their rookie years. In fact, this is the only year you could have sent your "what's up" message since it's the first Henry has actually outscored Zeke (this is coming from a consistent Henry drafter as well). Not saying Zeke is better back, but he is a good fantasy back since he's dynamic and can actually be a threat in the passing game.
  4. It's pretty hilarious to read every play calling and receivers not getting separation excuse for Fields, but when it happens to the Falcons it all falls on Ryan's shoulders 🤡
  5. haha I mistook your name for the other "e" I was responding to, my bad.
  6. Okay, while I agree with most of what you said it doesn't mean Ryan was the one requesting Dirk come in as the replacement. He was asked after the decisions and "signed off" aka media speak to not disrupt the locker room as a leader. It was a poor decision by Quinn and management and ultimately is one big reasons there will be new blood this off-season.
  7. So you want the leader of the team to create locker room drama by saying he thinks the hire was terrible and they should have went another way? It has already been proven Ryan wasn't involved in the selection, after it was already made and he was asked if he approved of course he was going to say yes because nothing good comes from saying otherwise.
  8. The run is impressive, but it's been very bottom barrel competition outside of TB who has been completely hot and cold this season. Now they get a rookie QB and struggling offense. KC the following week will be a real view and playoff preview.
  9. Daviyon Nixon, DT from Iowa. He has been super explosive and active this year. Still a junior so may not declare, but I think he will start climbing boards and come out.
  10. Julio played all of 10 plays, so I'd call Lattimore being out a wash at best. Front 4 was good, but the secondary play was more impressive causing Ryan to hold the ball. Frankly that just came down to absolutely awful coaching by Atlanta trying to push the ball with no short outlets or route schemes to speak of whatsoever. In the grand scheme of things it's actually quite pathetic to only put up 24 points with the defense is controlling the game so much.
  11. Imagine receivers getting no separation and then not being able to make a contested catch.
  12. At least we know the real reason you're a hater. First to cry when someone is breaking the law though I bet.
  13. There is literally no where to go with the ball. The receivers can't get an inch of separate, let alone a step.
  14. Its called momentum, take a basic physics class. Same reason guys can "throw" a 300 pound man through the air. There's a clear pull on the jersey, it literally separates from the body as he goes by. Was poorly played but that didn't help.
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