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  1. It'll be interesting to see how They utilize him as not only in OLB but also as a DE/DL. He said he's put his number one priority as special teams, but the way he's looking at it is each year he's changing up his routine and workout schedule to change his body in a way that can help the team maximize him as a jack of all trades. I'm super excited for him going forward.
  2. Super down to earth, but yes.... I wish we could all foget / get a brain scrub 😂
  3. He said he would have no problem coming back on the show and really enjoyed the setup being a little more down to earth and underground. As I was doing the editing portion of the video they even mentioned that I had missed an opportunity and he was totally understanding. Dudes and absolute fantastic person
  4. Adamski and Kenny G talked with Jacob Tuioti-Mariner about life as a football player as well as his journey and what is going on currently. It was an absolute pleasure and honor to edit this podcast after Adam and Kenny got to talk to him. I was unable to join them yesterday, but this podcast episode was one of my favorite to listen to. Shortly after the episode aired JTM followed me and the gang on Twitter. Thank y'all for the support. I know all the guys working on the Pod are excited. New episodes coming out this week too! Keep your eyes open for The Real Pattman episode soon as well as another episode from myself and Andy UK! https://twitter.com/UnGr_Show/status/1416956136855584768?s=19
  5. I'm sure the guys I'm working with currently ( Adamski, Andy UK, TheRealPattMan, GritzBlitz KennyG, Hunter T ) will probably push me back I to film at some point 😂. But I just didn't know what type of content people wanted to see and those guys are interested in hearing what the people want to hear about.
  6. And that is 100% the personal choice that you are allowed to make based on the type of content you want to see / Entertainment service you want to use. That's the reason why I even asked the question in the first place. If the fans as a whole as I ask this question would rather just hear informative information than podcasting is the best way to go for Falcons content. BUT.... If Falcons fans don't want to just listen to content and instead want to actually see individual breakdowns then I think the actual content will be too niche to continue.
  7. The NFL and NCAA have decided to basically block most content that has their intellectual rights on it. This means even if you post a video for educational purposes with no monetization you will get it copyrighted and slightly monetized for their benefit and with no benefit to you. So while yes you can gain subscribers and clout within a community your community has to shoulder the burden of your content... Meaning that they have to monetarily shoulder you while you make little to nothing on the videos. Most of the OG's have left YouTube for the monetization reasons and personally I have left YouTube,for the moment, due in part to the content I do being too nich. It took me almost 4 years to get to 4k subs on a weekly to daily grind. I'm not necessarily worried about the number itself because the community is stronger and very loyal, But there aren't many in that community. Most film breakdown guys have gone full twitch in order to have more freedom with college film or NFL film. If you get too big on YouTube the major sports leagues/conferences begin to knock on your door and try to shut you down. Twitch has been a little more of an open battleground allowing for quite a few different types of content, mostly live though, to flourish. At the pandemic hit most content creators went into podcasting and then you saw the decline of the Falcons happen ( Hi 2020 ). That's when most content creators began to choose sides on the Matt Ryan debate and then the team draft solidified which content creators wanted to continue creating content for the new look Falcons and who wanted to pursue bigger avenues. I've begun working with a bunch of guys that just want to do weekly to daily pods on Spotify and such and a film breakdown here and there to show off the talent. Since then you have seen the bigger guys and gals ( Those who didn't get thrown in jail or go off the deep end ) really just end up throwing in the towel or putting out lame duck stuff. Guys like myself ended up taking a vaca and trying to start fresh on Twitch gaming and doing film there. I do Breakdowns on twitch and the build is mush more enjoyable and I get to have fun ( Like make custom emotes of my subs and play a game here and there ). So to answer your question " They left because of the NFL and Falcons " lol
  8. What are y'all looking for in Falcons content? Most people just start talking Falcons, but don't ask the people that are consuming said content what they want / like. As someone who works with other content creators and board members I didn't know what the peeps on here ( Who I used to be a regular member with ) wanted to hear about or watch. I'm not for everyone and neither are the style of videos, as I'm transitioning away from YouTube to go to Twitch, but regardless I wanted to know what the goal of for Falcons content overall. Mods if this is not ok pls delete post.
  9. Probably just going to look on here again and chill out doing my own podcasting stuff for a while.
  10. Yeah my days of doing Falcons film breakdowns are probably on hold until either the NFL / NCAA allows videos to be monetized or something within my work life changes to allow me to do that type of content and still be able to live lol. I'm pretty sure guys like Peyton Manning's forehead could be fantastic podcasters or fantastic content creators if they haven't already made a page. I didn't even make my yearly post on here about draft content.
  11. I was trying to go back to podcasting and even tried to work with pound for pound but they didn't have any interest with working with anybody at first. And especially with the start of a new era and Falcons football most content creators took one side of the other and eventually fizzled out. Right now Falcons content creating is up for the grabs and guys like myself are probably going to take a backseat for a little while until some of us start fixing personal issues / find content that can be monetized.
  12. I don't make videos on Falcons football like that anymore due to Mad Mike and Fila Sports attacking me later last year. ( Long story not the time for it. ) I gave up and tried to move on to Twitch. I still talk Falcons cantent and help a podcast called The Falcons Nest here and there. But yeah most film content is dead because of the NFL and NCAA taking videos down or demonizing it. Wish I could go back and make a few better choices, but those days are probably gone.
  13. Lol yeah he took my troll post that Takk liked and used it as News and then Takk liked his post lol
  14. @ike barn87987 Man you are doing gods work lol. The day job has me bogged down
  15. Tonight when I get back from work I'll update the list with the following players.
  16. Also I would like to know if you guys want to do a Board Members stream on my channel and talk ball or do a mock draft in a thread?
  17. I want to apologize to everybody in here that I haven't been able to get to the list and update it for a while. With all the craziness happening I've kinda lost my sense of time. Thank you all for your support and patience at this particular juncture. I'll start things up in a couple of minutes so that we have a more complete list. If any of y'all have any ideas on how to improve the list or make it so we have more information let me know and I'll work on that today.
  18. This would confirm that the Falcons were at the Georgia tech pro day
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