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  1. Recently I suggested a few people to come and join the Falcons forums, but I continue to get messages from them saying that they have not been approved. I also recently saw someone write an article for USA today and they try to join the Falcons forums just to say that they wrote the peace and yet cannot even join. Not sure who are the mods on this site are but could anybody give me some help with this?
  2. I think you have the pieces currently to be able to play that 34 set of looks, but if the Falcons do lose Campbell this offseason I could see them going after a linebacker anywhere from the 1st to the 3rd round. And this coming draft would be a great spot to touch on not only a 34 defensive end but also another linebackers / pass-rush specialist. But if the Falcons stay true to the 43 under they are going to be grossly understaffed at DE. This of course may come to bite them in the butt with no true big men on the outside.
  3. Lol didn't know I brought up a spooky topic lol
  4. Lindstrom hasn't won a start yet. OTA's are necessary but not for the contact but to get players in the routine or acclimated to practice life. There's usually a lot of inside work the fans don't get to see.
  5. Looks like one of the dudes that was talking to me about having trouble getting in just got approved. Haven't heard from any of the other people. Not getting any texts back at the moment.
  6. Honestly I would like to keep this about the general post that I made.
  7. This guy lol
  8. This is what I'm talking about. I'm getting a lot of people saying that they can't get in but they want to be in here.
  9. And well this is one of the reasons why analysts like myself are looking at the Falcons defense and going: " What is missing from the 4-3 that the Falcons would need to use it properly and what could they do if that 4-3 doesn't work?" Which led to this question: "From 2015 until 2019 ( Yet to be played ) the Falcons defense has been a combination of the 43 and 34... But if we look at the evidence on the table is it so hard to believe that Dan Quinn potentially could be using base 34 looks and his 60% nickel looks this coming year?" There's an obvious need if we want to run more 43 under for defensive ends. There's no debate or questions about that. And the Falcons obviously aren't willing to shovel out money to acquire those types of defensive ends as we can tell from past free agencies and drafts. And while the 43 under is a very unique defense with unique needs there still is the question of: " DQ and TD had all the chances in the world to build on top of this 4-3 with excellent draft picks over the past few years at DE... Why didn't they follow through with that plan?" And thus is the reason why a lot of upstart analysts and guys like myself are questioning whether or not we will see more 3 - 3 - 5 and 3-4 looks to counter the passing teams we see in the NFCS.
  10. It's funny ,but that's what Dan Quinn's been trying to use for the last couple of years. Guys like Jaylen Collins ( Getting cut after the off the field issues) and Robert Alford ( Not the DQ mold CB) unfortunately stunted that back two years. Looking at history you could potentially say that if Dan Quinn had had his prototypical corners starting on the outside that the cover 3/1 with some 3 safety looks could have been implemented sooner. You can even go back to 2016 and say that Dan Quinn had most of everything he wanted to run his defense, but a few key injuries set him back. but with the guys we have right now with the inexperience on the table I would say cover one it's probably not a great option currently. But cover 3 is going to be optimistic.
  11. This of course is not counting the safety position but Kazee can kind of flow back and forth from FS to NCB. the big thing here is that guys like Jordan Miller could be counted as a strong safety. His time in Washington has shown but he's not scared a contact and could be a valuable backup. you're always looking for guys that can play multiple positions or cover multiple spots on a roster so that you can open up more opportunities for other guys. For instance a guy like Causey from UCF has great tackling ability and could be a good fit for for the team depth-wise.
  12. Currently it's probably Sheffield based on tape alone, but here is a Breakdown of the players we have in list form. Currently we have: Rashard Causey 6'0" - R Kendall Sheffield 5'10" - R Jordan Miller 6'2" - R Jayson Stanley 6'2" - R Taveze Calhoun 6'1" - One Year Ryan Neal 6'3" - One Year Blidi Wreh-Wilson 6'1" - Seven years JJ Wilcox 6'0" - Seven Years Isaiah Oliver 6'0" - Starter Desmond Trufant 6'0" - Starter This of course is not listing Damontae Kazee as the slot corner because we are primarily talking about outside guys. My guess will be that Wilson will make the team as the third outside corner. Miller and Sheffield will make the team as developmental rookies. That would mean we would have 6 CB listed ( counting Kazee) So theoretically we would have three more DB spots open unless we carried the bare minimum for linebackers.
  13. And like I said in my original lengthy comment Atlanta had quite a few players last year in 2018 playing 34 spots. it's not out of the question to say that the Falcons could use more of those 34 looks and ultimately use the 2020 draft to finish off a 34 base with multiple subs.
  14. Which I believe should be one of the stronger points to believe in a 3-4. Would also explain why we drafted the way we did.
  15. I still think the Falcons potentially sign him later this year. Maybe like the McClain signing.
  16. 4-3 under, but I'm being an *** lol
  17. Of course the Falcons will probably run mostly nickel looks this coming season, but the 3-4 is going to be shown too. The Falcons usually run 70% nickel and 30% base. Given that the defensive end rotation for our 43 defense is now toast with the Means injury it's safer to say 3-4 base looks might be coming for the following reasons. Takk losing weight and practicing linebacker. Vic doing a LB camp with Budd Dupree And others. Grady getting 4i looks in 2018 ( This is key because Ideally 3–4 DEs should weigh 290–315 pounds and play 5T/4i and this is where Grady produced most of his sacks last year.) Senat working on passrush ( A shout out to a 3-4 DE maybe) The addition of Tyler Davidson. The addition of Hageman Neal getting reps with the DL and LBs. The drafting of Cominsky as a 3-4 DE / 3T. All signs that 3-4 looks could and should come in 2019 seem to be viable. Dan Quinn looked through 6000 plays from his time in Seattle to 2019 with Atlanta and saw things, execution and schematic issues, that he didn't like. He even said in his interview that teams are now attacking a part of the field that they weren't attacking when he was in Seattle. Couple that with this past draft class where the Falcons were looking at a lot of 3-4 guys, LJ Collier/ Zach Allen/ Dexter Lawrence, and you can tell there was an emphasis on some type of change. And we don't even have to go that far back to point to potentially switching to 3-4 looks. Just recently the Falcons worked out 34 defensive end Allen Bailey. Formerly drafted by one of our former lead scouts in Scott peoli when he was building his 3-4 defense in Kansas City. This would also make sense because Bob Sutton the former defensive coordinator for the Kansas City chiefs is a defensive assistant to DQ this year. And like I said on my show I think Falcons fans initial reaction will be that change is "bad" because they saw Mike Nolan and his 34 defense and the amoeba defense..... and at the time I would have said "yes I think that switching to a 34 is a god-awful idea" I think now I'm more open to it because we have the personnel to play it and we only need one more draft class to finish it VS having to at least go through two more draft classes and two more free agencies to make the 43 work.
  18. I think I was talking about Jermaine Grace at one point but was on a rant and said Lindsey.
  19. Crazy how this stuff gets around lol.
  20. MODS COULD YOU PLEASE UN-PIN THE 2018 POST AND PIN THIS ONE! So for 3 years now I have made a thread dedicated to the scouts looking at players for the upcoming draft. You may Post here and update the findings on players the Falcons have visited, scouted, and any info you may find on social media so we can get a better idea about what the Falcons are looking for. I will be listing them by position below as well as do Videos on players we are looking at on my YouTube channel ( Link below ) if they are heavily scouted by the Falcons scouting department. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SOURCES TO MAKE SURE!!!!!! PRO-DAYS WITH NO PLAYER HIGHLIGHTED UCF Chippewa Georgia State Georgia Southern Georgia Tech Colorado State Colorado Washington State QB Easton Stick - North Dakota State - EWS Jordan Ta'amu Ole Miss - EWS Trace McSorley - Penn State - SR Ty Gangi - Nevada - PRO A.J. Bush - Illinois - LOC Price Wilson - Bryant - LOC RB Miles Sanders - Penn State - WO Clinton Lynch - Georgia Tech - LOC Keion Davis - Marshall - LOC D.J. Knox - Purdue - LOC - WO Jordan Ellis - Virginia - LOC Devontae Jackson - West Georgia - LOC Elijah Holyfield - Georgia - LOC Qua Searcy - Georgia Tech - LOC WR Terry Godwin - UGA - EWS - LOC KeeSean Johnson - CSU Fresno - EWS Jesper Horsted - Princeton - EWS Cody Thompson - Toledo - EWS Kelvin Harmon - NC State - COM Mecole Hardman - UGA - COM - LOC Ridley Riley - UGA - COM - LOC Justin Sumpter - Kennesaw State - LOC Malik Taylor - Ferris State - PRO Darius Slayton - Auburn -LOC T.J. Rahming - Duke -LOC Collin Lisa - UAB -LOC Shannon Smith - West Georgia -LOC Brad Stewart - Georgia Tech - LOC Tavonn Salter - Middle Tennessee - LOC Jakobi Meyers - N.C. State - LOC Jayson Stanley - Georgia - LOC TaQuon Marshall - Georgia Tech - LOC Johnnie Dixon - Ohio State - WO Diontae Johnson - Toledo - WO TE Kano Dillon - Oregon - EWS Matt Sokol - Michigan State - EWS Isaac Nauta - UGA - COM - LOC Tommy Sweeney - BC - COM Trey Lansman - Nebraska-Kearney - WO Andrew Beck - Texas - MET Matt Sokol - Michigan - SR Jackson Harris - Georgia - LOC Sam Walker - Mercer - LOC Ellis Richardson - Georgia Southern -LOC Ari Werts - East Tennessee - LOC Sam Dobbs - Vanderbilt - LOC FB Alec Ingold - Wisconsin - COM Victor Alexander - Georgia Tech - LOC OT Martez Ivey - Florida -EWS Ryan Pope - SDSU - EWS Brian Wallace - Arkansas - EWS Trey Pipkins - Sioux Falls - EWS Tytus Howard - Alabama State - COM Cody Ford - Oklahoma - COM - MET Mitch Hyatt - Clemson - COM - LOC Jawaan Taylor - Florida - COM - WO Andre Dillard - Washington State - COM Kaleb McGary - Washington - PRO - WO Blake Hance - Northwestern - PRO Malcolm Pridgeon - Ohio State, PRO Marquez Tucker - Southern Utah - PRO Nate Davis - Charlotte - VISIT Donnell Greene - Minnesota - LOC Andre Dillard - Washington St. - VISIT OG Joshua Miles - Morgan State - EWS Martez Ivey - Florida -EWS Demetrius Knox - Ohio State - PRO Nate Davis - Charlotte - VISIT Chris Lindstrom - BC - WO - VISIT Beau Benzschawel - Wisconsin - WO Nate Davis - Charlotte - VISIT Jamal Paxton - Georgia State - LOC Kendall Baker - Georgia - LOC Terronne Prescod - N.C. State - LOC Jeremiah Culbreth - Georgia Southern - LOC Tyler Jones - N.C. State - LOC Andrew Marshall - Georgia Tech - LOC Christian Harris - Duke - LOC D.J. Coker - Rhodes - LOC C Lamont Gillard - UGA - EWS - COM - PRO - LOC Nick Allegretti - Illinois - EWS Ross Pierschbacher - Alabama - COM DT * ( DT/DE ) Rashan Gary - Michigan - COM Ed Oliver - Houston - COM - VISIT - MET Dexter Lawrence - Clemson - COM - MET Christian Wilkins - Clemson - COM Dre’mont Jones - Ohio State - COM L.J. Collier - TCU - COM Michael Dogbe - Temple - TOP 30 Albert Huggins - Clemson - WO Horace Roberts - Samford - LOC Kyle Cerge-Henderson - Georgia Tech - LOC Chris Palmer - California - LOC Henry Famurewa - Louisville -LOC Connor Christian - Jacksonville State -LOC Malik Young - Fort Hays - LOC DE Jaylon Ferguson - Louisiana Tech - SR John Cominsky - University of Charleston - SR Brian Burns - FSU - COM * ( DT/DE ) Rashan Gary - Michigan - COM Clelin Ferrell - Clemson - COM Jonathan Ledbetter - UGA - COM - LOC Austin Bryant - Clemson - COM Montez Sweat - Mississippi State - VISIT Maxx Crosby - Eastern Michigan - TOP 30 Zach Allen - BC - VISIT - WO Deshon Cooper - Georgia Southern - LOC Andrew Williams - Auburn - LOC Desmond Branch - Georgia Tech - LOC Chase Winovich - Michigan - VISIT - TOP 30 Wyatt Ray - BC - WO Jamal Davis II - Akron - WO LB D’Andre Walker - UGA - COM - MET Deonte Roberts - Rutgers - PRO Bryson Allen-Williams - SC - LOC Cole Holcomb - North Carolina - VISIT Quart'e Sapp - Tennessee - MET Sione Takitaki - BYU - WO Ulysees Gilbert III - Akron - VISIT Anree Saint-Amour - Georgia Tech -LOC Bryson Allen-Williams - South Carolina - LOC Michael Shaw - Georgia State - LOC Jeffrey Allison - Fresno State - LOC Ryan Guthrie - Syracuse - LOC Natrez Patrick - Georgia - LOC Montravious Atkinson - Auburn - LOC Chase Middelton - Georgia State - LOC Pat Jasinski - Central Florida - LOC CB Jimmy Moreland - James Madison- EWS Trayvon Mullen Jr - Clemson - COM Saivion Smith - Alabama - COM Duke Shelley - Kansas State - WO JoeJuan Williams - Vanderbilt - WO Justin Layne - Michigan State - VISIT Lonnie Johnson - Kentucky - WO Donnie Lewis - Tulane - VISIT Isaiah Johnson - Houston - WO Stephen Denmark - Valdosta State - MET Mandell Ray - Morehouse - LOC Jamal Odom - Tuskegee - LOC Ken Webster - Mississippi - LOC Dylan Hamilton - Alabama A&M - LOC Deandre Baker - Georgia - LOC Jerome Smith - Georgia State - LOC S Sheldrick Redwine - Miami - COM Donnie Lewis Jr. - Tulane - VISIT Parker Baldwin - SDSU - TOP 30 Nasir Adderley - Delaware - COM Jaquan Johnson - Miami - COM John Abram - Mississippi State - COM Chauncey Gardner-Johnson - Florida - COM Lukas Denis - BC - COM Darnell Savage - Maryland - PRO Mike Edwards - Kentucky - WO Kielan Whitner - Syracuse - LOC Cameron Glenn - Wake Forest - LOC - WO Jalen Johnson - Georgia Tech - LOC Tre Neal Nebraska - LOC Ridwan Issahaku - Texas Christian - LOC Davanta Reynolds - N.C. 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  21. Tbh I'm going is differently on the McGary video. To me these 3 plays showed everything you need to know about Lindstrom. Adding more would have been redundant and nothing would have been less fun than adding more of the same stuff.
  22. 1. It's going to be a big talking point in my McGary film. 2. The transition from Sambrilo to McGary might be a crazy talking point as the season goes on. 3. 2020 though... 100%.
  23. I try. Stress and depression can creep up on you if you dont take the proper time and care as a YouTuber. I suffer from it month to month. May to July I'm in vacation mode. Nothing to really report. Then August to January I'm in NFL season mode. Overlapping that is August to April which is college film breakdowns and draft film. So my busy months are from August to April.
  24. Schedule for me that I try and keep lol YouTube > 3 days a week Show/ Film / Show. Twitch > 3 Days a week Gaming / Gaming / Gaming but I talk sports and such while I do. More of a chill atmosphere. And this year I'll be doing a blog on my website, having Grounders come and write on the site that have joined the Mod team.
  25. Welcome to.my YouTube channel. The underground scene is my place. I really do appreciate the support fam.