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  1. Also I would like to know if you guys want to do a Board Members stream on my channel and talk ball or do a mock draft in a thread?
  2. I want to apologize to everybody in here that I haven't been able to get to the list and update it for a while. With all the craziness happening I've kinda lost my sense of time. Thank you all for your support and patience at this particular juncture. I'll start things up in a couple of minutes so that we have a more complete list. If any of y'all have any ideas on how to improve the list or make it so we have more information let me know and I'll work on that today.
  3. This would confirm that the Falcons were at the Georgia tech pro day
  4. https://twitter.com/UnGr_Show/status/1237754907815485440?s=20 Falcons at Oklahoma Pro Day
  5. Updates to Falcons Pro Day Tracker at bottom of list
  6. 2020 NFL Draft: Initial College Pro Day Schedule Of Dates - Steelers Depot
  7. Would be interesting to see if these match up with the last 5 years of meetings
  8. Question for the guys and gals in here: Problem - Most Pro day visits also included all the other players that attended pro day since we don't 100% know who the talked to unless a 1v1 conversation is observed off hand. So here is my question: 1. Should I make a separate grouping for the pro day peeps or mix them in with the other ones? 2. If I do make a separate grouping for pro day guys and gals would that list be too long to read?
  9. Falcons Scout seen at at Miami (OH) observing the following players video link here - https://miamiredhawks.com/news/2020/3/2/football-redhawks-hold-pro-day-in-front-of-17-nfl-scouts.aspx #6 Travion Banks Defensive Back 5' 11" 183 lbs Senior #49 Bart Baratti Defensive Back 6' 1" 200 lbs Senior #58 Doug Costin Defensive Line 6' 2" 295 lbs Senior #14 Zedrick Raymond Defensive Back 6' 0" 181 lbs Senior #79 Sam Sloman Placekicker 5' 8" 205 lbs Senior #31 Maurice Thomas Running Back 5' 11" 179 lbs Redshirt Senior
  10. @Francis York Morgan Bro I love the Video you have on your posts LOL
  11. Again. I wasn't aware of you bring that up because I don't read the boards like that. I usually stick to my own stuff most of the time and come to those possibilities / conclusions on my own.
  12. The Chaisson tape and YGM tape made me feel that why for a while. Just no substance. Not that those guys won't ever be anything, but the class as a whole is not a, and I'm going to laugh saying this, " Win Now " group. All the DEs outside of Chase Young are projects in one way or another. The DTs have better upside. Just not a strong feeling there. LB.... Woof CB... Some guys, but not a total need for us. S....... OUCH
  13. Definitely true. Again I apologise for that. I'm not here to promote anyone over anyone else. Just like to deep dive and look at it from all sides if I can. The Film is good, but the combine was a eye opener for him. At the end of the day I wonder who Morris, Ulbrich and DQ want.
  14. And again I wasn't trying to prove anything I was just comparing something off hand. I'm not really debating lol. Stating up the meetings again and wanted to throw my two cents in.
  15. Honestly didn't say that knowing you said it lol. I came to that conclusion on my own yesterday. Sorry if I was unaware you said that.