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  1. No prob fam.
  2. I co-sign this
  3. Hear me out @Smiler11 because I think this is a fun draft to talk about. If the Falcons are going to keep running these 5-2 / 3-4 / 4-2-5 / 2-4-5 looks I'd keep Bailey and Vic to a 3 year deal that acts like a 2. (Unpopular opinion). I'm also not buying into Crawford. He's basically only a 3T rusher and we have like 4 of those: Grady, Bailey, Cominsky, Crawford. I think Cominsky was drafted to be the replacement for him and we should draft another replacement for Bailey this coming draft if Hageman is not the answer or Bennett doesn't return. On the other hand the depth at 3-4 OLB/ 4-3 DE is gross right? So maybe we draft a new star in the making to back up Vic / Takk in those looks and eventually replace Vic that way. Just trying to play smart. EDIT: We could bring Means back if healthy and have him run that role because DQ brought him back for that purpose this year. The only other hole I see is a LVE type of MLB we could use over Campbell for the future. Is that Grace? Is that Foye? Not sure mate, but I'd head to the draft and look at those LBs to see if there is a guy you can add to that spot. As far as the offense goes I think LG and future C are the only spots with needs.
  4. I appreciate that honestly. And I appreciate all of the other people in here whether they agreed or disagreed with my take on the plays currently and forever lol.
  5. I don't mind being criticized and I don't mind being wrong because I love learning. Like I'm honestly happy with the result of the play myself and I know there are plenty of others that are not happy with the play. Is what it is... But unless Vic Beasley hits him dead center on the bullseye right in the stomach full speed... there is no way in Hades that is not called a roughing-the-passer penalty in Minnesota with the refs tearing them down lol. but I guess we can all agree to disagree because no matter what it was going to be some kind of ticky-tacky something with Vic Beasley.
  6. Look I apologize if I offended you during that live stream, but I looked at this rule before even doing the video. I re-confirmed with the rule this morning and have been watching the play since early around 8am. "When the passer goes outside the pocket area and either continues moving with the ball (without attempting to advance the ball as a runner) or throws while on the run, he loses the protection of the one-step rule provided for in (a) above, and the protection against a low hit provided for in (e) above, but he remains covered by all the other special protections afforded to a passer in the pocket (b, c, d, and f), as well as the regular unnecessary roughness rules applicable to all player positions. If the passer stops behind the line and clearly establishes a passing posture, he will then be covered by all of the special protections for passers." That last part there pretty much covers everything. Kirk cousins establishes a passing posture. Then Vic Beasley slows down. Then Kurt pumps and spins. Beasley then misses the tackle and Curt under pressure throws the ball over his intended wide receiver who was covered by Keanu Neal. Also it's really painful to get private DMs on Twitter and get called racial slurs over a football video. I'm really shook and I don't even know what to say. We can disagree on whether or not the referee was going to make that call in Minnesota or not, but at the end of the day we're just trying to find the facts here. So again if you want an apology I'm all for eating crow and apologizing to you as a person that I offended you when you were pointing out the play and the ruling.
  7. Man.... My souls is already gone through so much lolol. But the truth gotta come out out at some point right? So we will see.
  8. They actually had the vegan stuff for my wife I was looking for too... Very strange. They never have that stuff when I look. But hey. You live and learn and move on lol
  9. Feels bad because I was in publix lol.
  10. Falcons Reddit and Falcons fans on YouTube/Facebook with a particular view point. To be honest with all of my phone breakdowns I don't usually have any major narrative. I just sit down for a couple of hours watch the plays over and over until I figure out what's going on and who has what Gap assignments and so on so forth. I think the only major narrative I tried the cast this year was positive looks from TY sambrailo but once he got beaten by gano I drop that like a hot cake. But this Vic Beasley stuff I just have no understanding why there's this hive-mind mentality against him. ( I mean I know the answer but I don't get the hostility towards content creators who make content about him) Very odd. I'mma roll with it and try not to fret
  11. So apparently... I'm a bad guy now in the Falcons community lol. Can't make this stuff up. I think I'm definitely going to add more analytics to my videos since it's actually a part that I really lack. I know Pattman will probably help me out with that going forward.
  12. And I'm ok with all of this and more without even a second thought. Even those who are saying I mocked them I didn't even think about it that way as the major response I got was being called the N word in a private message.... So I'll do more and have more open call in stuff so the entertainment value and openness is there.
  13. And that's ok. I'm fine with people having a different view / views on the things I work on. I just went to hang with the Subs and Grounders to laugh at the silly Vic hate when it was clearly a good game.
  14. I do vlogs from time to time in the car, in my house, at work..... And I just ramble... That was it. You thought it was awkward but plenty of the subs were ok with it man lol. The Vic hate is silly.