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  1. Lol yeah he took my troll post that Takk liked and used it as News and then Takk liked his post lol
  2. @ike barn87987 Man you are doing gods work lol. The day job has me bogged down
  3. Tonight when I get back from work I'll update the list with the following players.
  4. Also I would like to know if you guys want to do a Board Members stream on my channel and talk ball or do a mock draft in a thread?
  5. I want to apologize to everybody in here that I haven't been able to get to the list and update it for a while. With all the craziness happening I've kinda lost my sense of time. Thank you all for your support and patience at this particular juncture. I'll start things up in a couple of minutes so that we have a more complete list. If any of y'all have any ideas on how to improve the list or make it so we have more information let me know and I'll work on that today.
  6. This would confirm that the Falcons were at the Georgia tech pro day
  7. https://twitter.com/UnGr_Show/status/1237754907815485440?s=20 Falcons at Oklahoma Pro Day
  8. Updates to Falcons Pro Day Tracker at bottom of list
  9. 2020 NFL Draft: Initial College Pro Day Schedule Of Dates - Steelers Depot
  10. Would be interesting to see if these match up with the last 5 years of meetings
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