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  1. Hey @g-dawg would you mind If I did a show on your mock draft either today or tomorrow?
  2. No. It's a combo of guysthat are at the events seeing players talking to our staff and some of Walters stuff if it can be fact checked.
  3. AJC = Trash lol. I can't believe them at all.
  4. I think with the East-West shrine game and Senior bowl you have to understand that the scouts are looking for the tendencies and football IQ. Both of those games and sets of practices are ment to show the players understanding of simple concepts and what they have learned from the college level. Think of it as a SAT of football. Now the film is another story. Film is meant to show a players quality of work on the job. Things you see on film are very important because, just like in life with college and highschool, there are just some who tests better while there are others who just do well on the job / learning the ropes. Let's take Zach Allen from Boston college for instance. He is not having a good Senior bowl. But his tape completely speaks differently about his ability to maneuver on the field and dominate right tackles and left tackles. This shows that while he has the on-the-job IQ he just doesn't test well. So if Zach will be drafted it will be based on tape and not his combine or all star workouts. But because he's not testing well just like in real life he will most likely be taken in a later round... Unfair but the truth of the matter.
  5. New DE John Cominsky from University of Charleston.
  6. Updated as of 1/23/19 New DE New OTs New TEs New peeps to check out.
  7. Names from Walter Football. Nick Allegretti, C, Illinois Kano Dillon, TE, Oregon Trey Pipkins, OT, Sioux Falls Matt Sokol, TE, Michigan State Jordan Ta'amu, QB, Ole Miss Cody Thompson, WR, Toledo I have no proof of these players talking to the Falcons as of this morning. All I can do is put them on the list. But if any of you guys could dig for info I would appreciate it.
  8. So I updated the players and will search for some round grades on players we talked to. Also looking for sources on Walter Footballs players he said we talked to as well.
  9. I'll have the new guys listed by tonight. We talked to 3 OTs today. OT / OG Martez Ivey - Florida OT Ryan Pope - SDSU OT Brian Wallace - Arkansas
  10. * Updated 1/15/19 * Falcons meet with > CB Jimmy Moreland - James Madison OC Lamont Gillard - UGA WR Jesper Horsted - Princeton at the East vs West shrine game Day 2.
  11. I can try lol. No problem
  12. That's crazy man.
  13. @theProf could you get a mods attention to unpin the old post and pin this one? I tried but it seems to fail lol
  14. Just listed the ones they had us talking to.