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  1. Prsonally for me he isn't african american enough. I amagine before uh game he listening to some ole maroon 5 and not 3 6 mafiuuuuuuhhhh which he should do. Then I'd like him$
  2. wake me when we have enough power to surpass the sol..
  3. because mohammed says you can beat your wife
  4. Konz, ManuManu, Clabo. that's a lot of mass on the right side with this alignment.
  5. matt ryan, physically being stronger makes his ability to handle the muddled pocket easier. if he's kept up with his flexibitliy that's a deadly combination, just watch bruce lee.
  6. i pissed on my tshirt and wrapped it around my head like, survivor guy british instructed in dealing with dessert situations.
  7. i thought i was some sort of 'god of the desert', ethiopian sawing up some fkn apple wood.
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