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  1. i make man food, deal with it, martha. **** yeah, because i like it raw. oh baby i like it rawwwww
  2. i suggest putting at least 3 habeneros NO MORE in a handle of Sauza Tequila. YUMMO!- that fat assed barren womb chick from FOOD network.
  3. I got this recipe from a poster named paprika neck cup paprika cup salt cup brown sugar
  4. i'm adding to it, i read your recipe, instead of the beetus, you get the AIDS?
  5. Your recipes are akin to obama on the cover of newsweek.
  6. 3 lbs ground beef 1 lbs pork sausage Lotsa paprka Lotsa cayenne Lotsa cumin Lotsa chilli powder Can of tomatoes Liquid smoke Slalt pepper to taste Put all that **** in a large pot fill pot with meat water and awesomeness boil 80 minutes best hot dog chilli ever
  7. well now you gotta lay out the drills you do.
  8. can't ride through dunwoody without staring at biker *** =/
  9. this thread is so '07 time for a '12 guys.
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