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  1. A couple of injury riddled seasons, and some bad coaching decision during that span sealed his fate. He also wasn't exciting enough of a coach for some, but those same ppl who hated Smitty's style complained about DQ and his catch phrases. I disliked the Smitty firing, didn't feel one way or the other about DQ though.
  2. You're not going to find one. Everything is overpriced at the moment and being bought up by people with bitcoin mining rigs
  3. I'd be good with a 9 series honestly. I don't really use this for modern gaming as I use my consoles for that. I do want to make it run more efficiently though. I was looking at a GTX 980, but I'd wait it out before I pay what they are going for. I don't use it enough to sink that kind of cost into an older GPU
  4. Which is expensive these days. I have an emulation rig I want to update the GPU on, and it costs an arm and a leg just to get GPUs from 4-5 yrs ago.
  5. Raising my son DJing(still using 1200s with Serato) Car projects (Actually need a new one) Playing and collecting video games (Dating back to the original NES) Learning new I.T. stuff to stay sharp
  6. If that was really the case, why sign an extension? Just play those last 2 season out and dip. Would be a FA right now had he not wanted more $$ from the Falcons.
  7. The only thing I don't get from him requesting out is he now wants out after wanting more $$?? That was what...like 2 seasons ago?? Part of the cap issues is b/c of that extension, so I don't get the sudden change of heart. He could've played those last 2 remaining seasons out, then went where ever he wanted.
  8. I'm out the loop, what is the thread title referencing?
  9. I took a break a little before/after the draft. I saw how it was and still is on twitter, so I can imagine how it became here. I still only peek in here every now and then.
  10. Well regardless to what happens on draft night, I don’t believe Jet would be here much longer than Ryan. He wouldn’t get much of an opportunity to develop a chemistry with a new QB if the Falcons did draft one IMO
  11. If you're going to slander a player, at least cup ya nuts and put your name behind it.
  12. Agreed, and he HAS to have Kat reprise that role. He's a Boondocks GOAT character for me.
  13. Preciate the love fellas, first time popping in today! Another year down. Edit: That was one of my fav ep BTW 😂
  14. I'm just going to say this, and close the can of worms. Nobody roots for a player to fail more than ppl who dislike Matt Ryan 😂. They nitpick over every little thing about the guy, and overlook faults of everyone else. Most ppl want the TEAM to succeed, and Ryan by proxy of that. If a new QB comes in, most will root for him b/c they root for the TEAM. Myself included. I'm TEAM success over individuals
  15. Just went through something similar with an uncle who had dementia a couple yrs ago. Defiantly not something you want to experience.
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