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  1. He kinda did. He let them know at one point he was in Buford picking up a truck. 😄
  2. I would buy this if it wasn't contradicted by that very list. There are player on the list that hasn't accomplished squat, and play for teams that hasn't won squat. So why does it have to be a ding against Ryan? Didn't matter for Grady, or Julio...
  3. Man yall already know they are not putting Ryan on this list if he hasn't shown by now. It's ok...The man was ranked like 10th even when he was fresh off an MVP, so it is what it is.
  4. Well first off if BB came to Atlanta, who we have on offense wouldn't matter as far as prime years as BB would get rid of Ryan or Julio off top to build up the lines/defense imo.
  5. The irony in that is he still mostly take the blame for the L in most ppl eyes for some reason.
  6. Like seriously, some of the guys ahead of him have weapons galore.
  7. I see this said a lot, even in Bomani argument on Twitter the other day. I always ask, and will ask now, why is help always brought up, and only brought up with Matt Ryan and his numbers? A majority of QBs in the league have significant help on offense, whether by having great WRs/TE or a great running game. Matt is the only QB that I've seen get knocked for having Julio, or a great WR core. Some teams get praised for how dangerous their weapons are, but that QB of said team would never catch flack for having those weapons... Only seem to apply to Matt Ryan. Nothing against the quoted poster btw, just saw this quip and wanted to touch on it.
  8. What how much $ he's made has to do with him calling his own plays though?
  9. Word. Been hurt unfortunately the last 2 yrs
  10. I think the color rush was the same way. With "Falcons" along the inner back neck.
  11. That would be just as debatable. Team can perform on either side of that spectrum as we all know.
  12. Sorry, I didn't have any pics in my pimpin suit..
  13. Heck yeah. The landscapers provided by our HOA are inconsistent as all get out. I have to take matters into my own hands sometimes
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