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  1. Then there is the flip side where you can't say anything positive about the Falcons without someone taking a dump on them. I see it around here almost everyday.
  2. Dude ballin right now. Live it up Fitz! Live like a star bro!
  3. I like those. You can rate various things, and I feel they take this info and try to fix any gripes
  4. We are not hitting open guys in the redzone with what we have. Why would we trade anything for another offensive player when we can't score with the guys we have that's fully capable
  5. Funny thing is, it could've been a FG situation had we kicked instead of going for it on the opening drive, and didn't miss that PAT. I don't know if that's been pointed out already, but if those 2 things happen, and game ended up playing out similar, then you're kicking to win in that situation. Those usually go in Matt's favor, but I agree 100% I was expecting an L after Philly went up 6.
  6. When your QB is looking off, or having a bad game, why not help him out and run it a little more? The running game was an afterthought for sure, they were all over our passes because the run wasn't a threat at all IMO
  7. Is this to be taken seriously??
  8. Aren't fans supposed to think their team is going to win? I mean realistically they may not, but shouldn't fans WANT them to? IDK if I'd consider fans talking positively about the team as too much pre-season hype. I personally spend good $$ on season tickets, I'm **** sure not going in expecting them not to do well at minimum.
  9. Some people have a weird fetish for bashing each and every player on this team while they are here. Then cry when TD can't re-sign them..
  10. I don't really feed into what the media says regarding us, or any team but I am curious to what everyone sees in the Saints. Not discounting them because they have a good squad, but I don't see the hype. What am I missing? No rivalry bias here, I just don't see it..
  11. I expected at least 1 bite
  12. When the light turn off and it's my turn to settle down, my main concern Promise that you will sing about me.... - Kendrick Lamar I didn't know this man, only saw his post here and there. It warms my heart to see all of you singing his song.
  13. Right.. Dude has the nerve to call Migos "rap crap" when his post is less coherent than any mumble rapper out there
  14. Well, the NFL always talking about the fans that the kneeling "alienated" like everyone else money doesn't count.