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  1. If he took off w/o hesitation it's very possible he could have made it. I don't get why you back off 6 yards when you're on the goal line, but that's a topic for another time.
  2. If they aren't serious from here on out, they don't need to even be in the playoffs. There are so many pivotal games this week that will decide the 6th seed. Winner of GB/Sea, winner of DAL/ATL, the MIN/CHI game, and if PHI loses to Saints. The 6th seed will come down to MIN/GB/ATL/DAL/SEA so it has to be now or never to make the postseason.
  3. He'd came out better pleading the 5th.
  4. One thing for sure..after this game, whoever loses season is defiantly over as far as making the playoffs.
  5. While I don't fully disagree with the premise of this post, Sanu did drop a pass in his hands on 3rd down if I recall correctly. That killed that drive, but otherwise I agree with you.
  6. Shanny is 2 seasons into his HC gig. He's not coming through that door at Flowery Branch anytime soon.
  7. One thing that confused me on the goal line. Didn't we sneak and get in, but there was a penalty against CLE? What was the penalty? Because we didn't decline, and had to replay the down, so I'm guessing the option to decline wasn't there. We didn't even try to sneak it again, which was crazy.
  8. Right, I'm all for being real with the media, but that foolishness is something you just keep to yourself. It makes the whole team look bad from top to bottom. Ya'll just had to win 3 in a row JUST TO GET TO 4-4!? How are you taking anyone, let alone a Browns squad with nothing to lose lightly. Ridiculous...
  9. You don't have to tell me once, let alone twice..
  10. I always believe we will win, until we don't. Falcons have to look at every game moving forward as we win, or we are out of the playoffs. Can't take any team lightly, and the defense is tightening up a little bit, so I think we can pull it off.
  11. Thanks for getting me back focused OP. I was just about to take the whole remainder of the season schedule lightly. I needed that.
  12. That's why having an offensive minded HC is always the move to me. OC can leave, but system remains.
  13. So let me get this straight... Refs had a bias towards a 3-4 3rd place team, over a division leader at 5-2 playing at home?? Sounds legit.. That coach ALWAYS say something slick after the game about the Falcons. He did it after the game when they won in OT on the Alford pick 6 a couple seasons ago.
  14. Guess they'll get the new ones with the Vegas move.
  15. Falcons. Nice to meet you too...