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  1. Maybe they can make a trade and get in the bottom of a decent round by moving a player or two.
  2. One that actually insinuated their fans were jealous of us for a reason i do not recall
  3. Have we ever traded down during TD tenure?
  4. You know how ish goes around here man. Facts get overlooked, and scenarios are spun out of peoples heads all the time. The Falcons were blocked, yet impatient b/c they somehow decided to move on. It's obvious they wanted Kubiak, or an OC without HC aspirations. They had to get some exp at the OC and couldn't afford to screw around and left w/o anyone. If that happens, then it's "why the Falcons wait so long and lose out on (insert OC here)?"
  5. Luck was in the playoffs, and Ryan was not, so I'm assuming those TDs didn't account for many wins. I'm interested in knowing did our defense lead in giving up 4th qt TDs..
  6. Julio is right though. AB already trippin over there about targets playing with JU JU. How in the heck would he be able to be stable on this team? I like AB, but this isn't the team for him no matter how you slice it.
  7. Ah, ok yeah I remember now. Maddox went there based off a comeback when he played in the XFL. He was the transition QB before they got Ben. Didn't know that was MM doing though.
  8. Ok, I remember those day in Pitt, but I didn't know(or remember) he was behind all of that. Was that prior to Big Ben, or during his earlier years? Was he behind that offense when Kordell Stewart was there?
  9. The main knock I saw about Mularkey was that he was too conservative. Not sure how true that was since he had Ryan during his earlier years, when he was paired w/ Turner, but how innovative is he? I don't recall a lot about him before his first run w/ us outside of him being HC of the Bills(I think)
  10. So basically place a bounty on playoff teams?? Gotcha..
  11. I just watched that clip and saw that play for the first time in years. The execution there on the blocking from the WRs was bad.
  12. I'm just hoping we get back to a decent running game. The main thing I remember about Dirk that pissed me off was the screen to Julio vs Detroit in London.
  13. I'm pretty sure I've seen him replying in a few Falcons threads on Twitter. I might be mistaken and it's someone w/ a similar screen name. I always wondered if it was the poster from TATF since I didn't see him around much anymore.
  14. Titans didn't made the playoffs
  15. These guys never learn...