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  1. Not like the Pats wasn't going to be favored anyway.
  2. Was it suppose to? It's not a "Super Bowl Rematch" it's just a week 7 regular season game... Good grief
  3. My happiness isn't tied to the Atlanta Falcons W-L record.
  4. I wonder how many times they could've gotten off the field but a penalty prevented that.
  5. Why can't he build his staff the way he wants, with the people he wants though? Why does all of his staff needs to be retreads? Every coach got a start somewhere, on someone else staff, and wasn't established at some point.
  6. IMO it looks more to me like Quinn is assembling a staff of like-minded individuals, and building his own coaching tree.
  7. Just let me call the plays. Always wanted to be an OC..
  8. I feel you. If only he could make his WRs catch it every time he put it in their hands.
  9. I don't fully understand compairing a long time NFL coordinator to a guy getting his first shot in the league. He could be better, but let's not forget about the growing pains of KS first season here.
  10. I don't see the issue with the horn. It's a part of our game day experience now. It is what it is.
  11. Yeah, but I don't take that he's soft from holding composure in a presser. Nobody knows what goes on in meetings, or practice.
  12. So Quinn is soft now?? Wow...
  13. It also was the play where I decided to get up, and get ahead of the crowd as I had a gut feeling it was over at that point.
  14. It remains to be seen at this point. These type of threads have popped up the past 2-3 weeks
  15. I'm not even sure why they'd be looking to the NE game honestly. Win or lose, it doesn't make up for the SB one bit. Just another regular season game.