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  1. In the words of Funk Flex, "Call me Mr. Chimney"
  2. When it comes to face to face disrespect to me and mine, I keeps it toxic
  3. Then it's "We never have any content"
  4. I'm coolin' No worries no matter what
  5. Who you would not keep out of the top-heavy guys we extended?
  6. That scramble he did on 4th down was a head scratcher for sure. It's 4th down, put a jump ball up or something, but that scramble didn't even come close.
  7. Wish I didn't trust them either. Thought the defense would be lights out, and the offense would do just enough to win. Boy was I wrong.
  8. And cried we didn't bring Clay back when he walked.
  9. Sorry, I had to get him. I think I'll be alright with him and Maholmes(I hope)
  10. No one really going out on a limb. Mostly trendy picks
  11. Lol, dude hasn't punched in in over 3 yrs
  12. Funny
  13. No hate, but in the time Ryan has had Julio, what has Brees won?
  14. Week 1, it won't be multiple though.
  15. Don't believe I was blaming the guy, but go off