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  1. Right.. Dude has the nerve to call Migos "rap crap" when his post is less coherent than any mumble rapper out there
  2. Well, the NFL always talking about the fans that the kneeling "alienated" like everyone else money doesn't count.
  3. Thanks, I was going off memory and failed. It was Jake that went 6th I think.
  4. While I don't think he's live up to his 6th pick spot, some are just itching to throw down that bust card like a big joker in a game of spades.
  5. Unless the SB loser gets a Lombardi, I don't see how they get the same thing as the winner. Winning your conference is how you get to the SB and treated as a separate accomplishment.
  6. Not even trip em up 83?
  7. Just soaking up the greatness at hand here...
  8. Dez will likely stay in the NFCE. These type of cut players usually stay in their div to try to stick it to their old squad
  9. I'm only concerned about the grass in my yard, and it's pretty thin.
  10. We should bring back Shede and Shembo while we are at it
  11. Well, honestly...some of them were racist. You can always have an opposing opinion, but let's not act like every "white man" opinion is coming from a pure place.
  12. Bettis signed in 1996, so he was there awhile before they won in 2005
  13. That might have been around their run in 2005.
  14. I found the following on the ESPN site on their signings in 2008: PITTSBURGH STEELERS-Signed LB Keyaron Fox, C Justin Hartwig, and RB Mewelde Moore. Re-signed DE Nick Eason, LB Andre Frazier, WR Nate Washington and LS Greg Warren. Agreed to terms with OL Chris Kemoeatu and OL Trai Essex. Pulled from wikipedia: Entering the 2008 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers lost ten-year lineman Alan Faneca, after his contract expired, and he signed with the New York Jets.[9]Allen Rossum, Jerame Tuman, and Clint Kriewaldt were released on February 22.[10] The team also lost Dan Kreider, Verron Haynes, Brian St. Pierre, and eight-year veteran Clark Haggans to free agency.[11] The Steelers renewed quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's contract with an eight-year, $102 million agreement, the largest in franchise history.[12] The team re-signed Max Starks to the largest single-year deal in franchise history, despite him not being a starter during the 2007 season.[13]Nate Washington, Chris Kemoeatu, and Trai Essex also agreed to one-year deals.[14][15] Seven-year center Justin Hartwig and running back Mewelde Moore were signed to multi-year deals, and linebacker Keyaron Fox agreed to a one-year deal.[15] Entering the season, 14 players were in the final year of their contracts.
  15. They won 2 in the cap era I think. You are correct though, the bulk of there SB was in that era