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  1. Iron sharpens Iron
  2. I'm married so...
  3. This shouldn't be hard to grasp honestly.
  4. Might still be high on the Cubs winning the WS.
  5. Soooo....were all the mocks saying we were getting a CB wrong??
  6. So...did they actually do it, or only ask for the support to do it?
  7. I have nothing against the guy, I just tend to skip his post like that as I have not a care in the world on how good/bad they are. We will see them on the field regardless, 2x a season.
  8. Not sure why 28-3 means so much to them. Not like they were the team to do it.
  9. I don't disagree with that one bit.
  10. Nah, not sure if I'm feeling Wayne repping the Birds in any way.
  11. Lol @ Ryan consistently deflecting blame. Like a literal LOL!!
  12. Ryan always had these qualities. He just needed that switch to flip, and it finally looks like it has flipped on for him.
  13. One of my favorite Parliament song BTW