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  1. Lol, this team is a beached whale drying on the beach in the sun at this moment. Sorry pal, you're going to have to stick it out with the rest of us till the season is over. Not gonna get any real action until then.
  2. Not understanding what Takk failing physicals got to do with Atlanta. We drafted him, didn't work out, we cut him....it happens
  3. I don't remember most of this list, but these names are hilarious, so props for making me lol while I'm working!
  4. I find it funny only 2 pages into this thread that so many believe the word of Tak that the Falcons was offered anything on him. No source other than the disgruntled player who was released lol. I know a lt of you like to dump on the FO, but c'mon man...you believing Tak!?
  5. This team scored, AND converted 2 pts. Put Det in a had to score situation, and ppl mad at TG3!?
  6. Key word "suppose"...things are obviously different now right?
  7. Exactly, not like the Vikes were 5-0 or 4-1. They were only one game better than us before this game.
  8. Important Information regarding the Team. View Online To our fans, partners and associates – From the moment I bought the Atlanta Falcons, I have believed my role is to be a steward of the franchise for you. At that time, I promised you I would do everything I could to consistently put a championship caliber team on the field that would also be a positive force for good in our community. Our recent results on the field have not met our high
  9. You know how it goes, you're either crowned as the best thing ever, or the worst thing ever. Hardly any in between
  10. Agreed, I also believe that was the game I met you and some of the other posters at. Either that game, or the Seahawks one.
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