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  1. I guess I should have said in the next 2 weeks(when we play them again).. Kinda goofed there.
  2. Say the Falcons win again in a week. What will be the excuse then??
  3. I'm still baffled as to why they take so much pride in 28-3. Not like they had anything to do with it.
  4. My bad...I guess I need to get with the program
  5. How can the Falcons count on winning because the other team guys got hurt? I see this brought up a lot when the falcons get a win when the other squad get injuries, but never see this line of reasoning when the Falcons have hurt guys and manage to lose.
  6. I personally feel like it's never justified. The team will do what it does, and nothing we can do will change that. You could stop watching or going to the games, but even that won't change any outcome on the games. No need in getting worked up and negative about it cause it won't change a thing. You can voice displeasure and move on, but people rarely do that.
  7. I thought the same thing when they scored on it. I was wondering how you don't expect to see this a few times a game in the redzone now.
  8. I agree with the need to kill Thursday games for safety reasons, but the main complainers are usually the losers of the game. Both teams have the same amount of turnaround, yet the losing team always complains.
  9. I guess they would know dirty play if they saw it. When in Rome do as Romans do...
  10. Loved them
  11. Lol ok my dude.
  12. They soundly beat the Rams, who are pretty good this season. We should look at what they did to LA to have an idea how they'll attack us.
  13. Me too, it's annoying /s
  14. This game was on it's way to being firmly closed before that fumble...
  15. facts