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  1. Agreed, and he HAS to have Kat reprise that role. He's a Boondocks GOAT character for me.
  2. Preciate the love fellas, first time popping in today! Another year down. Edit: That was one of my fav ep BTW 😂
  3. I'm just going to say this, and close the can of worms. Nobody roots for a player to fail more than ppl who dislike Matt Ryan 😂. They nitpick over every little thing about the guy, and overlook faults of everyone else. Most ppl want the TEAM to succeed, and Ryan by proxy of that. If a new QB comes in, most will root for him b/c they root for the TEAM. Myself included. I'm TEAM success over individuals
  4. Just went through something similar with an uncle who had dementia a couple yrs ago. Defiantly not something you want to experience.
  5. You all really trying to speak this into existence this off season huh?
  6. Who doesn't know it's ok to part ways!? Teams(including the Falcons)move on from players EVERY SEASON... Might not be the players YOU want them to move on from, but it is what it is.
  7. Well, it's bound to happen. I do not believe everyone will be playing as long as Brady at the position, and Blank all but said move him if the opportunity presents itself. I believe it's going to happen, just not this offseason.
  8. Insults aside, you can want to move on from Ryan all you want. You're welcome to feel that way, but the reality of it is this..Ryan will not be moved this yr whether we draft a QB or not. I know you guys who hate Ryan smell blood in the water, but you all are typing up too many words, and putting too much energy into something that's not going to happen until another year at minimum.
  9. So...you think he's good enough for the Colts and a 2nd, but not good enough for the Falcons for another season or 2??
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