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  1. Don't ring a bell off memory. This might be him rambling, although I would understand him being upset at his situation.
  2. Dub post
  3. That's what people took from him quoting Drake?
  4. No slight to the OP, but I wish some of you would get your terminology straight. Not re-signing someone isn't exactly "getting rid of them". I'm sure Falcons offered, or wanted to see what he'd fetch on the open market. He signed elsewhere.
  5. I know you didn't, just stating why most are flaming the OP and you said in the part of your post that I quoted the homers don't like when you talk about trading their fav or something to that effect. Some could be flaming him for that reason, but most likely are b/c he's not saying anything substantial. Most likely came in with the mindset the same as I, thinking it could be a post with some substance. I don't care who likes/dislike Ryan, but I do care if I'm devoting time to read a posters thread and it's another trade Ryan pipe dream. Nothing personal towards you..
  6. I personally came in thinking it would be something interesting. It's just another trade Ryan thread. I don't poo poo on any poster's opinion, but if you're going to make a thread, at least give something that hasn't been done a million times already. Houston wouldn't trade Watson at this point, and obviously at this point Atlanta not trading Ryan. It's been plenty of reports detailing the rift with the coach and Hopkins on why he got traded for a ham sandwich and the shell of David Johnson. We could only be as luck to get ANY player at that great of a deal. Falcons are like 12 seasons deep with Ryan. He's extended like 3 times. It's wishful thinking to want him gone, but nothing wrong with wishing I guess.
  7. Ryan already did what was asked to help as already stated. At some point can we start suggesting other players lol? It's always Matt name that gets brought up, and the man always does what's needed.
  8. And will argue heavily against any move a team they're a fan of made before seeing a snap of ball played.
  9. When I saw this trade on twitter, I came here to see the reaction. Just as I expected...
  10. Wishful thinking... Tru gone? I must've missed that memo..
  11. I was making a general assessment. Fans like to say they pay the players salary by attending games, yet almost every season since the Benz has opened, there are complaints on the appearance of little fan attendance. I know the players get paid from other means, not just ticket sales, but there is a ramped thought that the plays get their sole source of income from ticket sales. Pretty sure that's just a small sliver of the pie overall.
  12. I hear so much that Falcon fans don't attend games, and the PSL priced out the die hards, so how are they getting paid? People love posting pictures of the empty seats here during the season.
  13. No offense, but what WR is constantly beating doubles, Julio's age aside? Not gonna knock your opinion, but some of you just say anything. No WR in the league is beating dubs on a regular occasion, otherwise what's the purpose of doubling him?
  14. We'll see bro. I put nothing past hindsight posters.
  15. Hoop def put in the work to get better, and delivered. I agree with that 100%. I don't know if ppl are griefing on him though. I see ppl saying they wouldn't break the bank on him, but I haven't really seen anyone trashing him as far as a player. I think the FO wants to keep him, but has mismanaged the cap the last few yrs on Freeman, and these OG that was a bust. They honestly should have extended him reasonbly last season. Hoop doesn't have to be this elite end all be all TE to get paid, cause like Shannon Sharpe always says "Free agency isn't about being good, it's about being FREE". Well Hoop is free, and that's the price you pay when you decide wrong on players/overpay average/mediocre players... You lose someone like a Hooper who worked hard at his craft and got better b/c of it.