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  1. Why do guys feel you all have to justify Ryan to EVERYONE that likes "mobile" QBs? Like guys who always trying to justify how long are their peters. That's how you all sound. Mobile QBs is where this league is going. Pocket passers are the past. Truth hurts. But, it is what it is.
  2. Dan Quinn is clueless. Never should have been brought here as HC.
  3. Mobile QBs look fluid when they run. Natural. Pocket QBs look unorthodox when they run. Like someone on forearm crutches.
  4. Well, get ready for round 2 of HEAD UP @$$ this coming season on Fox.
  5. Mahomes making Watts look like an old man. Stumbling, bumbling, falling around.
  6. For no QB now a days. Not with these DL coming out stronger, faster, and quicker.
  7. Mobile QBs in playoffs. Mahomes, Jackson, Watson, Tannehill, Rodgers, Garapolo, Cousins, and Wilson. Pocket QBs = 0
  8. Well, Mahomes seems to be winning ALL the mobile QBs arguements right now.
  9. He's made of glass. Always hurt.
  10. Need to get Grady some help. And some good CB and safety help
  11. Well, add us to that list. Then maybe I can get a double dose for being a Browns/Falcons fan.
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