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  1. You're quoting someone off of a message board that wanted Carson Palmer. Have you seen Palmer play this year? That alone blows this argument out of the water.

    LOL!!! Well, Palmer IS new to Oakland's system. I mean he wasnt even on the team when this short season started, so that will back his play up for this year. But all in all, what was MR doing during the lockout? Wasnt that the time to try to get his timing down with "ALL" his WRs or was he busy focusing on who he was going to "target" the most?

  2. Matt Ryan 4,071 yards 27 TD's 12 INT's 90.7 rating

    Sanchez 3,267 yards 24 TD's 15 INT's 79.0 rating

    not even close

    LOL!!! Believe me. MR isnt close to Sanchez. And I dont mean that in a good way.

    Here's a quote (that I totally believe in) from poster: Root Down off the Pure Football board that was made back in September.

    Matt Ryan will never lead this team to a Super Bowl.

    I've never been a "hater". I've always thought Ryan was on a good developmental track. But my eyes saw what they saw.

    At this point, in the same system, with the same coordinator Ryan should not look this bad. Did he look anywhere close to Aaron Rodgers. In control, sharp. Nope. How about Brees, Manning, Brady, Vick, Rivers? No.

    He had guys open and checked down. For instance in the red zone. TG was running up the right hash, broke right on a out at the goal line. Ryan didn't even see him. After about 1sec he already decided to dump it to turner who had a lber draped all over him. This is just one example I noticed with the same theme. I now the O-line was garbage. I'm talking about when he did have time. Low throws, bad throws, no throws.

    He looks like the exact same QB that he was in yr 2. I'm really concerned this is it. This is full potential. OMG. Well maybe we can make a big move in the draft and get Luck.....just d a m n. Maybe Cin. will trade us Palmer....

    I'm not saying Mularkey is great either.

    Here it is December and MR is STILL doing the same things that he was doing in September. ****, that he was doing in year 2 like "Root Down" said.

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