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  1. This thread is the unadulterated truth. Robinson, DeCoud, Edwards; all needs to go. They need to be packaged up with MM as trade bait.
  2. And I've seen MR stare down his main WR while his others ran free as a bare naked streaker, so?
  3. LOL!!! Well, Palmer IS new to Oakland's system. I mean he wasnt even on the team when this short season started, so that will back his play up for this year. But all in all, what was MR doing during the lockout? Wasnt that the time to try to get his timing down with "ALL" his WRs or was he busy focusing on who he was going to "target" the most?
  4. Believe me, this is one of the realist threads on this entire board (well besides the Duante's thread that I truly agree with, LOL!!!) http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/3928426-ive-never-thought-it-ive-never-said-it/
  5. LOL!!! Believe me. MR isnt close to Sanchez. And I dont mean that in a good way. Here's a quote (that I totally believe in) from poster: Root Down off the Pure Football board that was made back in September. Here it is December and MR is STILL doing the same things that he was doing in September. ****, that he was doing in year 2 like "Root Down" said.
  6. Well, I'm gonna say this and I know alot of you all are not going to agree, but MR is not our QB for the future. For precisely the reasons that others have mentioned by him focusing in on one or two WRs and trying to force the balls their way instead of just throwing to the open WR. Right now, he displays the same stats as Mark Sanchez, but just dont have Mark's killer instinct.
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