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  1. Yeah, we can trade them Turner with Duante, DeCoud, Edwards, and MM.
  2. With our 5th round draft pick?
  3. LOL!!! Funny HB. But let me leave you with this. Alot of you are hooked on this "Matty Ice" moniker. Matty Ice? Matty Ice????? Seriously? Well, I guess this "Matty Ice" thing has finally came back to frost bite us in the @$$, cause our offense is surely playing like a bunch of corpses out there only averaging 25 points a game. We need someone to light a fire under our offense @$$ when they are playing badly, not someone who cools whatever little fire they have out. QBs do have to be nurtured, but being a leader isnt taught. You're either born to lead or you're born to be a follower.
  4. NB, let me give you a brief description or clarification about FF. See, I've been supporting the Falcons since the late 70's. I'm from Louisiana and I have an older brother, so you know that I've taken more than my fair share of abuse. And even back in the days when we wasnt making the playoffs or having back to back winning season, I always had one thing I could gloat about. And that's kicking the Aint's @$$. But now, since they have Sean Peyton and Brees as their offensive field general, I fear that I may even lost that one thing to gloat about, cause I cant say that they're in the same boat as us without a SB now. Unless we step up our game, we may be left behind because just take a look around us in our conference. We have the Aints with Brees, the Panthers with Newton, and Tampa Bay with Freeman. Our conference isnt exactly a walk through the park. Carolina will definitely be getting better, pls believe. And I dont think Tampa will be down with Freeman too long. This should have been our year, cause outside of Green Bay, Saints, and possible the 49ers, the NFC was weak. And Green Bay and 49ers have shown that they can be beat.
  5. HB, I know MR is STILL learning (even after 4 years) LOL!!!! Not saying that all the woes belong to him, but I would truly like to see some fire from the General that commands the offense. If someone runs the wrong route, let them know. If RW keeps dropping passes, let him know. If his OL isnt blocking and giving him time, let him know. Your offensive field general cant be passive. These are his troops and if they're not getting the job done, than it's his job to let them know.
  6. No it's not MR fault, but "Elite" QBs know how to overcome these simple things and keep his FG unit off the field. I know you're wondering why I keep saying "Elite QBs". Because isnt that where we want MR to be? Shouldnt that be his destination along with winning a few SBs?
  7. Now this is the best quote that I've read on this thread. "Our no-huddle offense is a slower version of the typical no-huddle offense". That explains our whole offensive strategy. No hurry when you're down, no hurry when MT cant find holes to plow through, no hurry when your 1st target isnt open. Do you truly know the meaning of "No Hurry"?No hurry = no sense of urgency. And Monday night we needed some urgency from the offense. Not to be out there playing and calling plays like we're ahead by 20 points.
  8. Trust NB, I give praises and compliments alike, just as I give blame and condemnation. Not saying MR isnt good, cause he is but he's not our QB for the future. And yes, he did pass for over 300 yards against the Saints with only 1 TD. So, that leaves me to believe that he got those 300 yards from 20 to 20.
  9. Are you sure that Brady have as much time as Ryan? Check stats (since that is what alot of you all live by). I truly believe that they have the same amount of time. Truth is Brady makes much wiser decisions with the amount he has. Ryan uses his by focusing on that one WR waiting for him to come open which results with him peering through his earhole.
  10. Sorry if you took it the wrong way NB, but I do understand that it's ok to bad mouth everyone EXCEPT THE GOLDEN BOY.
  11. See this part right here? I truly like. I sat there ALL night Monday and watched him run that "no-huddle" offense while the game clock and play clock ticked down only to watch him audible (with 2 seconds on the play clock while we were behind) at the line to a 3 yard quick slant, 5 and out, RB draw play, etc.... Yeah, that's really commanding your offense.
  12. I recognized your fact NB. Sorry if I didnt give acknowledgement to it.
  13. Because he over throws them on purpose or purposely throws them in the dirt.
  14. MR needs to stop telegraphing his passes. He reads too much into the play itself. If the plays says go to RW, then that is where he goes. Matters or not if RW is double covered or not. If the play says to to TG, then that is where he goes. Look at that pass he over threw TG when Vilma was covering under and the safety was behind TG. MR, for 60% of the time, goes where the play is scripted to go.
  15. THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you for proving my point. MR isnt elite and probably will never get there staring down his WRs, cause Elite QBs dont do that.
  16. No one said that Sanchez is better. I stated that he has "Sanchez numbers". And we ALL know that Sanchez isnt going anywhere, so..............
  17. Have anyone else noticed that we're only averaging 25-30 points this season? I know MM is the worst, but he's not the only part of the problem. How can we ever be an elite team with an "explosive offense (thanks TD)" averaging 25-30 points?
  18. P, I didnt say we need Palmer. LOL!!!!!!!!! That was "Root Down". I just agreed that MR isnt the QB for the future. We need to be focusing on finding that QB that demands/controls/ orchestrates the offense like an "Elite" QB. That's all. MR is too passive. Just like MM and this soft offense we run.
  19. P, if only making it to the playoffs just to be squared kicked in you @$$ by your hated rival is an accomplishment, than whoop dee **** do.
  20. ****, the same can be said about MR. He's well on that path, dont you agree? We need a leader that takes control of the offense with fire in his eyes. MR is not that leader. He doesnt control his domain.
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