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  1. Let's start anybody but Duante. Let's put BVG out there and see if he can play in his own soft defense.
  2. Once again, what will the temp be like in NYC on Sunday, cause that will determine how well we will play (outside of our normal miscues).
  3. I agree. Let's trade away the rest of our picks for a CB. The last 3 picks we have left.
  4. Because the dude doesnt know a defense from a dead rabbit. His idea of bump-n-run is a car accident. His idea of playing his best athletes is playing Madden 2012. He needs to be coaching someone kids instead of coaching the dads.
  5. OH my Goodness!!!! Here they come................... LOL!!!!!!!!!!! It was just the Bucs, people. The Bucs.
  6. Most importantly, what will the temp be this Sunday in NY?
  7. We need a mobile QB who dont stare down his WRs. Not someone who's shell shocked like David Carr.
  8. Now that part is the truth. My friend that lived in Minnesota told me once we acquired Ray, that we would not like him. He said that the knock on him coming out of Purdue was that he was lazy and took plays off and in Minnesota, he just benefitted from Allen and 2 very good DTs.
  9. Fix the lines? Fix the lines? The lines falls under MM, he's the OC. How about trying to zone block? Stretch blocking? Something other than what he's been doing.
  10. LOL!!! These words have been echoed throughout this board for a long time.
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