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  1. AM, you guys really believe that. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! You really believe that MR was a "gun slinger". LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more kool aid for you. You had enough already.
  2. Wow!!! That's a very long post you typed there. You must be parched from typing all that. Here, have a drink to cool your thirst.
  3. You kool-aid drinkers are really something else. You all truly reminds me of David Koresh followers. Ryan doesnt have what it takes to produce a SB here in ATL. He never did. What did he actually accomplish at BC? What is his track record? What happened to this "no-huddle" that was suppose to set the playoffs on fire? Everyone of you MR followers were talking about the offense looks "GRRRRRRRRREAT!!!" when we run the no huddle and MR takes control from MM. Well, what happened? When MR ran the offense yesterday, we didnt even score a single point. NOT ONE POINT ON OFFENSE. Couldnt even gain 1 yard on 3 occassions for a 1st down. What now?
  4. Right. That dude has fire under his feet and he showed that yesterday. Hoping and jumping around when no one was near him. Running out of the pocket when there was no rush. That dude is aweful.
  5. Whoever said he had it from the beginning? Ryan has always played this way here in ATL.
  6. YOU LIE!!!!!!!!!!! Tony Dungy ALWAYS had a top 5 defense. MS defense is laughable compared to Dungy.
  7. Carson Palmer. Since his HC just got fired, Im sure we can make a run at him.
  8. Ryan SUCKS!!!! And Romo and Cutler will not get us to the promiseland either.
  9. Package Turner, Ryan, Robinson, DeCoud, and Edwards for 1st, 2nd, & 4th round picks. Then fire Mike Smith and his whole staff.
  10. Tebow has a higher QB rating than Ryan today and against a better Steelers defense.
  11. Im glad that im not the only one drinking his kool-aid.
  12. Those Ryan believers are worst than the Jim Jones followers. Drinking the kool-aid.
  13. Huh? Our opinions on a messageboard has nothing to do with the players/coaches performance. That's all on them.
  14. I told you all that we only average about 25 points a game. That will not win you a SB.
  15. You all just have a bunch of dirty players, but it ends this Saturday against the Lions.
  16. This is pitiful!! All these short intermediate routes. That's MM philosophy. Bore the other team's defense to death.
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