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  1. What does this mean? "Game Wreckers?" I thought we had plenty of those. Including coaches.
  2. This part right here: He continued: "But the way it came down on me personally, I didn't react to that the way people would expect because there were definitely parts of that Super Bowl I would love to have back and I was very hard on myself. But the whole narrative of 'if I just would have run it, we would have won,' I know that wasn't the case. I know what went into that game and all the stuff that happened, so that stuff didn't bother me. You've got to deal with that and listen to other people, but it was nice to be able to move on and move out here and just keep working. I'm glad I'm going to get the chance to go back." That part right there says alot. He STILL dont believe that he should have just ran the ball.
  3. I dont. I dont trust any of them. They all need to be fired.
  4. This is wrong. We have 2 2019 1st round draft picks on the OL along with a top 5 Center and a top 10 LT. We have a top 5 OL in the league. You are wrong my friend.
  5. LaFleur isnt a blimp on KS radar. He didnt learn too much from KS.
  6. Koetter isnt great or LaFleur. I dont want neither. Give me Bienemy
  7. We could have had that if we sent DQ to SF instead of KS.
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