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  1. 1 hour ago, GeorgiaBoyz said:

    He’s a dunce but I’m not a Matt lover either & it has nothing to do with him being white . It’s has everything to do with him being stiff, skidish & having a noodle for a arm . Idk where the “want a black or whatever QB” comes from but it’s lame . Just because one doesn’t worship the ground or care for Matt doesn’t mean it has to do with anything racial . HeII give me Burrow or a MF who’s purple .. just someone who can avoid the rush & extend plays . Oh & a QB who has guts to rebel against his dumb azzzz HC & OC who are dead set on throwing a SB down the drain . 



    1 hour ago, GeorgiaBoyz said:

    The only way skid britches wins us a SB is if we have a elite OL , OC , HC , Defense & it has to be a full moon & something else aligned but yea people don’t like him because he’s white .. gtfoh with that crap . Lmfaooo .

    Our fans are much like our owner .. believe in hype & love joes .  


  2. 2 minutes ago, ATLFalcons11 said:

    Trust me I'm not bitter. Sh1t happens but "maybe he learned from his mistakes" doesn't really compute when he says the below

    "But the whole narrative of 'if I just would have run it, we would have won,' I know that wasn't the case. I know what went into that game and all the stuff that happened, so that stuff didn't bother me."

    EXACTLY!!!! His ego told him to say that.

  3. 10 hours ago, Wjcorner said:

    I mean, he had a guy running free, and the play call was probably for Freeman to block. Hindsight and all that, but that play probably works 9/10 times, and we were all gas no brakes all year. That’s what having a team mentality looks like, people just didn’t execute.

    Still dont believe that he should have ran the ball. Keep our defense off the field so they wouldnt be gassed, run the clock down cause the Pat's had only 1 time out, etc..  Dont care who was open, run the dang ball!! Other factors play into running the ball, not just having a guy open.

  4. 2 hours ago, FalconJim said:

    I think Breesus plays at least one more season, whether he's the starter or not. 
    He may stay long enough to see how Jackson is gonna work out, and then retire. 
    I think when all that happens, Payton will be gone as well....especially, if another favorable HCing job he likes is available.  Just a guess, though --- 


    Jackson who?

  5. Saints quarterback Drew Brees will return to the team for a 15th season or retire. Whatever he ultimately does, this isn’t an effort to generate attention or spark discussion. Brees, unlike plenty of other quarterbacks who from time to time have talked openly about retirement with no real intention of ever doing so, is and will be genuinely and seriously considering retirement.



  6. 14 hours ago, kiwifalcon said:

    Only way I can see it is he’s going through progressions.But as Kollman said why we didn’t have Julio attacking thee other seam to hold the safety is the real issue.

    Instead Ryan has to force the ball in there almost getting Sanu KOed.


    Naw, that was the seam play. The rub play was the very 1st play he showed. Look at how wide open Sanu was. On the seam play, he's correct. You dont send 1 WR up the seam unless the play is designed for an underneath guy to come open and the seam is to take away the Safety. Should had a mismatch on a LB underneath. 

  7. 13 hours ago, Falcons Fan MVP said:

    Which NFL quarterbacks do you think would most likely be successful with Dirk Koetter as their offensive coordinator? Is there any NFL quarterback that you think would be perfect for Dirk Koetter's pass happy style? You can even same a Quarterback from the past such as Dan Marino or Bret Favre. 

    I think Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Russ Wilson, Drew Brees, Dan Marino, Brett Favre and Jim Kelly would likely do very well and some of them possibly thrive under Dirk Koetter's pass happy scheme.

    I think Matt Ryan can do well in it again also.

    A QB that's retired like he should be.

  8. 5 hours ago, kiwifalcon said:

    This is why.

    And this is the horse manure that’s been killing the Falcons the last 3 seasons.

    Game planning and strategy we’ve been farken clueless.Talent a plenty but ruined by morons who masquerade as coaches.

    This was one of the best break down of film I've seen this year.

    Dan Quinn sucks!!! Sucks mule's balls.

  9. 5 hours ago, kiwifalcon said:

    This is why.

    And this is the horse manure that’s been killing the Falcons the last 3 seasons.

    Game planning and strategy we’ve been farken clueless.Talent a plenty but ruined by morons who masquerade as coaches.

    On that Sanu rub play, look how long it took Ryan to hit Sanu. If he hits him earlier, it's a TD.

  10. 8 minutes ago, NWFALCON said:

    A friend of mine lives in that area. He said it was a zoo of people in town. He was rather disgusted because people were videoing and taking pictures to make it about them being there on social media and not showing respect for the lost lives. Society is all ****** up.

    You said a mouthful.

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