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  1. Wanna bet? Who gonna get him there on this team? What OL coach?
  2. You guys dont understand. Dont care about all that. You run the ball for other various reasons. I listed some above.
  3. Still dont believe that he should have ran the ball. Keep our defense off the field so they wouldnt be gassed, run the clock down cause the Pat's had only 1 time out, etc.. Dont care who was open, run the dang ball!! Other factors play into running the ball, not just having a guy open.
  4. Saints quarterback Drew Brees will return to the team for a 15th season or retire. Whatever he ultimately does, this isn’t an effort to generate attention or spark discussion. Brees, unlike plenty of other quarterbacks who from time to time have talked openly about retirement with no real intention of ever doing so, is and will be genuinely and seriously considering retirement. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/drew-brees-retirement-talk-isnt-idle-chatter/ar-BBZpCBt
  5. Naw, that was the seam play. The rub play was the very 1st play he showed. Look at how wide open Sanu was. On the seam play, he's correct. You dont send 1 WR up the seam unless the play is designed for an underneath guy to come open and the seam is to take away the Safety. Should had a mismatch on a LB underneath.
  6. Screw the 39'ers. The Chiefs are gonna duck stomp their @$$!!
  7. This was one of the best break down of film I've seen this year. Dan Quinn sucks!!! Sucks mule's balls.
  8. On that Sanu rub play, look how long it took Ryan to hit Sanu. If he hits him earlier, it's a TD.
  9. Weeks before the Marshall football team crashed, Wichita State football team crashed. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wichita_State_University_football_team_plane_crash
  10. Remember when the whole Marshall football died? Tore me up to watch that movie. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_Airways_Flight_932 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/We_Are_Marshall
  11. I suggest, do away with no contact at TC, take away the "Brady" rule, allow the QB to be hit again, dummy down the catch rule, allow PI as long as it's not blatant, and allow the QB to be hit again.
  12. Or how about: Trade all our picks for Belichick and a good OC?
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