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  1. 5 minutes ago, Charles Wright said:

     Just an observation; mobile or stationary qb's that are most effective seem to have a sixth sense of awareness in the pocket. The game seems to slow down for them. When they are "on" nobody gets to them. I see a lot of that in Mahomes now. Very entertaining to watch. Have seen it in many others as well. Some qb's get pressured and are "deers in headlights dead", while the greats can slide or move as needed to succeed. Either talent is a big factor in todays qb's.                                                                     

    Excellent analogy!! And we have heard that phrase "Deer in the headlights" on this forum MANNNNNNNNNNY times when referring to MR and pressure from the defense. 

  2. 36 minutes ago, Spts1 said:

    They build up and make excuses for non athletic statues while at the same time,  tear down and discredit dual threat quarterbacks.  It's the same lies the NFL used for years to ARTIFICIALLY keep the dual threats from playing quarterback and giving the quarterback position to statues.  Mahomes is a problem for them because you can't find any holes in his game.

    True, true!!!

  3. 2 hours ago, Jerz #Quinning said:

    Mahomes is a true example of an MVP and why stats tell nowhere near the whole story and do not win you games. Making plays that matter at the right time will always trump a good stat line in the box score. He started out rocky but MADE the PLAYS at the end of the game that MATTERED. 

    He avoided sacks, kept plays alive and really turned it on in crunch time deep in the 4th quarter to seal the win. There was no sack in FG range, getting stood up 4 downs in the redzone, or any inability to score when points were needed in the end. He used every tool in his arsenal to bring it home despite what he had to overcome with an OL that forgot how to passblock.

    You can’t always expect your OL to give you 4+ seconds in the pocket to scan the field and make on target throws. Sometimes you have to make something happen and take what the OL gives you. Passrush is way more effective against QBs that have 2 left feet and a weak arm.

    This 100000000%

  4. Well, I sure can tell you "I DONT DESERVE KYLE SHANAHAN!!!" Sorry @&$ sucka. Glad he lost. Didnt deserve to be let down the way he did not running the ball. And didnt deserve to be told "Passing it all those times when we had the lead didnt cause us to lose the game" either.

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