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  1. Nicest guy ever seen on this board. God bless him!!! One of the worst DE in Falcons history to me. God bless him!!!
  2. Excellent analogy!! And we have heard that phrase "Deer in the headlights" on this forum MANNNNNNNNNNY times when referring to MR and pressure from the defense.
  3. Yes sir!!!!! Old....... has no one else on defense to blame now.....
  4. Goodie goodie gum drops!! Bye Vicky!!!
  5. Well, I sure can tell you "I DONT DESERVE KYLE SHANAHAN!!!" Sorry @&$ sucka. Glad he lost. Didnt deserve to be let down the way he did not running the ball. And didnt deserve to be told "Passing it all those times when we had the lead didnt cause us to lose the game" either.
  6. Where's the pic of Jedi Kermit and Dark Kermit. Please, I need to see it!!!!!
  7. Where is that pic of Kermit saying run and Dark Kermit saying pass?
  8. Did it cause him to grow or added more speed to him?
  9. Doesnt matter. With Koetter, he will die a slow death.
  10. New HC, New QB, New OL, New DBs, New OC, New DC, New Pass rushers, New Stadium, etc...
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