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  1. He should have just said, " Mack has a bad leg, F' it!! We running the ball!!"
  2. You quoted me and place my name in your post. I didnt summon you. Can I go back to my conversation now, Mr Moderator?
  3. Couldnt elude 1 guy with the game on the line. And the guy was in his view. Didnt come from his blindside or nothing. Right there in his view. With all that "mobility" he has, cant elude that 1 guy.
  4. You're back? To ban some more loyal "FALCONS" posters, Mr Moderator?? I thought you left us to our conversations?
  5. Someone should have told that to Mahommes. He was under pressure, but when the game was on the line, he elude his "1 guy" to make a play. Too bad that's not Matt job. If his teammates fail to do their job, then he cant compensate and he folds.
  6. Why we paying Matt all that 20 Million if it isnt his job to elude 1 guy? With the biggest game of his whole playing career on the line?
  7. He's not above scrutiny. He's the face of this organization and he has failed us like the HCs, OL, RBs, OCs, DC, and others.... He catches the wrath just like all the others.
  8. Couldnt use his mobility to escape this 1 guy. 1 guy!!! SB hangs in the balance and couldnt escape this 1 guy.
  9. Yeah, Ryan never "chirp back" at his OC. The good ole company guy. Can see we're getting screwed like the pooch, but would never say a mumbling word. Just goes right out there and takes a meaningless, horrible, ill advise sack on a horrible playcall. That's your guy!!
  10. Why are you interrupting our conversation? To ban more posters? Maybe you're the hater.
  11. Imagine if the ball was alittle more upfield. Julio had gotten behind the CB and the safety was late getting over there. Could possibly have been a TD. I have to look at the whole field again.
  12. Yep!!! Couldnt avoid one guy??!!! With all his mobility? With his 4.5 speed? Couldnt will us to a victory? Couldnt become great in the time to shine?????
  13. Should have told Shanahan in the Headset, " Look you arrogant summab!! You're gone after this game anyway. Whatcha gonna do to me? Bench me?!!! I'm calling some run plays. SUCK IT!!!"
  14. And look at this: 2016, right on the verge of a Lombardi, Ryan with his lack of leadership couldnt overrule an arrogant summab OC to bring us a trophy home. Who does that? Brady? Brees? Who? Ryan knew that the guy was gone to SF after the game ended and STILL didnt overrule him. He just dont have "IT".
  15. So true. I have emphasized plenty times that we will NOT win anything with Ryan. It wont happen. Excuses can be made for OL play, OC schemes, defense isnt top 5, HC blunders, RBs, and even Julio, but never the QB position. Ryan just cant lift us to a Championship. He doesnt have the "IT" factor to do it in this era. Maybe back in the old days, but in the days of mobility rules era, NOPE!
  16. MR is above scrutiny on this board. Everyone can be scrutinized, but him. And the thing is, everyone gets old and the game passes them by. Doenst matter the age, it's all in the play and where the game is trending. And right now, the game is forcing QBs like Matt, Brady, and a few others, out. And if you're a QB that has that "deer in headlights under pressure" look, then you're gonna go quicker. That is the way of Life. Everyone gets passed by.
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