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  1. With the eighth pick of the 2015 NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons select Defensive End Vic Beasleyfrom Clemson University. I have to admit I was HYPE!! At the time, I was producing the NFL Draft show on 929 The Game here in Atlanta and right after Vic was drafted, he called in to join our hosts. As a Clemson alum, I was super excited to be the first one in Atlanta to talk to him.
  2. Any Joe Blow off the street. We'll get the same production.
  3. The jury is still out on Jake
  4. But we cut Alford to save money. And for what? To pay this guy?
  5. So, year after having a Pro Bowl type season and the both safeties injured, you expect for us to believe that he's the worst in the league? By who's standard? PFF? Geeks with sheets?
  6. Right!!
  7. Now you see says the blind man
  8. We wouldn't have spent it on the line anyway. When have we ever spent a giant contract on the line and it worked out? Sam Baker doesn't count
  9. Have he been cut or traded yet?
  10. If this is the lineup, then we're not serious about fixing our OL or going to the SB.
  11. Well, looks like we're getting Clark. Maybe Brown and Fowler or Davis. Maybe even Hunt. Then again, we may not get anyone.
  12. Thanks Vandy!!! This brings a tear to my eye.
  13. Meh
  14. My Browns do it again!!!!
  15. Dude, I still cant get over that Sam Baker contract
  16. Why should we be penny pinching when it comes to the OL? This has gone on far too long.
  17. Both of them sucks. Fusco started a few games and stunk up the joint too.
  18. This is about to be another sh!@ show on the OL. This is ridiculous.
  19. Man, I miss those days.......
  20. I like Holyfield.
  21. Well, looks like Quinn will be fired and we will be keeping TD again if this doesnt work with these small, weak OL.
  22. But closer to his SB rings
  23. We shall see said the blind man.