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  1. We dont need any Clowns on this team.
  2. And let's not forget baseball scandals. These where just some of the ones that was uncovered and exposed. What about the ones that wasnt?
  3. Everyone thought NBA being rigged was a joke too, until.........
  4. TeCo cant run routes. Why would he compare him to WRs?
  5. We dont need him, we have Ito.
  6. Yes, we are screwed. But look at it this way, atleast we're not MR and have to stand behind him.
  7. An inaccurate tool.
  8. He sucked playing for us. And not too many players improve with this staff. They usually regress.
  9. Its clear now. We have no one on staff that can properly evaluate OL talent. ATHELL is gonna stroke out over this.
  10. No, he sucks. I've watched him every since he came here. He's not good. Beating out Schredder doesn't mean jacksh!£.
  11. Got da₩#! Guess he's not depth. Oh well, they're not serious about winning.