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  1. How? Their WRs will be torching Oliver. Oliver will forever be 2 steps behind WRs.
  2. Oliver would not be starting on any other team. Dont care what the talking heads ranked him. Vic wouldn't have gotten drafted in the 1st by any other team and probably would have been traded/cut long before Shane Ray would have left Broncos.
  3. Well, we still dont know what we have, cause he's injuried.
  4. LOL!!!!!! No inbetween, huh?
  5. That's not the arguement. We're discussing whether that talent would be any benefit here with this coaching staff.
  6. And Freeman running this season:
  7. And here's Matt Bryant's impersonation:
  8. Yes, very entertaining. As much as these little guys:
  9. So, you have faith in our OL against Donald? I dont.
  10. Exactly!!!!! Yeah, you guys drop some gems in that thread.
  11. Well, atleast we have 2 wins. I'll go for that right now with the Falcons.
  12. Have they fired him yet?
  13. Hey hey!!! Stay off my Browns nah. They all I have this season.