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  1. I think we're about to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Jerry tha Devil ain't fighting for no one but himself.
  3. EXACTLY!!!! So, if I buy a NFL Franchise, no rules apply to me? I can be ugly to my employees? Say comments like "I'll fire you if you do something that is your right to do"? Do sexually abusive things to females? Say derogatory things? If that's all it takes for me to get to that status where rules in this country don't apply to me, then SIGN ME UP!!!!! Hel'l where can I buy a NFL Franchise? I'll put one right in Jackson, Ms.
  4. Yes!!!! LETS!!!!! Only in America!!! Don't you love it???!!!! GIT HIS @$$$$$!!!!!!!
  5. Git his @$$$$!!!!!
  6. But I think Jerry had some underlined racial behind his firing players over their stance.
  7. No one thought Sterling was gonna lose the L.A. Clippers either, until it happened.
  9. NFL lays groundwork to remove Jerry Jones as Cowboys owner The ongoing feud between Jerry Jones and the NFL has reached new heights. The NFL sent a letter to Jerry Jones' attorney Wednesday laying the foundation to potentially remove Jones as owner of the Dallas Cowboys due to his ongoing sabotage of commissioner Roger Goodell's contract extension, as first reported by the Wall Street Journal.
  10. Gotcha!!
  11. What is POV?
  12. Wow @ "The Bet" now.
  13. Near Alec? Yeah, Alec is a whole nuther way of thinking. You have "Coon@$$es" mixed with Cajuns, mixed with carpet baggers.