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  1. The GOAT
  2. Thank you!! And we as society have grown to think that behavior is cute and funny. Then wonder why these young kids are out of control these days.
  3. Got Dangit!!!! You on it, today!!!
  4. Sorry, but I'm not entertaining that misbehaving child. Wasn't raised that way.
  5. If I was that kid's parent, I'll make him apologize and his as wouldn't ever go to another camp.
  6. Sorry, no justification for a misbehaving kid.
  7. You'll never see a kid do Brady, Brees, Ryan, Big Ben, Rodgers like that.
  8. Yeah, but look at it this way. CAM'S reaction wouldn't have been that way if not for a misbehaving child.
  9. The kid was wrong. That is partly what's wrong with this world today. Kids dont know how to behave or know their places. I remember when kids where kids and stayed in a kid's place.
  10. I dont take "Anything" D-led writes serious.
  11. All y'all complainers go out and buy PSLs and problem solved. Y'all want Julio on the field? Put him there by buying those PSLs. If not, then be quiet.
  12. All y'all on here complaining about Julio not being around need to go and buy PSLs. Than he can get his guaranteed money and we can move on from this. You all are the problem, not Julio.
  13. Looks like the Drama Queens are ALL on this board.