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  1. In before this gets locked!!
  2. LOL!!!!!! And the pitchforks and torches are out.
  3. Futbol is GRRREEEAAATT!!!!
  4. Grady remain the same?
  5. He didn't take us anywhere. He's a fraud. You all will see next year.
  6. Quinn is a fraud.
  7. Told ya Quinn never was the reason.
  8. Must have EVERYTHING right. Right OC, right OL, right RB, right WRs, etc....
  9. You may have a point.
  10. LOL!!!!! REALLY?
  11. The REAL football Champions!!!!
  12. Truth is he beat this year's team and he has a ring. Period.
  13. Well, he did elevate them over our flawed team and he does have a ring.