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  1. FLAME ON!!!!!
  2. So, have we signed Dickson yet?
  3. Well, we will see. But I have seen this movie before tho.
  4. Don't care about all that, cause those things didn't bring home the ultimate prize. I'm just interested in the ultimate prize, not stats.
  5. Just saying, we need more dog players. Poe was a dog. Why we let him walk? Reed don't scare anyone. Why keep him? He's literally a half upgrade of Beirmann. Not even a full upgrade.
  6. We need pieces (NOW) and drafting them isn't a good ideal always. Like college. If you're trying to win a Championship in 1 or 2 years, then you go heavy on JUCOs (FA), but if you're looking for one in 4-5 years, then you go the HS (draft) route
  7. I told you, we got the last seed with our last game of the season by our superstars playing off their talents.
  8. It ain't me if I keep getting knocked down. Me taking a beating doesn't have anything to do with a "DOG" mentality. It just shows I'm resilient. A dog defense puts fear in their opponents. Like I said, we were getting there in 2016, but now....
  9. But, we wasn't physical last year. What happened? We didn't change HC. We got "RAN OVER" by teams who RBs were an after thought before they played us. QBs like Jay Cutler who couldn't complete a pass until they played us.
  10. Not necessary. Alot of people said "Worrilow" had that bolded part you mentioned. But who did Worrilow scare? RBs would break loose on a run, but search out Worrilow just to run him over and drag him 20 yards down field. That's like a Bball player get a steal in open court, but slowly dribble down court just to slam on the 5'5 PG and posterize him.
  11. Not looking at other teams. Been watching THIS team since late 70's and emotionally invested in them to worry about other teams. We need an identity. A "Dog" identity. A team that other teams see on their calendars and sigh with fear because they know they gonna get the snot knocked out their nose. We was that team 2016, but fell/hovered back around mediocre status in 2017 (even with our last seed playoff appearance) off our superstars talents.