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  1. I saw him taken out several plays. One by a tackle.
  2. I'm here, standing 10 toes down. Yeah, he called a pretty good game. Now let's see that in every reg season game.
  3. Vandy with a quick, devastating right hand!!!!
  4. I wouldn't call Smith a loser, but everyone else seems to be on point.
  5. Gage is GOOD.
  6. I thought what if we put him at DE, then I said no. Cause he wouldn't be able to get off his blocks or he would stand there and let the play come to him instead of attacking the play.
  7. I disagree about Riley. Ortiz is the truth coming out the backfield and should be our FB. And Oliver did struggle. Let a guy run right by him for a TD. Didn't know what he was doing. Quinn asked him the same thing, "What were you doing?" LOL
  8. Duke SUCKED. He should be sent back home. He offers no value as a WLB or MLB. They played him in the middle after taking Ish out (or was it before Ish don't know), but this guy is horrible. Period.
  9. Saubert looked real good!!!! Nice catches and even showed he has moves after the catch. I think a lot of guys were right about Saubert. He's going to do damage as the #2.
  10. Right, I was there too. And I saw different from OP also.
  11. Ito was good. Checkout my assessment of him above.