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  1. Right! An Int. That was not a passing situation. You ride the horse that got you there. FREEBIRD.
  2. Does all the good, cause he's gonna get his money and we will RISE UP this year. BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!!!!
  3. All speculation, cause it could have been an INT also. Who knows? The facts are we were up 8 with under 5 mins left in the 4th quarter. Who passes in those types of situations? Kyle Shanahan, that's who!!
  4. And that video was for all you Freeman hatas that keep bringing up that missed block and don't want to pay him his money.
  5. Did you miss his 30+ yard pass and catch after that play? If so, here ya go: Right at the 1:20 Mark. And check out the score and quarter and time on the clock when it came. Run the MAN, PAY THE MAN!!!
  6. Didn't know how to quote part of the article. ~shrug shoulders~
  7. Blasphemy!!!!! Blasphemy!!!! Stone him!!!! Ok, that 2nd part excuse you.
  8. What we need to cut is cut this mess out with some of these threads talking about cut people.
  9. That is one of the main reasons I watch these guys. The other reason:
  10. Free is Free to say whatever he wants. He's only saying what a lot of us thinks. And it's nothing negative towards the franchise, disruptive towards the team/brotherhood, or detrimental. He has paid the price, cause he is the one that puts HIS body on the line Sunday after Sunday, not us. So FREE is good with me. PAY DA MAN!!!!
  11. Look like money!! Smell like dollars!! Look at him go!!!!