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  1. I really like this place.
  2. We need it in our life! Got to have it in our life!
  3. Didn't Peterson get one last night?
  4. Heck yes!!!! Can he still throw the deep ball? If so, give him that #2 Jersey and let him play pitch and catch with Julio.
  5. Wth is wrong with him posting that long crap?
  6. I'm going to bed. This game SUCKS!!!
  7. Peterson is gonna be very disgruntled after this game tho.
  8. Oh well, the Broncos have killed that thought for good!
  9. That's what I started saying too. My brother called me and started to ask what's going on with MY dirty birds. I told him "We Suck". Our conversation was short after that, cause I guess he didn't have anything else to talk about. LOL!!!
  10. Rosen SUCKS!!!!! Who said he would be good? I hope no one on here. LOL!!!!!!
  11. Well, I've been a fan since late 70's, but I swore this was our year. Now my family (who's Saints and Cowboys fans) are teasing me. I never had to hear this much crap before now. It's starting to get to me.
  12. Yep. Man, I never use to be this way. I hate losing. DA MN YOU QUINN!!!!!
  13. Y'all don't think Peterson would have a revive here in Atlanta?
  14. Just thinking out loud. How to get Trufant's salary off our books.