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  1. No to JT. He sucks some bad and I'm an Ohio St fan.
  2. You're spot on!!! Quinn will not hire anyone that had more knowledge than him. Thankfully the Manuel promotion worked out, but bringing in someone smarter than Quinn will threaten his position.
  3. Another Quinn hookup. Quinn don't want to bring in any coaches that could threaten his position. I'm really starting to see the trend now.
  4. AJC

    Ok, Jose.
  5. AJC

    Watch yourself...
  6. He really probably don't. Vicoden does that to your brain.
  7. "They scored only five touchdowns in their last four games. That screams defenses basically knew what was coming. The Eagles confirmed as much. Several Philadelphia defenders – safeties Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod and end Brandon Graham among them – said they immediately read the Falcons' play call on fourth-and-goal from the two-yard line, given ball placement (right hash mark), personnel package and alignment. They knew quarterback Matt Ryan would sprint right and try to hit Julio Jones in the end zone. Jenkins said he sensed the play even before the Falcons' broke huddle, based on film study. Then, "We recognized the formation as soon as they lined up." HOT D.A.M.N.!!!!!!!!!! This says it all for me!!!! SARK BUSH LEAGUE @$$ GOTS TO GO!!!!!!!
  8. AJC

  9. Our running back needs to be Sony Michel. ~drops mic~
  10. And there it is!!!
  11. So are you saying Sark needs to get some of HIS players from college to make his offense work?
  12. Quinn is a clueless @$$wipe for hiring Sark and sticking with him.
  13. Kubiak or bust.
  14. I want more than the crying Jordan. That's old.