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  1. And I would educate you, dude, but I'll let you stay ignorant. Thanks for coming.
  2. I see you posted the pic of Cesare Borgia. Good for you, dude, if you think he helps you know something you don't. Dude.
  3. Thank you.
  4. Irvin rules. Vic sucks.
  5. Dude, we talking about paying a backup QB $5 milli, not Charlie Whitehurst. Stay on topic. Dude.
  6. But dude, he's not a HC. He's a backup QB that's stealing $5 milli from our organization. Dude. We can hire him after he retires and become a HC, but until then, let's "hire" a cheaper backup QB to call the offensive plays. Dude.
  7. Vic sucks.
  8. Dude, and we have to pay a sideline guy, that counts towards our salary cap to do that? Dude? And at 5 milli too, dude?
  9. 3 arms, 5 eyes, and 2 teeth
  10. I thought we hired Koetter and Knapp to do that?
  11. Any Joe Blow off the street. We'll get the same production.
  12. The jury is still out on Jake
  13. But we cut Alford to save money. And for what? To pay this guy?