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  1. Who the heck is Billy Check?
  2. Fixed it
  3. Thought were in Mile high for minute
  4. This is hilarious. Best one I've seen over this Ain'ts drama
  5. Alabama has plenty of nearby vacation beaches and such which are driving distance of Mobile. Or he could just catch a ride on Bed wetter short yellow Uber bus.
  6. Double dose of Karma back to back years. One more year, one more year, one more year. Shaun & Drew please sign on for trifecta
  7. It's all good man. It's just a game. You support your team and we support ours. Carry on, good luck.
  8. Just wandering if you still coming to south capital in 2 weeks
  9. I had a 2 dozen of eggs ready just incase
  10. It will turn out like Andrew Luck. He will be fine on 1 year rest. They will sign Kaepernick for a year
  11. Septic water under the bridge
  12. Uh! Why didn't Sark call his own no name offense? The questions should answer it
  13. **** Payton snorting them Roxy's again. Got him pumped up