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  1. Prime had one too many Corona last night!
  2. Is he another former first round pick? If so, bring him home TD! Add to the hoarding
  3. Eat your heart out Steven Jackson! They said he didn't need much blocking when he got here, but we see how that turned out
  4. We had a Hooper on a 3rd and he skeet off
  5. That kid will amount to something, more than 90% of people can say on this board. Heck he probably won't have to amount to much! His already has Dimi's fortune
  6. Since 2007, 496 players from the SEC have been selected in the NFL draft. Over the past decade, Atlanta has taken 18 players from the conference, which is slightly above the expected 15.5 average during that time. The Falcons have taken the most SEC players among NFC South teams, and the Panthers are second on that list with 12 selections in the past 10 years.
  7. One year rental! Run him down like them mules in Afghanistan
  8. His gonna jump up and get Eason, bring him back to the Great state of Georgia. Just like the Gurley
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