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  1. No knock on other coaches, but go around the rest of NFL TC and tell me if you see any coaches get hands on and interaction like Quinn does. I never once seen Mike Smith do that on his tenure here.
  2. I'll put some $ on it as long as Ju don't have a broken foot while he runs em. I'll throw Taylor in there too
  3. They also said Brees and Wilson was too short to play QB but we all know how that turned out.
  4. It means every fu┬ęking to me bro! He will make you a huge fan after he gets fine later. Remind me of good ole cross eyed Bob Whitfield when he said $hit on live broadcast.
  5. That or a RB that pays attention to everything else but his blocking responsibility
  6. Would you rather steal Sarah's questions, or steal her line?
  7. Look like with all that $ the falcons gave him he would have a flat screen TV 10 times the size of what his got. Then again he got it from Mike Smith, Mr. Conservative.
  8. Give the guy a chance like Shannahan, couple of years to get his system and personnel then you can judge him.
  9. Goodell don't make the rules,he just put it in writing. Don't forget he works for 32 owners. This guy gets all the bad wraps due to the media and clueless people that dont know what really goes on behind the scenes.
  10. Elvis will not leave the building
  11. This guy eventually why you can't never have enough corners especially on Quinn's scheme. Ever wonder why teams are franchising mid tier corner for nearly 20 mil and keeps driving the prices up? All I say is you need to slobber knocker your self a few times and understand this ain't Tecmo Bowl and you don't have Monopoly gangsta money to play with.
  12. Must have graduated from Louisiana Tech with bourbon degree
  13. This sounds like that guy Dimmy got from Minnesota several years ago opposite of Jarred Allen and them big DT in the middle.
  14. We gonna trade Ryan for him. That's purple by the way