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  1. That was Stevie Wonder on Zebra stripes
  2. How many times did Kirk threw the ball? Wouldn't he 8 out of 10
  3. I think DQ and Cooter had filldlin ghost on their game plan instead of planning for the vikes
  4. They are inexperienced and not very good at intense moments
  5. Yup! Unless D-Led reports it, it's useless. Bedwetter is not waiting on Clowney yet at flowery branch parking lot. I do have oceanfront property in Arizona
  6. They should call the giants and offer a 3rd for Eli. Then watch him win a Lombardi
  7. This is getting dog gone ridiculous
  8. I was fixing to post that, but you beat me to it. I think he wouldn't mine playing for his home state on a 1 year deal
  9. I agree. As long as this man gets us a Lombardi trophy, I could care less if they give him 30 million a year
  10. Baker Mayfield's jock strap when he grab his nuts against Kansas
  11. Fixed!
  12. I just can't see how we gonna be able to afford all our past draft picks. Debo,Hoop, now Campbell.Oh lawd! Good luck Dimi
  13. Sad! Imagine if Ryan had a descent line that don't get him rushed or sacked. Imagine Ryan with extra 2 seconds behind a line all through those years. What could have been?
  14. This looks like some of Bed wetters articals